real estate: Childhood Memories in Cleveland, OH - 07/24/09 12:43 PM
Nothing makes a saying so trite at embellishing it on a plaque or throw pillow, but Home is Where Your Heart Is is still the most apt way to describe my favorite childhood home in Cleveland, OH.  Actually the home of my paternal grandparents, the two store fiberboard double home with a screened porch, a finished attic, and a dingy basement cradled me as a baby, was the scene of many happy events in my childhood, and influenced my later preferences on many things.
We came to live there because after World War II, my dad went back to finish college … (10 comments)

real estate: Your Freedom from Adminstrative Drudgery is Near! - 07/05/09 09:15 AM
Did you have a fun 4th of July? We sure did. Our tans (err…sunburns?) are a bit darker, our waistlines a bit bigger, and our hearing a bit less…but our love of providing virtual assistance services to real estate agents is still just as strong!
Now that the fireworks have quieted, it is time to focus on real estate again. Do you feel burdened by all those little tasks that are necessary for your marketing efforts but at the same time are taking away from your time actively selling real estate? We at The Prescott Group are skilled in these items … (0 comments)

real estate: How About a Twitter Feed...or Two... - 06/27/09 03:45 PM
Part 4 of our exploration of all things Twitter
If you looked at our ActiveRain blog earlier today you probably wondered why we had 5 Twitter feeds, all the same feed but in different designs, along the side of our page. No, we weren’t loosing it at all…simply trying to find the best option to add a twitter feed to our page.
We first went with an official Twitter flash feed, but found that it simply didn’t want to load. We noticed that some other AR bloggers were having the same problem with theirs. Sometimes we needed to refresh the page … (2 comments)

real estate: Twave twou twarted twittering twet? - 06/01/09 07:58 AM
If you can read that headline, then I bet you have! (Translation: Have you started twittering yet?) Some of us at the Prescott Group have been twittering personally, but we have decided to offer this service to clients as well. In doing so, we are setting up our own Twitter account and network. (Follow us!) Well, to be honest, the twitter account isn’t new, its just not used like it should be.
One of our virtual assistants came across an article from Smashing Magazine titled 99 Essential Twitter Tools and Applications. A quick glance through the list, some familiar and some … (2 comments)

real estate: Why YOU Need a Virtual Assistant – Reasons A – Z - 11/03/08 10:09 AM
There are a myriad of reasons to hire someone virtually. This blog will highlight at least 26 reasons you should give Virtual Assistants a try.
Affordability - When you hire someone virtually, you are not only getting the experience and training, but you are also getting their complete office and tools at your disposal. You do not need to supply the office space which often includes computers, phones, pens, paper, furniture, and the list goes on and on. You also do not pay to maintain these items.
Brains - Yes, you read right. You get brains. That is because we thoroughly … (1 comments)

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