facebook: my status button is gone - 02/27/11 07:13 AM
This is how the wall of a page that I'm administrating looks like.
The status, photos, video   buttons has disappeared.
Any suggestion?
The page stands alone and has nothing to do with my business facebook or FB page.

facebook: Facebook, twitter, plaxo, AR Linked IN oh lord I have a head ache - 11/01/09 08:48 AM
Facebook, twitter, plaxo, AR, LinkedIn oh lord I have a head ache.  Oh, and yes I have two Facebook accounts so I can protect my grand kids
I'm trying to stream line and get all my ducks in a row.
My AR should now feed into twitter but that doesn't appear to be happening.  That's would be less step that I have to do.
LinkedIn and twitter are linked
Facebook appears to feed into Plaxo.
No wonder I have a headache
Of course today I created a page on Facebook.  I have to keep up with the likes of Melissa … (4 comments)