buyers edge: The Best Most Original New Years Resolution - 12/31/16 07:11 AM
My son works part-time as a waiter in a nice restaurant near the university. He loves his co-workers, boss, and the kitchen staff. Serving people is demanding work and he's had some difficult customers. He's learned that some people can be rude and mean-spirited even when the service is good. But thanks to a positive work environment, he enjoys his work.
So what is the best most original New Years resolution? 
Treat every person who serves you, as a waiter, checker, gas attendant, clerk, with kindness and as if you know them personally. After all, they are someone's son, daughter, mother, father, sister-- … (6 comments)

buyers edge: 10 Best Tips for Selling Your Home - 12/29/16 03:00 PM

When you live in a house for 30 years, you acquire lots of stuff. 
The family treasures, pictures, the drapes you paid a small fortune for 20 years ago-all need to be sorted, saved, given away or thrown out.
You need a plan if you are going to sell your home.
My friend asked me to stop by her house today. She and her husband are downsizing and moving to a condo closer to shops and restaurants. Their 4 bedrooms, 3 story house is huge and filled with 30 years of family stuff. They are overwhelmed and not sure where to begin. I … (15 comments)

buyers edge: What to look for in a condo inspection - 12/15/16 09:35 AM
Living in a condominium means sharing some of the building maintenance responsibilities. The shared areas are called common elements. 
In Washington D.C., the review period for condo documents is three business days. 
What to look for in condo documents & what to consider when buying a condo
Are there any special assessments? Special assessments are big projects like replacing elevators, windows, balconies and roof repair or replacement.  Review the capital improvement fund. This is the money set aside so major projects can be funded. You want to know there is a sufficient amount of money in this fund. Review the minutes from previous meetings. … (9 comments)

buyers edge: How to Enjoy Every Moment of the Holiday Season - 12/14/16 01:07 PM
Family, Friends, Food, Drinks & Fun, Fun, Fun!!!
it's a recipe for sensory & stomach overload
We are social beings, hard-wired to interact with other people.
The extrovert loves parties with bright lights, loud conversation and plenty to eat and drink. The introvert prefers an intimate dinner party with a few friends, candlelight and excellent food. And since many of us are in the middle of the introvert/extrovert spectrum, it's important to have a holiday plan. If we prepare for the uptick in social gatherings we are less likely to be overwhelmed and exhausted by the time January rolls around.
So how do we enjoy every moment of … (8 comments)

buyers edge: Wordless Wednesday-D.C. Life - 12/07/16 06:48 AM
Living in Logan Circle Washington D.C. 

buyers edge: Buying a home in Arlington Virginia - 12/01/16 04:41 AM
Arlington is across the Potomac River from Washington D.C. 
Arlington is a very popular place to live. Neighborhoods like Cherrydale, Clarendon, Ballston and Rossyln are all within walking distance of great restaurants, shops, parks and grocery stores. Single family homes in Arlington Virginia range in price from the upper 600's to a million + Buyers may find a one bedroom condo from the low to mid 300's.
Like most neighborhoods with high walkability scores, buyers pay premium prices for homes in Arlington Virginia. 
On a side note, Arlington Virginia made news yesterday because of a very large celebrity visitor. Shaq was in town!
Arlington County police … (0 comments)

buyers edge: Living Closer to Nature - 11/28/16 09:41 AM

The Deschutes River runs through the center of Bend Oregon.
 Last August, we hiked a 5-mile loop through these woods and across the river. Downstream from this spot, people were putting in rafts and paddleboards. This beautiful forest is an integral part of the city of Bend. Hiking, rafting, and paddle boarding are part of the daily routine for locals. Living close to nature is not only fun, it's really good for us too!  
A study published by NIH in the Environmental Health Perspectives  found that people who live in greener areas have a lower risk of mortality. In fact, people living in … (4 comments)

buyers edge: Inspection of a Crawlspace - 11/14/16 03:43 AM
A crawl space is an area under the first floor of a house that is not high enough to stand up in. 
The crawlspace should be insulated, conditioned and dry. Last weekend, our home inspector went into a crawl space that needs to be updated. The house was built in 1972 and the original owners are selling the home to our buyers. 
In the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area, many single family homes have crawl spaces. Most of the newer construction homes have conditioned crawl spaces but if you're buying an older home, the crawl space could have a dirt floor, open vents, and … (7 comments)

buyers edge: How Will the Presidential Election Impact the Housing Market - 11/10/16 12:49 AM
The Housing Market was barely mentioned during the Presidential Debates
so where does that leave us? 
According to an article in today's Washington Post, It leaves many home buyers and sellers guessing.  
 Laurie Goodman, co-Director of the Urban Institutes's Housing Finance Policy Center, says Trump hasn't said much about the housing market. Goodman says, "it's so unclear what type of Republican he is." Jonathan Smoke, the chief economist for says you would hope Trump's background in business and real estate would be a positive sign for the housing market. 
President-elect Donald Trump started his career in real estate. He's tied his family name to … (3 comments)

buyers edge: Finding the Best Buyer's Agent - 10/31/16 03:17 AM
What is a Buyer's Agent and how do they differ from a Traditional Agent? 
According to an article by
"Buyer Agents are legally bound to help buyers whereas listing agents the agents representing the home listing, have a fiduciary duty to the home seller."
When it comes to representation, home buyers have options
1. Most traditional real estate agencies have buyer agents. These agents work for Brokerages that represent both buyers and sellers. These buyer agents work for a Broker who represents the interest of people selling their home and people who want to buy a home. 
2. Exclusive Buyer Brokerages or Exclusive Buyer Agencies represent home … (0 comments)

buyers edge: Annual Reston Virginia Home Tour - 10/12/16 07:09 AM
Are you a Fan of Innovative Architecture?
Come to the 15th Annual Reston home tour October 15th! It's a self-guided tour of six private residences and a visit to a luxury apartment at Reston Station where visitors can check out the roof terrace and extraordinary view. 
The tour begins at 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. and benefits the Reston Historic Trust & Reston Museum
Tickets are available here- $30 per ticket. The homes include a variety of styles, interior designs, and art collections. One of the homes is the architectural work of Louis Sauer an architect known for his low-rise high-density housing developments. Sauer created an … (5 comments)

buyers edge: Real Estate Homes for Sale in Del Ray Alexandria Virginia - 10/06/16 03:19 AM
Buying a single family home near Washington D.C. is the dream for many families
When you buy a home in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria Virginia, you live in a small town with big city advantages. The Potomac Yards Metro station has yellow and blue line trains that move travelers quickly into Washington D.C. There is bus service called DASH  offering regular bus service all over Northern Virginia. 
Single family home prices range from the low 500's to over a million. Mount Vernon Avenue is considered the main street in Del Ray. The town's eclectic charm is the backdrop for farmers markets, independent shops and … (10 comments)

buyers edge: Buying a Condo in Washington D.C. - 10/04/16 05:26 AM
Checklist for Buying a Condo in Washington D.C.
Living within walking distance of work enhances your quality of life. You walk to your favorite coffee shop in the morning, you walk to dinner and the theater at night. Life is sweet. This is the lifestyle in Washington D.C. and we are working with home buyers to find the best condos. Here are a few of the big things you want to consider if you are shopping for a condo in Washington D.C. or in the near suburbs of Virginia and Maryland. 
This is the lifestyle in Washington D.C. and we work with home buyers … (4 comments)

buyers edge: Radon Testing in Montgomery County Maryland - 09/28/16 01:57 AM
There's a New Radon Law in Town
As of October 1st, 2016, if you are selling your home in Montgomery County, with the exception of the Town of Barnesville, the City of Rockville, the Town of Kensington and the Town of Poolesville,
"a radon test must be performed by the Seller or give the Buyer the opportunity to do the test. If the Buyer chooses not to test, the Seller must perform the test to meet the statutory requirement that a test be performed."
The test may be done by Seller, Buyer or a third party (home inspector) This requirement is contained in … (2 comments)

buyers edge: Drones for Home Inspections - 09/26/16 04:37 AM
A great home inspector will tell you what is right and wrong with a house.
He or she will also use lots of cool gadgets so you, the home buyer, can know as much as possible about a house.
Using a smart phone, the home inspector controls the drone and takes pictures of the roof, chimney and gutters. Our home inspector, Glenford Blanc with Pro-Spex, took many pictures which were used in the home inspection report. 
Looking for a good home inspector? Make sure they are..
 Members of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors Accredited by the Better Business Bureau Recommended by their clients … (4 comments)

buyers edge: Buying a Condo in Bethesda Maryland - 09/19/16 02:19 AM
What you Need to Know About Condos in Bethesda
 Looking for Condos in Bethesda Maryland?
We toured condos in Bethesda this weekend including a hard hat tour of Hampden Row 4915 Hampden Lane in Bethesda Md. When Hampden Row is complete, there will be 55 hi-end condominiums. Several condos have large balconies and all have high-end appliances. The rooftop deck has a gas fireplace and stunning views of downtown Bethesda. Condos on the west side of the building face the Bethesda library and a park. The view is serene and green.  The Lauren 4901 Hampden Lane features 29 luxury condominiums including a 7300 square foot penthouse listed for … (0 comments)

buyers edge: Living in Silver Spring Maryland - 09/16/16 09:47 AM
Downtown Silver Spring features shops, restaurants, and cafes
The Silver Spring Metro stop is an easy walk to the AFI Silver Theatre, Fillmore Silver Spring and the headquarters for Discovery Channel. Silver Spring is a blend of locally owned businesses and restaurants and national chains like Panera and Starbucks. There are hi-rise condominiums close to the Silver Spring Metro and single family homes are within walking distance of the Metro too.
We love Silver Spring for the wonderful restaurants. Thai, Burmese, Chinese and 10 Ethiopian restaurants! Our favorite is Lucy on Georgia Avenue in downtown Silver Spring. The restaurant Lucy is named for the … (0 comments)

buyers edge: Clean Your Gutters - 09/15/16 04:12 AM
Cleaning your gutters is like cleaning your teeth. It's not much fun but totally worth it.
Many people choose gutter guards. There are the gutter guards that are foam inserts that soak up water and keep leaves from getting stuck and clogging the downspouts. Another popular gutter guard acts like a grate allowing water to flow through and blocking leaves and debris.
Whatever you choose, gutter guards or the old-fashioned manual method, it's a good idea to clear gutters prior to fall and winter. If you are planning to clean your gutters manually using a broom, a leaf blower or your hands, be safe. We asked … (2 comments)

buyers edge: Bikers and Walkers Beware in Washington D.C. - 09/01/16 03:30 AM
Don't get me wrong, there are bike lanes and pedestrian right of way signs in D.C. But drivers, bikers and walkers need to pay attention... Seriously!
I was driving to the Old Ebbitt Grill  in downtown D.C.'s early morning rush hour. My meeting started at 7:30 a.m. so traffic was relatively light but for Washington D.C., it was already hectic.
Inbound on 16th Street, there are two lanes of traffic. Buses stay in the right lane so you rarely see drivers staying behind a bus. The left lane is also a turn lane. So with buses to the right and turners to the left, … (2 comments)

buyers edge: Is it Time to Downsize? - 08/25/16 03:18 AM
We became Empty Nester's this week. We dropped our daughter off at college and drove home in a bit of a daze. 
Danny Zuker, the writer and Executive Producer of Modern Family recently tweeted-
"My twin girls left 4 college this week but I'm trying to stay positive as I start this exciting new chapter of my life where I wait to die."
Marshall and I are feeling a little more positive than Zuker but we do appreciate his sentiment. Our home is a reflection of a life shared with our children.
We now have two empty bedrooms that will stay empty until Thanksgiving break. … (4 comments)

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