buyer agent: Buying a Home in a Competitive Market? Listen Up Home Buyers! - 04/06/21 12:06 PM
Members of NAEBA, the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents, advocate for homebuyers in every real estate transaction. These professionals share how they protect buyers’ best interests as they purchase a home. We're sharing advice & tips on how to buy a home in a competitive spring market!
Meet exclusive buyer agents Charlotte Lemon with The Real Buyer's Agent in Charleston SC, Rona Fischman broker-owner of 4 Buyers Real Estate in Cambridge MA, and Nikolina Lecic broker-owner of Exclusive Buyers Real Estate in Rochester Minnesota! We're sharing advice & tips on how to buy a home in a competitive spring market!

buyer agent: Guide to Buying a Home During the Pandemic - 09/14/20 10:57 AM
Does finding a home feel like an impossible dream? 
As an exclusive buyers agent, I help people buy homes and it's tough out here. Last night one of my buyer clients sent me a text saying, "Did you see what the house on 13th sold for? $80,000 over the list price!" My clients offer was one of 15 offers for the 1500 square foot rowhouse.
My client made a decent offer for the rowhouse on 13th in N.E. Washington DC. He even decided to escalate a little over the list price and keep the appraisal contingency. But as I told him, you can't … (2 comments)

buyer agent: What Is A Pocket Listing? - 06/27/19 12:15 PM
Has a real estate agent told you they have a pocket listing just for you? What does that mean and is it really the best deal?
A pocket listing is a real estate industry term where a listing broker holds a listing agreement with a seller and both sides agree not to advertise the property. Pocket listings are not on the local Multiple Listing Service and there will be no sign in the yard indicating the property is for sale as a pocket listing. 
The pocket listing is a unique arrangement where a seller has asked the listing broker to only show their … (0 comments)

buyer agent: Ignorance is Not Bliss in Real Estate - 05/06/19 11:47 AM

Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash
The Consumer Federation of America
released a report in January 2019 titled,
The Agency Mess
Home Buyer & Seller Confusion and Costs related to diverse and poorly enforced State laws about the Role and Responsibility of Real Estate Agents
I encourage all home buyers and sellers to read this extensive report since it impacts one of the most expensive financial decision you will make in your lifetime. The author of the report Stephen Brobeck had this to say,
"Today, many home buyers and sellers do not know whether their agent is representing their interests, those of the other party, or those of neither. Given … (2 comments)

buyer agent: Cherry Blossoms in the Washington DC Area - 03/25/19 11:08 AM
Walking along the Tidal Basin when the cherry trees are in bloom is a magical experience. 
Photo by Mark Tegethoff on Unsplash
One year I remember seeing tourists with tiny pink blossoms in their hair and on their clothes. There was a slight breeze and pink swirly blossoms were flying everywhere. Like I said, magical. But it's also crowded and it's easy to walk right into someone as you gaze up at the beautiful blossoms. 
If you are planning to visit Washington DC to see the cherry blossoms in full peak bloom, the weekend of April 13th & 14th should be your target time to visit. There … (3 comments)

buyer agent: Thinking About Buying a Fixer Upper? - 09/10/18 08:46 AM
Here are a few major points to consider before you buy a fixer upper
Time had stopped in a house we toured last week. The in-house speaker system was original and installed in 1958. All the bathrooms had original tile, sinks, and tubs. The kitchen had original cabinets and only the refrigerator had been replaced. The basement had asbestos tiles on the floor and a swingin' Rat Pack style bar that took up an entire wall. 
How much do you think it would cost to fix this place up? 
Many home buyers love the character, craftsmanship, and detail found in an older home.  But before … (1 comments)

buyer agent: Top 5 Effective Communication Skills - 05/29/18 12:43 PM
Photo by Peter Boccia on Unsplash
A Successful Home Buying Experience Begins with Your Story.
Why are you buying a home? Do you have a mental picture of what that new home will look like? If so, you'll need to share this information with your buyer agent. The sooner everyone is on the same page, the faster you will find your home.
Here are a few key points for Buyer Agents to keep in mind as they work with their home buyers. 
1. More Listening, Less Talking-as experienced Realtors, we have important information to convey to our Buyer clients. We want to share the good and bad things we … (2 comments)

buyer agent: Completely Remodeled Home. What Does that Mean? - 10/17/17 12:35 PM
There's an expectation when you see the phrase "completely remodeled" in a home listed for sale.  
Remodel, according to Merriam-Webster dictionary means to change the structure, shape or appearance of something. 
When the phrase "completely remodeled" is used in the description of a listing, many homebuyers expect the entire house to be updated. 
But in reality, a house advertised as "completely remodeled"  could have a number of big-ticket items that are either original or close to the end of their use. In fact, we find this to be true more often than not. So with that in mind...
Here's what you need to look for when you see the phrase … (44 comments)

buyer agent: Is an HOA right for you? - 07/12/17 06:52 AM

buyer agent: 3 Most Frustrating Things About House Hunting Online - 06/27/17 09:22 AM
90% of home buyers have searched online for homes
according to the National Association of Realtors
So you know, first hand, how frustrating it can be to find accurate information on sites like Zillow. For real estate professionals, these online sites, full of inaccurate and misinformation, make our job very challenging. 
Just last week, I met with a new buyer client who...
couldn't understand why most of the houses she found online were not actually for sale
Her favorite house in the online picture sold 3 months ago. She was unconvinced until I showed her the Listing from the Multiple Listing Service. We went through this about a half … (4 comments)

buyer agent: Flip Your Perspective - 04/18/17 01:25 PM
increases blood flow to the brain & makes you laugh!
Aerial yoga starts with you in a hammock made of parachute material. Large hooks, secured into the rafters, hold the hammock above the ground. The yoga teacher says the hammocks can hold 2000 pounds, so I knew I was safe. The teacher guides the class through inversions and yoga positions while demonstrating how to move the body using the hammock and straps. Since you are hanging above the ground, you are free to move your body into deeper stretches that you simply can't do on a traditional yoga mat.
Flip your perspective … (4 comments)

buyer agent: Feng Shui - 04/08/17 05:37 AM
Feng Shui your Home
for happiness, health & prosperity
Last Thursday evening, Buyer's Edge hosted a feng shui party. Our guest, Jayme Barrett, author of the book, feng shui your life came from Santa Monica California to offer advice on how to improve our home environment.  
Most people have heard of feng shui, pronounced fung shway, but may not know what it is or how it can improve your life. So first, a definition:
feng shui:  translates as wind & water in English. It is a Chinese philosophical order that harmonizes people with their surrounding environment. Feng shui is linked to Taoism and dates back 3500 years before … (2 comments)

buyer agent: Wordless Wednesday-Viking! - 04/05/17 08:06 AM
Friendliest Viking Ever!

buyer agent: When Things Go Terribly Wrong - 03/24/17 04:51 AM
It happens... 
and almost always things go wrong when there is a breakdown in communication. When things go terribly wrong, it can take a while to evaluate what happened. If emotions are particularly hot, it could be impossible to step back and be objective. But to improve interpersonal relationships and learn from our mistakes, take a deep breath and dive in!
"When you lose, don't lose the lesson." Dalai Lama
Own your mistakes - This is a humble practice but it doesn't mean you should apologize profusely. To own your mistake is to take responsibility for your actions. No one "made" you say something and no other person caused … (13 comments)

buyer agent: The Importance of Trust - 02/03/17 04:46 PM
All good relationships begin with trust
When I was in the 10th grade, I transferred to a different high school. I didn't know any girls in my class so I cautiously watched the friend groups to see where I would fit in. 
In my first gym class, I was waiting, with a group of girls, for my turn to be timed in the 1/4 mile. The girls were watching another classmate zip around the track. They didn't like her and stood whispering about her until our gym teacher yelled, "Time!"
The girl walked by and I knew that she knew these girls didn't like … (8 comments)

buyer agent: For the love of Rudolph, please take down the decorations - 01/29/17 03:25 PM
Christmas was a wonderful day!
and now it's over...
Time to take Santa off the roof and Frosty off the front porch. Rudolph and Santa's reindeer worked hard at Christmas, isn't it time they had a rest, in the storage room, until next year?
We spent the afternoon with home buyers looking at houses in Ellicott City & Caroll county Maryland. We were all a little surprised to see Christmas decorations displayed on front lawns, rooftops, and front porches. Our buyers asked if the holiday decorations meant that neighbors were going to be messy all year round! Good question!
It's been a busy January, with … (52 comments)

buyer agent: Habits of a Smart and Successful Home Buyer - 01/24/17 11:43 AM
Every home buyer wants a successful experience. With so much to learn and so much misinformation out there, buying a home can seem like a daunting task.
So take a few tips from our smart and successful home buyer!
Know your daily commute - The Greater Washington D.C. area has the worst traffic congestion in the country. According to a study by Texas A&M's Transportation Institute (8/26/2015)  Our smart home buyer is looking at commute options including the Marc Train and Metro systems.  Review the sector plans for neighborhoods of interest - In Northern Virginia and Maryland, counties will have Master Sector Plans and … (3 comments)

buyer agent: How to Enjoy Every Moment of the Holiday Season - 12/14/16 01:07 PM
Family, Friends, Food, Drinks & Fun, Fun, Fun!!!
it's a recipe for sensory & stomach overload
We are social beings, hard-wired to interact with other people.
The extrovert loves parties with bright lights, loud conversation and plenty to eat and drink. The introvert prefers an intimate dinner party with a few friends, candlelight and excellent food. And since many of us are in the middle of the introvert/extrovert spectrum, it's important to have a holiday plan. If we prepare for the uptick in social gatherings we are less likely to be overwhelmed and exhausted by the time January rolls around.
So how do we enjoy every moment of … (8 comments)

buyer agent: Wordless Wednesday-D.C. Life - 12/07/16 06:48 AM
Living in Logan Circle Washington D.C. 

buyer agent: Finding the Best Buyer's Agent - 10/31/16 03:17 AM
What is a Buyer's Agent and how do they differ from a Traditional Agent? 
According to an article by
"Buyer Agents are legally bound to help buyers whereas listing agents the agents representing the home listing, have a fiduciary duty to the home seller."
When it comes to representation, home buyers have options
1. Most traditional real estate agencies have buyer agents. These agents work for Brokerages that represent both buyers and sellers. These buyer agents work for a Broker who represents the interest of people selling their home and people who want to buy a home. 
2. Exclusive Buyer Brokerages or Exclusive Buyer Agencies represent home … (0 comments)

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