buyers edge: Buy a Home Where Olympic Medalist Live - 08/22/16 05:57 AM
Katie Ledecky, Kyle Snyder & Helen Maroulis
won Gold medals at the Olympics and they all live in Montgomery County Maryland
Katie Ledecky has practiced at this pool, Connecticut Belair, in Montgomery county. 
Quick facts about Montgomery County Maryland 
Montgomery county is located just north of Washington D.C. 507 total square miles  About 1 million people live in Montgomery county  Montgomery county has 12 towns, 4 villages, 3 cities, and many census-designated places Montgomery county is the second richest county in the state of Maryland regarding per-capita income Montgomery county is part of the Washington Metropolitan area which includes 7 counties in Maryland and 5 counties in … (0 comments)

buyers edge: Condos in Bethesda Maryland - 08/18/16 05:24 AM
Condominiums in Bethesda 
range in price from the upper 500's to several million dollars
Bethesda Maryland is northwest of Washington D.C. and one of the most popular places to dine and shop in the Greater Washington D.C. area. Home of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda Mayland has just over 60,000 residents.  
Condos in Bethesda 
Condominiums in Bethesda Maryland are central to more than 200 restaurants, art galleries, theaters, and parks. The Capital Crescent Trail  is an off-road path from Georgetown in Washington D.C. to Silver Spring Maryland. It's a beautiful pathway and popular with walkers, joggers, and bikers. 
The … (2 comments)

buyers edge: Best and Worst Home Inspections - 08/17/16 06:12 AM
What every home buyer needs to know about a home inspection
A few months ago, we had an almost perfect home inspection. Our home buyers were purchasing a four story townhouse that was built in 2010 and meticulously maintained. The only issue our home inspector found was a loose faucet in one of the bathrooms. 
This is not typical.
Most of the time, even with new home construction, home inspectors discover problems during the home inspection.
We recommend having a home inspection contingency in your contract.
The home inspection is a critical part of the home buying process. Very rarely, usually in competitive situations with newer … (4 comments)

buyers edge: Buying a home in McLean Virginia? - 07/28/16 01:35 AM
Homes for Sale in McLean Virginia
McLean Virginia is home to many diplomats, members of Congress and high ranking government officials. It's just across the Potomac River from Washington D.C. and a few miles from Tyson's Corner Center & Tyson's Galleria- two popular spots with over 300 restaurants and retail stores.
McLean Virginia single family home prices range from the mid 600's to several million. 
McLean Virginia is convenient- 8 miles to downtown Washington D.C.. The Central Intelligence Agency is located in Langley, a neighborhood within Langley Virginia.  McLean Virginia is adjacent to the George Washington Parkway and close to the Capital Beltway.  
 Resources for Buying … (2 comments)

buyers edge: Habits of Millennial Home Buyers - 07/13/16 01:54 AM
Who are the Millennials? Is their approach to buying a home different than Gen X'ers or Baby Boomers? 
Millennials, according to Pew Research, are 18-34 years of age in 2015. These men and women overtake baby boomers as America's largest generation-according to population estimates by the Census Bureau. Immigration adds more numbers to this group than any other. By the year 2036, Millenial population is expected to peak at 81.1 million. 
So what are Millennials looking for in a home? Are they confident, city dwellers with expectations that are wildly different from previous home buyers?  
Not really-they have the American dream of owning their own … (2 comments)

buyers edge: Real Estate Terms & Definitions - 06/28/16 01:03 AM

If you are buying a home, you need to understand these terms and definitions. Your Realtor should explain the home buying process but knowing these terms will get you "on the same page".
As Exclusive Buyer Agents, we advocate for home buyers in Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, Maryland & Baltimore.
We want home buyers to have fun while house hunting! After all, this is likely the most expensive purchase of a lifetime-it should be enjoyable. 
Contract-legally binding document between a home seller and home buyer. Terms and agreements signed off by all partiesRatified Contract-legally binding document signed by all parties involving specific agreed … (1 comments)

buyers edge: Removing An Abandoned Oil Tank - 06/22/16 10:43 PM
Abandoned Underground Oil Tanks are on Rural & City properties
An abandoned underground oil tank should be removed by a licensed professional who will dispose of the tank properly. In Maryland and Washington D.C., soil samples are taken if there are signs that the tank has leaked. This company did a fantastic job removing the tank which was discovered, by a home inspector, during a routine home inspection.
How do you know if there's a buried oil tank on a property? 
It's not always easy to identify a buried oil tank. Our home inspector spotted two small metal pipes coming up from the ground. This … (4 comments)

buyers edge: Remember, It Can Always be Worse - 06/22/16 04:06 AM
Some days start off bad and get worse 
You wake up at 4:15 because the wind triggered your neighbors car alarm. Or maybe you wake up to a pounding headache or hip ache. Sometimes it's just a feeling, left over from a weird dream or drama from the previous day. Whatever it is-some days feel like a struggle.
Like many people, I tend to heap stuff together.  The worries, drama and insecurities loop around and around in my head. In fact, my husband jokes that I am the "designated worrier". He says there's no need for him to worry about anything-I have it covered! Without question, … (45 comments)

buyers edge: One Habit That Increases Success - 06/12/16 04:27 AM
There's a simple practice that dramatically increases success. 
Yesterday, Marshall & I met first time home buyers at a local Starbucks. They started their home search at the end of 2015 with a real estate agent that they hired and then fired. They asked us lots of questions but the one question that stands out was this-
"When I call or email you, how soon can I expect to hear from you?"
These young home buyers fired their real estate agent because she did not return their calls, texts or emails promptly. In fact, she would get back to them days later or not at … (4 comments)

buyers edge: A Septic Inspection is Never Pretty - 06/09/16 12:32 AM
A Septic Inspection
In the Greater Washington D.C. area, most of the houses have public water and sewer. However there are many neighborhoods in Potomac and Crownsville Maryland or in Fairfax county Virginia, that are on well and septic.
Today, I revisit a septic inspection I recorded last winter. I give credit to our home inspector, Jeff Pearce of The Pearce Group, for braving the cold weather to get this inspection done. Septic inspections are a necessary part of the home inspection process. People who are not accustomed to the maintenance of well & septic can find the process intimidating. If you are … (7 comments)

buyers edge: Market Update for the Greater Washington DC area - 05/09/16 11:19 PM
First Quarter of 2016

in Washington DC, Alexandria, Arlington & Maryland suburbs
Median Home Price $370,400
graph from

Housing supply is still low but there's been plenty of Buyer activity in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. In the District, homes sales have been robust and competitive. In fact, the general rule is the closer to D.C. the more competitive the housing market.
Here are a few suggestions for Home Buyers
Have your listings sent ASAP and get out to see a house of interest the day it comes on the market. Sometimes, this gives you an advantage. … (0 comments)

buyers edge: Mind Your Own Business - 05/03/16 07:26 AM
I smile when I think about my grandfather's advice;
simple & timeless 
While standing in line to get coffee, I overheard a conversation about sexual orientation. Two people discussing a mutual friends dating habits and they just "didn't get it". The coffee line was long so the conversation droned on with lots of sordid details and feigned confusion. 
"So does (insert name)'s behavior mean he's (insert label) or is he more (insert label)?" Because they were sooo confused and really cared and just wanted to know.
But why? 
At this point, many people were hearing this conversation. Most of them were staring into their iPhones but I was doing … (5 comments)

buyers edge: Want to Live in Arlington Virginia? - 04/21/16 01:55 AM
Of course you do!
It's a short drive or Metro ride across the Potomac River to Washington D.C.
Arlington Virginia is a diverse, vibrant community! Restaurants, shops, organic grocery stores, parks, outdoor recreation space and libraries.
One of my best high school friends lives in Arlington's Rosemont neighborhood. She loves her neighborhood so much, she remodeled her little bungalow and created a gorgeous Arts & Crafts style home. 
What's not to love about Arlington Virginia
One bedroom condo's prices start in the upper 300's however-pay attention to the condo fees. Many high rise condominium fees range from $350-$800 per month. 
Single family home prices start in the low 700's. … (1 comments)

buyers edge: Maryland Home Buyers are Competing for Houses - 04/19/16 10:40 PM
Housing Inventory is low in Maryland and Washington D.C.
In this housing market, buyers should get out to see a home as soon as it comes on the market. If you're waiting until the Open House, you will likely be in a multiple contract situation. Buyers who ask for Sellers for closing cost help may have their offer tossed aside. 
Buyers-Know the Facts Before Searching for a Home 
Be pre-approved by a local lender - local is important. This means your lender will know the rules of the Greater Washington D.C. area. When lenders are not local, it can cause serious delays and/or problems … (0 comments)

buyers edge: Consider the "Not So Perfect House" - 04/16/16 10:12 PM
When I was looking for our home, I had a vivid mental picture of what it would look like and it did not include shag carpet and an old kitchen. 
House after house, I kept looking for my perfect dream home, despite the fact that I was on a very tight budget.  The first day I saw our house, I walked out saying, "Nope!" The second time, my exclusive buyers agent pointed out all the positives-
brick construction
hardwood floors throughout
backyard backs to woods & looks like a private park
on a cul-de-sac in an established neighborhood with trees 
3 full bathrooms
I walked out of my house again but … (33 comments)

buyers edge: Too Busy For Your Own Good - 04/13/16 01:31 AM
Relatives from Seattle were in town last night and I did the unthinkable - 
I turned off my cellphone for several hours. 
Sure,  it was a bold move. I intentionally unplugged from my busy day. But since our daughter was sitting next to me at the dinner table, I knew nothing too important would be missed. 
What a joy! Taking the time to fully enjoy conversation, food and people!  
An article in the New York Times asks the question, 
Is Busyness Jeopardizing Our Souls?
The articles points out that most of us answer the question, "How are You?" with the response, "I'm busy!" or "Just soooo busy!" and the truth … (8 comments)

buyers edge: Buying A Home in a Competitive Market - 04/11/16 09:05 PM
In the Maryland Washington DC, and Northern Virginia housing market, there are more Buyers than Sellers.
Just last week, we submitted an offer on a little townhouse in Maryland. Our offer was one of 8 and the Sellers asked for the "last and best offer" from all the Buyers. 
How do you buy a home in a competitive housing market?
Use this checklist as a guideline. There are key players you need for a successful home buying experience.
Find an excellent Realtor. Ask your family and friends who they recommend. Your Realtor will guide you, step by step, through the entire home buying … (0 comments)

buyers edge: Deck Check Before You Buy a Home - 04/03/16 07:50 AM
There are thousands of decks on homes in Maryland, Virginia and D.C. 
and many are rotten, wobbly & dangerous
This is a picture of a deck post. As you can see, the post is rotten. In fact, all of the support posts for this deck were in varying stages of decay. The house had been flipped and the Flipper put new wood on the top of the deck but left the old posts and support structure underneath the decking. 
Thanks to a very good home inspector, I now know what to look out for when touring a home with a deck.
As Realtors, it's … (2 comments)

buyers edge: Video Tour of Mosaic District in Fairfax - 03/31/16 08:04 AM
Mosaic District in Fairfax Virginia
Homes close to Washington D.C. and near a Metro station are always in high demand in Fairfax Virginia.
Buying a home in Alexandria, Arlington, McLean and Falls Church means competition.
You need to be pre-approved, working with an excellent local lender & checking MLS updates from your Realtor on a daily basis. 
According to the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors, most of the Northern Va housing data is good although some zip codes are outperforming others and the average sales price is flat. 
Enjoy our short video tour of the Mosaic District in Fairfax Virginia
located about a mile from … (0 comments)

buyers edge: Washington DC Area Housing Market 2016 - 03/29/16 05:53 AM
February 2016 in D.C., Maryland and Virginia 
There were 35, 076 active listings in February 2016 as compared to 37,189 active listings this time last year. According to RBI Smart Charts, new listings are up 5.65% and new under contract up 17.65%. 
Good news for Buyers-the average sold price for a home is down a little-1.02% 
Considering buying a home?
Choose your agent. We recommend exclusive buyer agents who work always & only for home buyers. An Exclusive Buyer Broker never represents Sellers. Learn more at Talk to a mortgage professional. A qualified local mortgage professional will explain what programs are available for you. … (0 comments)

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