troy: Plan your garden ahead of time if you can - 08/03/11 05:16 AM
August garden brings delight. These plants show off a garden real well. Consider adding them to your garden now if you are planning on selling next year. Planning - staging ahead will pay off.These flowers are in my yard.  Click photo to see all of the blooms

troy: What do OUR photos say about us - 09/29/08 04:16 AM
I choose my photo because I thought it made me look friendly, loving and caring.   It's all True :-)   so I thought I should be portrayed that way.
After many years of the typical real estate photo holding a sign, handing a contract to sellers or just sitting in a chair with my suit on, I wanted something else.
The one I'm using is the best of 50 that were taken that day.   The bad ones are really bad.   I've never been comfortable in front of a camera.
I tried picking a photo that was one that I could show (if … (46 comments)