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  What does a Jolly Jumper       Tri Cycles           Baby swings             running boys roller skates   and staging supplies have in common?????????????   My basement My basement uses through the years has changed constantly.   The boys were small and we used the Jolly jumper attached to the r...
I don't want to invest in a bunch of faux foods so I've been playing with my own creations.   Will my Jello pass the eye test? I used a old receipe for finger jello and adapted it  a little. Not everyone drinks coffee in bed For those who would prefer the table   The Jello lasted two weeks before...
The agent said no staging and the Seller Can't afford it and she Won't mention it to them. How many times have you heard this? How can agents decide for the sellers what the seller can and can't afford? The blog I did on  fiduciary responsibility says how I feel about that. It should be in every ...
90% of my staging jobs are Estates.  The owners passed away or are moving into a simpler life. Usually, the owners haven't taken care of the home like they did when they were younger.  Thing have accumulated too much stuff.   When I Orchestrate the Staging to make sure that eveything is done with...
Public be aware and potential stagers be careful.  Staging is not something that you be learned with an "online" study.  It takes hands on training and a knack for doing it right. Stage-Show-Sell, offers affordable home staging solutions in the Birmingham – Bloomfield and surrounding areas in get...
I had to share this with everyone.  I was at a property yesterday and chatting with a Realtor about the value of staging. He started to chuckle when I said "It's hard to believe anyone in their right mind would put a house on the market without staging."  Of course, it helped that we were standin...
I love finding neat inexpensive pieces of art and tweaking them.  This piece is an original and dated 1941.  That's pretty cool I think. This picture was used in a staging a few months back         I used it here because the gold frame complimented the brass on the fireplace and the ceiling light...
Seems like every house I work on now has hardwood floors that need work.  Yesterday I posted a blog on how Murphy Oil Soap saved the day for me for one room.  Today, I'm interested in how to refinish the floors. The reason behind this is decks.  My logic is that refinishing a hard wood floor is n...
I was recently working an Estate in Warren Michigan.  The owners had passed and it was time to sell.  Those who follow me know that this is my forte.  I love it. This last home had carpet in one room that had to be torn out.  No if and or buts it had to go. Tearing it out was easy.  The hardwood ...
For less than a cup of coffee a day April I was rejoicing that a home that I staged went pending. Every listing agents and stagers dream is to have gone pending within 3 weeks. Things started sounding fishy when the buyer needed an extension on his inspection period. Then they dragged out the ren...

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