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We all know that all our president has to do is create a rule or say there is an emergency and it's done. Look at the swine flu.  He said there was a epidimec and 'pow' two weeks later is was gone. Let's get him to impose a rule on wall paper.  The glue must self destruct after 5 years. The wall ...
Old ceiling post  I realize that I'm miking this project into several posts :-) There is no way that I'm going to work my heart and soul out for two months and put up one set of before and after pictures.     This was one of the ugliest bathrooms that I've ever seen.  The wall paper itself was ba...
A few weeks ago I wrote and asked for AR help i-m-flummoxed-with-these-two-rooms-help-me I read all of your advice and did what I could with the budget given me.  This home was a little different than the homes that I normally work with.  The family was 'very close' in watching the process. Most ...
Stage-Show-Sell.LLC has many tools boxes.   One for electrical, one for staging, one for hanging art work and of course one for cleaning. The q-tip, along with toothbrushes,  has become indispensable in the cleaning tool kit.   One of the last staging jobs that we worked on had flies.  Lots of fl...
This Royal Oak condo has been on the market for the last two years.   Other condos in the complex have been selling and they were all in the same basic price range. The condo has a lot to offer.  It has garage parking, and elevator from the garage to the units floor. Could it be that the presenta...
almost a year ago I wrote a blog about taking it all off and how the extra details mean a lot.   Right now I'm working on two estate and the same time.  This has really been a challenge.   One is a nice little condo in Royal Oak that has been on the market for 2 years.  Other units have been slow...
this is a stupid test to see if it will flow to my twitter account
Facebook, twitter, plaxo, AR, LinkedIn oh lord I have a head ache.  Oh, and yes I have two Facebook accounts so I can protect my grand kids I'm trying to stream line and get all my ducks in a row. My AR should now feed into twitter but that doesn't appear to be happening.  That's would be less st...

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