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I've noticed something in this recent down market.  I guess in hindsight, I've noticed it before - but not to the extreme that it seems to be now: In a down market, the top producers get an even bigger slice of the listings pie. Every road I drive in my neighborhood, it seems like 90% (95%?) of t...
When you are hiring people, you basically have three choices:1)  You can hire people who is new and you can train them.2)  You can hire someone who has somewhat the same level of experience as you and they can learn alongside you.3)  You can hire someone who can teach you something. Whenever I've...
I learned a long time ago that if a house is overpriced - its not going to sell.  A few years back this was put to the test in a few markets as homes were being bought if they were even close to a market price.  But in any case, I always make a discussion about aggressive price reductions a big p...
The National Association of Home Builders has put out a series of press releases lately that speak to a growing spillover effect of the current credit crunch.  In addition to the fact that the mortgage market has dried up somewhat due to the credit crunch - builders are now finding it hard to fin...
I don't want to take sides on the whole Miley Cyrus issue yesterday, but it did get me thinking about the glare of a spotlight and how it affects us as real estate professionals.I remember reading a thread somewhere on a forum, or a blog, or even right here on Active Rain that discussed automobil...
Is it right or fair to take into account what a seller paid for their property when considering an offer?Background I looked at a property over the weekend, and the sales price was just reduced from $850K to $700K.  Its not a bad deal, but not a steal either.  I certainly wouldn't steer a client ...
Someone else sent this to me.It is from a site where clients can leave feedback on their experience with a real estate agent:"She slept with my husband while she was selling my family a house. " (link)Now, some have pointed out it may be a joke, or that the website itself isn't all that important...
I try to make it a point to visit one or two open houses a weekend.  This is in addition to my normal property previewing - which I never seem to be able to do enough of.  Open houses give you a chance to see what else might be on the market and to talk to the agents in person.  Most of the time ...
These last few days we've been blessed with some above average weather, and on both occasions I've used it to walk or ride my bike around Walden and Chapman Farms in Crofton.  Both neighborhoods are phenomenal: well-kept yards and houses, clean streets and sidewalks, and Walden has golf-course vi...
Alright, this was a first for me.Keep in mind, in addition to being an agent I've owned rental properties for about 20 years - and I can't recall a potential tenant having this much resistance to the listed tenant responsibilities of a potential rental. My office called to give me a rental referr...

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