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Fisher Body Craftsman Guild - 2008 reunion The General Motors Craftsman's Guild, an auto design competition, was sponsored by the Fisher Body Division of General Motors.  The original competition was to build Coaches based on the Fisher Body Emblem. Clicking on the below image opens up a photo al...
Chairs on the walls   OH MY We've all seen trends come and go and of course in staging we want them to go.    This chair on the wall was in a home that we staged a couple of months ago.   Of course, we took if off thinking that it was a little too much for a home that was for sale. This past week...
Today I found out that seniors get a 15% discount, in the nursery section, on Mondays for seasonal items. Today I pick up great lillies for the garden.  they were on sale and have tons of buds to bloom.  The 15% was on top of the sale price.
I'm really serious about this.  We, stagers, know that staged home sell faster and for more money.  We can't guarantee a sale.  We can make the home look it's best for potential buyers. Isn't it possible that Realtors should suggest to their clients that they should talk to a stager? Stagers know...
We've had so many discussion about the stagers and many other HGTV shows.  We haven't discussed how annoying it is to have the story line given to us in the beginning of the show.   We have two minutes of the show and then a commercial break.   When the commercial break is over we have the show R...
Matthew, eat your heart out.  We did this in 15 1/2 man hours and it cost the sellers nothing. This staging won't show up on HGTV.   Maybe it should. The senerio.  Two sisters have been trying for months to get the house ready to sell.  Both their aunt and uncle passed away and drained all the fi...
A couple of months ago I wrote a blog about the furniture that I was re-working for staging. I'm taking it a little bit further and adding as many real plants as I can.  Many of these plants I can propagate at home and plant in r...
The Dumpster Jumpersare always on sight when I clean out an estate.  This was no different yesterday, after the estate sale and the "good stuff" was sold off.  We put the remaining items out to the street (after donating a whole truck load to different charities).  The pile was 3 feet high and 20...

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