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We all know we have to know the product we sell.  We also have to love the product we sell in order to be successful.  There is a neighborhood down the road that is behind a school.  Is it my favorite neighborhood? no.  Are the values doing well? yes.  Is it a nice location? yes  On up the road f...
Nicely nestled between the Appalachian Mountains and the Outer Banks.  Nicely nestled between Washington DC and Florida. Nicely nestled in the heart of the South, in the Bible belt, in NASCAR country, horse country...I could go on and on.  North Carolina is now the 10th largest state and the 7th ...
What a wonderful morning I had this morning.  I went all over creation taking photo after photo after photo.  Am I nuts?  Do I do this all the time?  Nope, just once aweek for my out of town clients who are building new construction.  This is one of my "points of difference" and my clients eat it...
Thanks Leigh!  Well,1) I trained with the US Equestrian Team throughout high school until falling out of favor with my mother by choosing college (boys) over horses (work).  I was a bit older before I realized you can have both.  My mom and I made up and now she is one of my favorite people.2) I ...
You know, every REALTOR needs a break.  We preach this to one another all the time.  I will tell you again, TAKE A DAY OFF!!  You have earned it! After coming home from the Star Power conference this past summer I decided I would sit down with my family and make a daily schedule that worked for a...
Wow, did I get an earful from a client!! I saw her name in the paper (again, she has really dug in her heels to be an active part of our community!). Anyway, I called to brag on her and tell her thank you for being such an inspiration to relocating families everywhere.  She had been invited by ou...
I seem to be discussing our responsibilities to our sellers a lot lately but I can't help it.My buyer had an inspection done on a home he has under contract.  We knew going in that the home is twenty years old.  We expected a laundry list of piddly maintainance items.  What we got is $15,000 in s...
     There has to be someone who knows the identity of this elf is who crashed our RE/MAX party!!  He brought our festivities to a whole new level and you folks out there who know him know exactly what I mean!!!Leigh, you are just gorgeous as usual!  Merry Christmas!! Ho Ho Ho!!   
I had a home inspection this morning. I represent the buyers.  We arrived at the home bright and early.  Low and behold, our seller was at home and she proceeded to tell us EVERYTHING!!!  Oy!She was happy that we offered full priced because she isn't a negotiator!  Back when she sold real estate ...
I ran into an issue recently where, during an inspection, my buyers and I found there was a considerable amount of standing water in the crawl space, as well, the sill band was rotted out and damaged from termites.  My problem isn't with the issues themselves.  My problem stems from the fact that...

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