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Today I'm going threw all my oldphotos and cleaning out the duplicates etc.  I ran across the photos of the first staging job that I did for one of my attorneys. The condo is right on the lake with a beautiful view.   The job involved cleaning out many years of 'collectibles' and just stuff. We p...
Stagers are we beating a dead horse?   Are the reltors and home owners listening to us? Today I met a realtor from another state.  She was so excited that we had something in common besides grandkids playing ball. She talked about all the listings that she had.  How that were all taking price red...
Be prepared to not believe this is the same house.  Marianne and I did a job in 5 (man hours) hours yesterday.  We used none of our supplies except two picture hooks.  We would have loved to use our art work to bright up and accent the walls.  We left the owner with a honey do list to finish the ...
The MLS photo is the first impression that the potential buyers see..   Is the house for sale OR the dog in the cage. This is a true MLS photo of a new listing.   Some buyers are afraid of dogs.  Some would be offended by the dog in the cage. The first impression is the most important.  How much ...
So many of the homes that we are staging are vacant.  Maybe they have been sitting there for awile and they don't quite smell fresh. Open the dishwasher and poke your head in the sink :-) Smell a little funky?? Try throwing at little Tang or run some Country Time Lemonade in the dishwasher   This...
Garage sale season has started in Michigan now that the weather is nice.  12 Note Cards were purchased for $2 and the 12 frames came from the Dollar Tree makes my investment $15.00 The dollar tree frames are matted already.  That's a real pleasure for me. Garage sale plus $1 tree equals 12 pieces...
What is doing it for the Karma? I'm serious. Does it mean that when I do something good and know what knows about it?   Example, putting a quarter in the parking meter for someone who's about to get a ticket and doesn't know it? Or is it when the person knows what you are doing?  example,Someone ...
This link says so much more that I can  It's hard to believe that I've been home for almost a month and I haven't posted the whole trip. Loosing power for 5 days last week didn't help !! I was begining this post  when the light went out.    
Our one son was busy with his son and baseball tournaments and we had the priviledge of having our grand daughter and dog for the weekend. This was so much fun.   The dog loves long walks, swimming and playing with the hose Our granddaughter loves art and is still developing her talents. My husba...
What does this have to do with the art of staging?  Nothing.  What does this have to do with running our business more efficiently?  Everything. Just think of this.   You are on the run (us never  :-)  )   your phone rings and it's your client.  You really don't have time to talk.   The phone pic...

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