exclusive buyer broker: Buying a Home in Winter - 01/17/22 08:12 AM
Buying a home in the winter months has advantages
Less competition with other homebuyers  More flexibility in negotiations regarding price & terms  Touring a property is less than ideal conditions Better chance of seeing water-related issues It takes a hardy homebuyer to bundle up and tour houses in the winter months! But if you are willing to make the trek, it could be worth the effort. While there are fewer homes for sale in the winter months, there are also fewer buyers. 
Over the past few years, housing inventory has been on the decline while the number of homebuyers has been on … (2 comments)

exclusive buyer broker: Charming Fells Point in Baltimore - 12/27/21 01:11 PM
Have you been to Fells Point Baltimore?
Fells Point is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city of Baltimore. Today, Fells Point is known for its cobblestone streets and excellent bars and restaurants. However, the history of Fells Point is much more impressive.
Fells Point is home to the Baltimore Clipper- small fast sailing vessels that disrupted the British Navy as they lumbered on their big ships through the Chesapeake Bay during the War of 1812. 
One of the most famous Baltimore Clippers was the Chasseur which sailed from Fells Point to the British Isles where the ship's captain declared a naval … (0 comments)

exclusive buyer broker: Next Job...Apple Genius Bar Associate - 12/02/21 11:30 AM
I upgraded my Mac to Monterey last week and all hell broke loose 
First, my space bar wouldn't work. My sentences all ran together like a crazy woman's rant! At about the same time my space bar failed, a blue box appeared on the screen. It was square in shape and wrapped around whatever I was typing.  
I went to Google to search for answers and found lots of people with similar problems. One answer was to open my computer in safe mode and follow a few simple steps. That didn't work. Another suggested turning the computer off and on. That didn't work.
I … (4 comments)

exclusive buyer broker: Holiday Moments & Memories - 11/26/21 05:03 AM
Like millions of Americans, we spent time with our family yesterday. We cooked, laughed, and ate way too much food. My niece, grandniece and I ran a 5K on Thanksgiving morning. That was fun and memorable but this moment, the pink sparkly shoe moment, is the standout moment from yesterday. 
Imogen was dressed for our holiday dinner. These shoes click when she walks so her entrance into a room cannot be ignored. I told her how much I loved her shoes so she stopped so I could get a better look.
Aren't these shoes amazing! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and made … (8 comments)

exclusive buyer broker: What is an earnest money deposit? - 11/06/21 05:56 AM
When writing an offer on a property,  an earnest money deposit is typically included with the offer. The earnest money deposit or EMD as real estate agents call it shows that you, the buyer are serious about your offer on a property.
This money is a pledge showing the seller you are 'earnest' about your offer.
While not a requirement, it's customary to indicate on the contract that an earnest money deposit is included. In most parts of the country, the earnest money deposit will be between 1% and 5% or more of the purchase price. This money is held in … (4 comments)

exclusive buyer broker: What to Know About Septic Inspections - 11/05/21 05:49 AM
Are you buying a home with a septic system?
When preparing an offer on a property, always include a home inspection. If a house is on well or septic or both, be sure to include an evaluation of these systems by a licensed and insured septic inspection company.
In Virginia and Maryland, the price of a septic inspection may range between $600 and $700 dollars. The inspection should include; pumping the septic tank, the examination of the in & out baffles, checking the flow diversion valve, locating and uncovering the distribution boxes, and probing the drain fields. If there are electrical components to … (4 comments)

exclusive buyer broker: Buying a Home in a Competitive Market? Listen Up Home Buyers! - 04/06/21 12:06 PM
Members of NAEBA, the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents, advocate for homebuyers in every real estate transaction. These professionals share how they protect buyers’ best interests as they purchase a home. We're sharing advice & tips on how to buy a home in a competitive spring market!
Meet exclusive buyer agents Charlotte Lemon with The Real Buyer's Agent in Charleston SC, Rona Fischman broker-owner of 4 Buyers Real Estate in Cambridge MA, and Nikolina Lecic broker-owner of Exclusive Buyers Real Estate in Rochester Minnesota! We're sharing advice & tips on how to buy a home in a competitive spring market!

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