homesbuyhendersons: Moving To Maryland - 06/27/22 05:29 AM
Moving to Maryland
With mountains, lakes, rivers, the Atlantic Ocean, the Chesapeake Bay, historic towns, and plenty of history, it’s easy to understand why Maryland is called America in Miniature.
Maryland is home to some of the largest biotechnology companies in the world. In the federal government, the National Institute of Health (NIH) based in Bethesda, has 18 individual institutes including the National Genome Research Institute and the National Cancer Institute.
More than three hundred biotechnology businesses line the I270 Corridor in Montgomery County Maryland. In fact, from Bethesda to Gaithersburg, some of the fastest-growing genomic firms are in "DNA Alley".
This picturesque … (2 comments)

homesbuyhendersons: Real Estate Lingo Explained - 05/16/22 10:40 AM
Buying a Home for the First Time or Buying a Home For the First Time in Many Years?Real estate has its own lingo. To have a successful experience, it's a good idea to learn keywords.
What is a down payment, earnest money deposit, fair market value, market value, and assessed value? What does an appraiser do and why would I need an appraisal? What is post-occupancy?
Attorney & Broker Rich Rosa, the president of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents, explains these terms and the home buying process. Rich Rosa lives and works as an exclusive buyer broker in the … (5 comments)

homesbuyhendersons: Don't Believe Everything You Hear at an Open House - 03/30/22 06:15 AM
What To Know About an Open HouseLast weekend, my client and I visited a property for sale during an open house. As is often the case, the agent who greeted us at the door was not the listing agent. She offered us freshly baked cookies and continued chatting with a few other guests.
We walked through the dining area and onto a deck. The large backyard had a swing set and a large shed across the back of the property. Behind the shed and swing set, the land sloped downward toward a creek and trees. I looked over at the neighbors' yard … (14 comments)

homesbuyhendersons: Strategies for Homebuyers - 03/26/22 07:06 AM
Homebuyers Need a Plan of Action  
If you are planning to buy a home this year, develop a plan of action.
Learn the steps in the home buying process. What is an earnest money deposit? Why do buyer agents recommend working with a local lender? How do I create a competitive offer? 
Join us for our class, How To Buy A Home, on April 20th at 10 am via Zoom. This interactive class will teach you:
How do I begin the home buying process? How do I know if a house is well built?  How do I make an offer on a property? … (5 comments)

homesbuyhendersons: Bathroom, Kitchen Remodeling Ideas - 01/27/22 09:43 AM
Looking for home remodeling and decorating ideas? 
Listen Up Homebuyers!
The NAEBA podcast offers advice & tips to homebuyers
Meet TiAndra Houston & Caitlin Donahue 
DC Metro Designers 
Victoria Ray Henderson is the host of the podcast, Listen Up Homebuyers!
You can listen to the podcasts on Pandora or your favorite podcast station

homesbuyhendersons: Capitol Hill Condo's For Sale - 01/20/22 10:54 AM
Wednesday, January 20th, 2022
Capitol Hill & the H Street Corridor
Housing Inventory From the Multiple Listing Service
 23 2+ bedroom condos or cooperatives for sale  55 2+ bedroom end or interior rowhouses for sale 2 2+ bedroom detached homes for sale Housing inventory is historically low but that doesn't mean you can't find a home in Washington DC. Capitol Hill and the H Street Corridor are two of the oldest neighborhoods in the nation's capital. 
If the SW Waterfront, home of the Nationals Stadium, is where you want to live, there are currently--
32 2+ bedroom condos, cooperative, rowhouses, and/or detached homes for sale Housing … (0 comments)

homesbuyhendersons: Listen Up Homebuyers! All About Roofs! - 01/14/22 03:49 AM
Look Up! What condition is the roof on the house you're buying? Brian Carpenter is the owner of Semper West a roofing company serving residential and commercial customers in Maryland and Virginia. I talked with Brian on the NAEBA podcast, Listen Up Homebuyers!  
How should I interview roofing companies? What shingles are best for my roof? How does a roofing company evaluate a roof? What are the roofers replacing and doing up there? What is a Tesla solar shingle and are they available for homes?

homesbuyhendersons: What to Know About Moving to Northern Virginia - 01/06/22 04:34 AM
Northern Virginia  a popular area to relocate in the Greater Washington DC areaThe Pentagon, Foreign Service Institute, US Marshalls Service, National Science Foundation, DEA, and TSA are a few of the federal agencies in Arlington, McLean, Alexandria, Rossyln, and Crystal City. 
Northern Virginia is a short drive to the Shenandoah Valley and the Blue Ridge mountains. Hiking and biking trails like the W&OD trail and Great Falls give outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to see this beautiful state and all it has to offer. 
When members of the military get a permanent change of station or PCS  there is much to do in a short … (2 comments)

homesbuyhendersons: Charming Fells Point in Baltimore - 12/27/21 01:11 PM
Have you been to Fells Point Baltimore?
Fells Point is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city of Baltimore. Today, Fells Point is known for its cobblestone streets and excellent bars and restaurants. However, the history of Fells Point is much more impressive.
Fells Point is home to the Baltimore Clipper- small fast sailing vessels that disrupted the British Navy as they lumbered on their big ships through the Chesapeake Bay during the War of 1812. 
One of the most famous Baltimore Clippers was the Chasseur which sailed from Fells Point to the British Isles where the ship's captain declared a naval … (0 comments)

homesbuyhendersons: What Does Low Inventory Mean for HomeBuyers? - 12/26/21 09:35 AM
Housing Inventory is Historically Low Across the CountryThese are challenging times for homebuyers! When housing inventory is low and demand is high, you face competition for houses. Last week, homebuyers I've been working with for several months now made a very strong offer on a house in a popular location in suburban Maryland. The sellers choose another offer after reviewing 14 other offers! Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common occurrence. How Does A Homebuyer Prepare for this Market? Talk to a lender and learn what options are available for you and your specific financial needs. Can you pay all cash for a property? … (0 comments)

homesbuyhendersons: Live in Fells Point Baltimore! - 12/15/21 05:21 AM
Fells Point is a neighborhood in Baltimore  
Fells Point is a charming neighborhood in Baltimore on the Chesapeake Bay. The neighborhood is named after Englishman William Fell who founded a shipbuilding company in 1726 where the famous Baltimore Schooners were built. 
The cobblestone streets date back to the 1700s and were created by using Belgian stones used as ballasts in boats coming from Europe. 
Today the Fells Point neighborhood is known for good taverns, restaurants, and charming rowhouses. The Robert Long house built in 1765 is the oldest surviving house in Baltimore. There is a small garden next to the house which is worth … (0 comments)

homesbuyhendersons: Next Job...Apple Genius Bar Associate - 12/02/21 11:30 AM
I upgraded my Mac to Monterey last week and all hell broke loose 
First, my space bar wouldn't work. My sentences all ran together like a crazy woman's rant! At about the same time my space bar failed, a blue box appeared on the screen. It was square in shape and wrapped around whatever I was typing.  
I went to Google to search for answers and found lots of people with similar problems. One answer was to open my computer in safe mode and follow a few simple steps. That didn't work. Another suggested turning the computer off and on. That didn't work.
I … (4 comments)

homesbuyhendersons: Should You Buy A Home Near A Forest? - 11/29/21 11:44 AM
When the pandemic hit, I started walking in the forest near my home.   No matter what the weather, I walked in the forest. I identified redbuds, oak, maple, beech, and river birch trees. I took deep breathes and enjoyed my time away from a computer and phone. Like so many people, it took me weeks to settle into working, sleeping, eating, and spending most of my day at home. What made my life easier was time spent in the forest. 
Is brain function improved by living near a forest? It turns out there are numerous studies that show living near a forest … (5 comments)

homesbuyhendersons: Washington DC Holiday Market - 11/20/21 05:38 AM
Washington DC is a beautiful city all year round. But during the fall and winter months, Washington DC is magical. With the Capitol, Supreme Court building & National Mall decked out with holiday swag, It's a great time of year to walk and take in the charm.  
The 17th Annual Downtown Holiday Market is happening right now through December 23rd. At 8th & F Streets NW, the holiday outdoor market takes over two city blocks. The main entrance is at the National Portrait Gallery which is my favorite art museum in the city. 
There's food, drink, and live music and of course lots … (7 comments)

homesbuyhendersons: Why We Should Thank Frederick Law Olmsted - 11/17/21 01:14 PM
Many of our Favorite Parks Were Designed By Olmsted Brothers Landscape ArchitectsFrederick Law Olmsted and Olmsted Brothers Landscape Architects were the first landscape architects in America. Frederick Olmsted lived in the late 1800s and is responsible for creating Central Park in New York City, the grounds of the Capitol in Washington DC, and the first park system in Buffalo New York.
My husband and I recently met our daughter at Sherwood Park in Baltimore. She was dog-sitting for the weekend. We walked through the lovely neighborhood of Guilford and through the 6-acre park designed by the Olmsted Brothers. In fact,
Frederick and John … (4 comments)

homesbuyhendersons: How Much of Your Life is Spent Commuting? - 11/14/21 06:04 AM
Back to Work & Back to the CommuteWith Covid work restrictions being lifted, rush hour in the Washington DC area is back and just as annoying as it was pre-Covid.
On Friday, I rolled along at 20 miles an hour for several miles inching my way to the American Legion Bridge. This bridge is on the top stretch on the Beltway connecting Virginia and Maryland.
On the "bottom" part of the Beltway, drivers cross the Potomac via the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. This bridge connects Virginia to Maryland and Washington DC. There are several smaller bridges over the Potomac connecting Virginia to Washington … (4 comments)

homesbuyhendersons: The Psychology of Home Buying - 11/11/21 08:36 AM
Buying a home is an emotional experience. A homebuyer has expectations, needs, and experiences that intertwine in the process. A few years ago, I was working with two buyers. Before we met, they had written a list of what they needed and wanted in a home. They shared the list and I was pleased to read through it as this is a critical step when buying a home with another person. 
But one partner had a dream a vision actually of what their home would be like in the future.  They hadn't shared this dream with anyone, not even their partner.
Each time we … (3 comments)

homesbuyhendersons: The First Step in the Home Buying Process - 11/08/21 05:16 AM
Start the home buying process with a local lender. Ready to buy a home or condo or townhouse? Unless you are paying cash, you'll need to fill out a loan application with a local lender. Pre-qualification is step one. It's the first evaluation of your finances by a lender. When you are pre-qualified a lender provides a letter stating the qualification amount for your home loan. You'll want to share this information with your buyer's agent to begin the search for your home. 
Pre-qualification is a look at your income, debt, and overall financial health while pre-approval is a lengthier and deeper evaluation … (3 comments)

homesbuyhendersons: What is an earnest money deposit? - 11/06/21 05:56 AM
When writing an offer on a property,  an earnest money deposit is typically included with the offer. The earnest money deposit or EMD as real estate agents call it shows that you, the buyer are serious about your offer on a property.
This money is a pledge showing the seller you are 'earnest' about your offer.
While not a requirement, it's customary to indicate on the contract that an earnest money deposit is included. In most parts of the country, the earnest money deposit will be between 1% and 5% or more of the purchase price. This money is held in … (4 comments)

homesbuyhendersons: What to Know About Septic Inspections - 11/05/21 05:49 AM
Are you buying a home with a septic system?
When preparing an offer on a property, always include a home inspection. If a house is on well or septic or both, be sure to include an evaluation of these systems by a licensed and insured septic inspection company.
In Virginia and Maryland, the price of a septic inspection may range between $600 and $700 dollars. The inspection should include; pumping the septic tank, the examination of the in & out baffles, checking the flow diversion valve, locating and uncovering the distribution boxes, and probing the drain fields. If there are electrical components to … (4 comments)

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