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Victoria Ray Henderson is Vice President & Associate Broker with Buyer's Edge Marshall Henderson is an experienced Exclusive Buyers Agent with Buyer's Edge Victoria & Marshall are members of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (naeba.org) licensed Realtors in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC We specialize in Home Buyer representation focusing on property evaluation, negotiation and attentive service to our Buyer clients. We are quick to respond and always available to see properties of interest.



If you are buying a home, you need to understand these terms and definitions. Your Realtor should explain the home buying process but knowing these terms will get you "on the same page".As Exclusive Buyer Agents, we advocate for home buyers in Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, Maryland & Baltim...
Abandoned Underground Oil Tanks are on Rural & City properties An abandoned underground oil tank should be removed by a licensed professional who will dispose of the tank properly. In Maryland and Washington D.C., soil samples are taken if there are signs that the tank has leaked. This company di...
Some days start off bad and get worse You wake up at 4:15 because the wind triggered your neighbors car alarm. Or maybe you wake up to a pounding headache or hip ache. Sometimes it's just a feeling, left over from a weird dream or drama from the previous day. Whatever it is-some days feel like a ...
There's a simple practice that dramatically increases success. Yesterday, Marshall & I met first time home buyers at a local Starbucks. They started their home search at the end of 2015 with a real estate agent that they hired and then fired. They asked us lots of questions but the one question t...
A Septic Inspection In the Greater Washington D.C. area, most of the houses have public water and sewer. However there are many neighborhoods in Potomac and Crownsville Maryland or in Fairfax county Virginia, that are on well and septic.Today, I revisit a septic inspection I recorded last winter....

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