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These are photos that I've taken of homes.   As a buyer's agent for over 20 years I listened to buyer's comments when leaving a home.   I always encouraged them to write their thoughts on the MLS tickets that I provided them.They would come up with Great house.  Felt clean, bright and ready to mo...
  The norm was to get the listings of the office on ditto sheets that we put into a binder.  We had no idea what the competition had until 'tour' day. Shortly there after we had the MLS books.  A new one every two weeks.  WOW    The book was old the day it was printed. Shortly there after we went...
Few weeks ago Marianne and I did a first appointment with my clients.  We helped them decide what furniture etc was to go into storage.  Mom and dad were there too loading and hauling.They were wonderful.  The best cleints that we've worked with.We gave suggestion on waht lights fixtures to chang...
New Year   New Weight   Newish Grand dog and grey hair.  Time for a new photo Meet my grand dog I've never had a pet so having a grand dog is tons of funShadow's story
This is a true story, written by my grand daughter, from the view point of ShadowShadow's Story A cold breeze rattled around the small chain link fence.  Snow came down heavily around the skinny, black dog, huddled in the corner of the cage, trying to escape the blizzard.  This dog, named Shadow,...
The first thing a seller or agent asks is how much is this going to cost.  This is before seeing the property.  Well good golly I haven't seen the house.  Don't know how much work needs to be done or how much furniture is in the house. Let me look into my crystal ball. I'm not a "discount" Stager...
Tuesday, Wednesday and part of Thursday I spent lying on the couch with my foot up and being iced.Can't concentrate on reading ( think it was the pain killers), can't walk around the house, can't clean, can't sit at the computer so I turned on the TV.Daytime TV is unbelievable!!! Court shows, tal...
Plymouth Michigan held it's annual ice show this past weekend.On Monday, my husband and I, thought we would walk around a little bit and enjoy the the 40 degree heat wave.It's amazing how fast these carvings will melt in our balmy winter days when the sun is shining.The next day the temp were hig...
This Tuesday I had the 2nd surgery on my right foot.  The first one was in November when I broke my foot gardening. My plans for the late Autumn was to have a problem, that I've been having for many years, taken care of with surgery.  That garden accident changed those plans. About a month ago th...

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