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My post   asked for help with a movie I took sideways :-)   I was asking for help Pangaea Interior Design wasn't sure how create the panorama shots. I'll try to give my simple explinatio...
I've been playing with different ways to shoot photos and do the Real Estate Shows. That program has come a long way in the past year or so. One of the ways that I've been playing is to create pans with my camera held side ways.  These shots take in the ceiling and floors real well. The ceiling i...
  I'm really pleased at the way the ceiling in the living room /dining room turned out. The house was trapped in another time period.   The fireplace has brass and the idea of changing that didn't make me happy at all.  I decided to use a blend of old and new. The ceiling was very busy with larg...
 This bathroom is part of the Estate that I've been working on.  The owners were ill and therefore the medical equipment.  I wish that I had removed items and then taken another photo. The room felt very dated and small.  We removed the lights and built a frame around the mirror.  The shower door...
This is part of the orchestration/transformation of the Royal Oak Estate. Lots of work and tons of fun. The kitchen was very reminiscent of the 5/60's drive in restaurants. The eating area had a wsap around booth table. It must have been fun growing up in this home. Now it's ready for buyers who ...
Somebody please help me.  I have a big problem with facebook.   I didn't want to join it.  I don't have the time.  Who wants to post what they are doing all the time? Well hell,  a friend that I lost 20 years ago (exazeration) found me.  What a hoot.  We've been having fun catching up. Great frie...
Stage-Show-Sell has orchestrated another Estate.  The dad has passed away and mom is in a nursing home.  All their adult children live out of state so ................who's    around to handle the house but SSS? This is our specialty........taking the stress off of the family.  Can they take time...
Give me the strength Let me ramble In December ( of course) I game myself a xmaspresent of a new laptop computer.  This way I can travel and keep up with all my emails and my AR friends and family. Dec 25th ( yes xmas day) I left for Florida for depositions that I had to attend in Florida ( oh pr...

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