buyers edge: Homes in Arlington's Clarendon Neighborhood - 02/14/15 05:56 AM
Homes around Clarendon Metro in Arlington
What's your flavor? Almost every home style built in the Washington DC area is found in the Clarendon Metro station area of  Arlington Virginia. 
 There are bungalows, brick colonials, updated art's & craft, cape cod's and condominiums in the neighborhoods bordered by Lee Highway to the north, Rt. 50 to the south and west of Rosslyn by Metro rail. 
The thing about Clarendon is the way it feels. It's a sweet mix of hometown and urban. 
In my opinion-this is the best blend you could hope for in a community. There are bars, restaurants, shops and ice cream parlors … (2 comments)

buyers edge: Love First Time Home Buyers - 02/11/15 09:13 PM
In the Spirit of the Season.....Love First Time Home Buyers
 If you are a first time Home Buyer, we want to welcome you to the
Wonderful Adventures of Buying a Home 
Here are a few points to start your home search.
Talk to a Mortgage Lender-This is the foundation of your home search. A lender will help you determine the price range for your home search Know your rights-As a first time home buyer, you have protection with the Real Estate Settlement Procurement Act (RESPA) This protects you from unnecessarily high settlement charges and other abuses.  Learn about home buying programs … (2 comments)

buyers edge: I'm Not Showing That Many Houses to Buyers - 02/10/15 09:33 PM
I'm Not Showing That Many Houses to Buyers
Just to be clear, I did not say that.  
I was cooking dinner when my cellphone rang. It was a listing agent, calling to find out if my clients liked the house we toured over the weekend. I didn't recognize the street address, we had toured ten homes that day, so I asked her to describe the house. 
After hearing about the big yard, eat-in kitchen with green counters-I remembered the house. I told her my clients were not interested and wished her luck selling the home.  She asked me how many … (2 comments)

buyers edge: Real Estate Market Outlook for 2015 - 02/08/15 10:28 PM
Real Estate Market Outlook for 2015

It's all sunshine and blue skies sort of...according to the Freddie Mac Economic Outlook for the first two quarters of this year. The Multi-Indicator Market Index shows  (MiMi) the U.S. housing market continuing to stabilize at the National level for the third month in a row. The most improving states month-over-month were Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, Maryland and Delaware. Economists with Freddie Mac say low mortgage rates help to keep affordability across many markets. 
The Washington DC housing market is weak but improving. The Washington DC MiMi has improved .98% over the last three months. Washington DC … (0 comments)

buyers edge: Yoga for Real Estate Agents - 02/08/15 12:16 AM
Yoga for Real Estate Agents
Preparing for House Tours with Home Buyer's
Yoga is good for everyone! You can be oldish, youngish, heavy, slim, physically limited or physically fit...
Yoga will improve the quality of your life
Strong statement, so let me back it up with facts.  
According to WebMD, in one study people improved their flexibility by 35% in just 8 weeks of yoga practice.  Body says regular yoga practice increases your strength & stamina while improving your balance  Dr. Andrew Weil reminds us that yoga unites the body & mind. Practicing the asanas, … (4 comments)

buyers edge: Take down your Holiday decorations-Please! - 02/02/15 10:43 PM
Take down your Holiday decorations-Please!
Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays! Our home is decked out with pumpkins and scarecrows for Halloween, turkeys and more pumpkins for Thanksgiving and wreaths and white lights for Christmas. But by New Years Day-the party is over!
As Exclusive Buyer Agents with Buyer's Edge, we are in neighborhoods in the District, Maryland and Virginia. As of this morning, we still see....
plastic Santa's and reindeer deflated on front lawns, icicle lights hanging from houses and bright red and green Christmas balls adorning outdoor trees.  
We ain't perfect. We are guilty of leaving our white lights up … (9 comments)

buyers edge: Positive Computing-Turn Up Your Well Being - 02/01/15 02:50 AM
Positive Computing
Turn Up the Well Being Turn Down the Noise 
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, real estate many ways for us to stay busy....
 It's Exhausting! 

And it's changing. A great article in the Washington Post says the new technology buzzword, Positive Computing, focuses on interactions that are a little wiser and happier. 
Positive Computing is a reaction to the unsatisfying relationship we have with technology
The Facebook Timeline is given as an example. Researchers, Rafael Calvo and Dorian Peters say Facebook should be a place where we learn from mistakes and foster compassion and growth.  Instead, Calvo & … (6 comments)

buyers edge: Condo's in Penn Quarter Chinatown - 01/28/15 07:55 AM
Condo's in Penn Quarter Chinatown
Loving Where You're Living in Washington DC 

Washington DC made Forbes magazines list of one of the Top Twenty Coolest Cities
What makes DC so cool? Great neighborhoods like Penn Quarter and Chinatown. We love the Farmer's Market which covers a city block in Spring, Summer and Fall. Excellent restaurants and coffee shops, Verizon Center where we see the Capitals hockey games, Wizards basketball and concerts.

Buy your condominium in Penn Quarter or Chinatown with Exclusive Buyer Agents with Buyer's Edge 
4849 Rugby Avenue Bethesda MD 20814 
office 301.657.1475 cell 301.922.1677


buyers edge: Washington DC Living in NoMa - 01/27/15 06:55 AM
Living in the NoMa neighborhood of Washington DC

NoMa is on Metro's Red line at the NoMa-Gallaudet Station
More than 40 thousand office spaces, shopping, condos, town homes, row houses and entertainment at NoMa
NOMa's southern tip is near Union Station and Capital Hill
Homes in the NoMa neighborhoods range in price from the mid $300's to a million +

buyers edge: Buyer Agent Advice on How To Sell A Home - 01/20/15 09:53 PM
What Do Buyer Agents Know About Selling Homes
Turns out-quite a lot!  As Exclusive Buyer Agents with Buyer's Edge, we tour lots and lots of houses. We walk to Metro with our clients to understand their daily commute. We visit farmers markets and local restaurants to get the feel of the community. And we tell our home buyers to write a Needs & Wants List .  
We know the floorplan and design of colonials, raised ramblers, ranch style ramblers and contemporary style homes. Since we are Exclusive Buyer Agents, we evaluate homes and property with our clients.
In our humble, yet well-traveled opinion, we have advice for home sellers. 

buyers edge: Meditation, The Best New Years Resolution - 01/13/15 11:19 PM
One of the oldest practices on earth is now popular-so popular that it's Parade Magazines lead story this week. 
We are busy! E-mails, texts, phone calls and office chatter can cause us to feel rushed, distracted and stressed out. Meditation is proven to help us stay focused and aware. Athletes, actors, politicians and business leaders agree it improves the quality of life.
Want to give it a try? 
Chade-Meng Tan, author of "Search Inside Yourself" is a Google engineer who teaches mindfulness meditation to co-workers. 
Meditation is not your ancestor's secret anymore! 
Anyone can do it. To start-
Sit quietly … (5 comments)

buyers edge: Remodel Your Kitchen - 01/12/15 12:53 AM
Remodel Your Kitchen
Buyer or Seller-Make Your Kitchen Shine
I just discovered the television show Rehab Addict starring Nicole Curtis I know, I am late to loving the show. It premiered back in October 2010. Here's what I love-
Nicole Curtis is practical and uses the resources she has available the show has no silly side story or drama the camera follows the project closely so you can learn Nicole loves restoring old historic homes that have been neglected She maintains the integrity of the original design  
We Spend Lots of Time in the Kitchen 
Home Owners-Kitchen remodels can be … (8 comments)

buyers edge: Oregon Ducks Fan in Washington DC - 01/10/15 03:11 AM

What's Life Like as an Oregon Ducks fan in Washington DC?
     Life is good these days - on Monday night it could get a whole lot better. My Oregon Ducks are playing the Ohio State Buckeyes for the College Football National Championship. And the Ducks have a pretty good chance to win it this time. Back in the 1970’s, when I attended the U of O, the idea of playing for the National Championship would have been laughable. University of Oregon was competitive back then in track and field, and maybe in Frisbee considering the percentage … (2 comments)

buyers edge: Why is My House So Cold?! - 01/07/15 09:53 PM
It's 8° My House is Cold!

In a word-Insulation.  Our house was built in 1961. A brick home with brick and cinder block walls. There are 1 by 2 furring strips attached to the cinder block. In some places there is drywall and/or paneling with no insulation.
BRRRRRR....our house is typical in our neighborhood. So what can we do, short of ripping out all the walls are putting in insulation?  
if you want to be warm right now, keep curtains and draperies closed. This will keep cold air from getting in around the windows and doors. Use draft "snakes" in … (7 comments)

buyers edge: Buying a home in Sterling Virginia - 01/06/15 06:04 AM
Sterling is in Loudoun County Virginia
Sterling Virginia is just 29 miles away from downtown Washington D.C. Close to Dulles International Airport, Tyson's Corner and the beautiful Potomac River, Sterling Virginia offers wide open spaces close to major cities and the Shenandoah mountains.

Homes in Sterling and Northern Virginia
We are licensed Realtors in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC and members of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents. 
Exclusive Buyer Agents with Buyer's Edge 
specialize in evaluating properties for our clients explain every detail of the home buying process-no surprises  100% transparency during the … (0 comments)

buyers edge: #1 Habit to Create in 2015 - 12/17/14 10:24 PM
#1 Habit To Create Success
A very good friend gave me a small jeweled box for Christmas last year.
"It's your intention box." she said. "You write your intentions, goals whatever you want to achieve on a small piece of paper and save it in the box." 
I only remember one "intention" I scribbled onto my paper. I remember it because I practiced this intention all year. I wrote, Just Do It! 
Yes! The 1988 Nike slogan known around the world was one of my intentions for the year. 
Because this phrase addressed my habits of self sabotage. Habits like hesitating to … (39 comments)

buyers edge: Loose 9 Volt Batteries Are a Fire Hazard - 12/12/14 06:42 AM
Loose batteries in a junk drawer? You have a fire hazard

I never would have thought that a couple of batteries could burn a house down. That's because I had never considered batteries a fire hazard. A conversation with a home inspector set me straight so I am passing it along. 
In 2011, a home was destroyed because a battery caught fire. The dramatic 911 call is heard on this video from Before hearing this story, I had my batteries and various chargers stored in a bag in my home office. After watching this video, I cleaned out my junk … (35 comments)

buyers edge: Need a Buyer Agent? Come to Buyer's Edge - 12/12/14 02:09 AM
Exclusive Buyer Agents with Buyer's Edge
Washington D.C.'s Premier Buyer Brokerage
What is a Buyers Agent? It is a principal agent relationship where the Broker is the agent for the Buyer with fiduciary responsibilities to the Buyer. 
What is an Exclusive Buyer Agent?  A Real Estate professional who works always and only for a Buyer. EBA's work for Exclusive Buyer Agencies whose Broker never lists homes for sale.
All real estate agents work under the supervision of a Broker. No real estate agent can operate alone unless they are also a licensed Broker.  
What is the difference … (2 comments)

buyers edge: 97% Home Loan, What!?!? - 12/10/14 05:00 AM
Fannie Mae is offering 97% Loan to Value Option
This is big news for first time home buyers! Fannie Mae is allowing 3% down payment for qualified first time home buyers.  This is a dream come true for those who want to buy a home but may not have the resources for a larger down payment.  These loans have typical eligibility requirements just like home loans with greater than 80% Loan to Value (LTV)
Andrew Bon Salle, Fannie Mae's Executive Vice President for Family Underwriting says the new 97 percent LTV is one way they are working to remove … (2 comments)

buyers edge: I just want to Thank You - 12/08/14 09:57 PM
Thank Your Clients for Trusting You
I am so happy I've earned money this year! I've paid my bills, put my children through school and taken a wonderful trip to Costa Rica. Why?
Because people trusted me. They believed I would work hard for them as they searched for a home. They were confident I would be honest and smart as we evaluated properties.  Their trust motivated our success. We all had a very good year!
So today, I begin writing emails to thank everyone Marshall and I worked with in 2014. I want to thank our clients for their trust. I … (0 comments)

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