virtual assistant: Q1-04 What is your USP? - 01/24/12 03:29 AM
What is your USP?
Did you know that the person who made this called it a Harley?   Would you?
You might know how to ride a motorcycle, you might know how to identify what makes it is better than another, you might know which one is the fastest, has the most power, or can go from 0-60 the fastest,   But can you make one?? In Reality in Advertising (Reeves 1961, pp. 46–48) Reeves laments that the U.S.P. is widely misunderstood and gives a precise definition in three parts:  
   1) Each advertisement must make a proposition … (1 comments)

virtual assistant: Q1-02 Do you know the lingo? - 01/12/12 04:21 AM
Do you know the lingo?

If you think that Facebook isn’t important for your business, then you don’t need to read this 45 page downloadable report on how to Facebook Marketing.

Or, maybe you should…

Must Read 10 Day Plan !


FlightPlan is built upon the premise that people can transform their business and themselves, driven by desire, focus, goal clarity, willingness to change and consistent persistence.

Mike Hoffman, the founder of FlightPlan, helps the Prescott Group and many of our clients stay the course…

Click Here to Learn More … (1 comments)

virtual assistant: Are you landing on the green? - 06/24/11 12:09 PM

Here are eight articles that will help you start creating killer landing pages right away:
5 Landing Page Mistakes that Crush Conversion Rates
10 Tips for Writing the Ultimate Landing Page
5 Tips for Designing the Ultimate Landing Page
"Keep it Simple, Stupid" Applies to Your Landing Pages, Too!
How is an Effective Landing Page Like a Direct Mail Letter?
7 Steps to an Email Opt-in Page That Works
How Crappy Landing Pages Kill Email Campaigns
How Successful? The 3 Key Metrics You Need to Know
Let us create some great landing pages for YOU!
Thanks to for this … (0 comments)

virtual assistant: What's YOUR Handicap? - 06/15/11 07:08 AM

One of the most common questions we get asked during a Client Marketing Review is: "How am I Doing?"
Every one of our clients runs a different type of business, but we do have a number of targets/goals that we think you should hit with respect to the following:
Unique Visitors to your website: 
Beginner: 100  Intermediate: 250  Expert: 500+ Number of people on your email list:
Beginner: 200 Intermediate: 500 Expert: 1000+ eMarketing Open and Click thru rates:
Beginner: 15% Intermediate: 25% Expert: 45%+ Number of Facebook Fans:
Beginner: 25 Intermediate: 100 Expert: 200+ Number … (0 comments)

virtual assistant: So What's in a (Domain) Name, You Say? - 08/29/09 07:17 AM
So what's in a name, you say? 
A name is how people know you and what sets you apart.  If you are a parent you have you choice of naming your new baby a trendy name like Jacob, Joshua, Emma, or Isabella, a classic like John or Mary, or an oddity like Bronx Mogwli, Moon Unit, or Apple or the outrageous Ella Phant.  When you're a kid, you may like your name to blend in, when you're grown, you might not mind a unique name.  If you're named "Mary Alice" and everyone calls you "Alice," your teachers, the IRS, and all … (4 comments)

virtual assistant: Internet Marketing and Today's Real Estate Agent: Part 3 Overcoming Website Competitors - 08/26/09 03:00 PM
Competition is a fact of life in the business world.  No where is this more true than in the world of Internet real estate sites that are all competing against your website for the client's attention. Your website has your listings, plus other listings from the MLS.  Aside from other area agents trying to promote their listings and the MLS offerings, numerous third party competitors are players too.  Trulia, Zillow, and host of smaller sites offer free information and free viewing to consumers and free listings to agents, but make their money from paid listings. 
Trulia, a site backed by venture … (3 comments)

virtual assistant: What Virtual Assistants Talk About When They Aren’t Serving You - 07/06/09 01:49 PM
Two virtual assistants with miles between them were chatting one day over a cup of coffee (virtually, in both cases, of course) when their conversation drifted to the subject of local blogging.  Both were students of Active Rain and had come to believe that community blogs were where the action was when trying to pull SEO for their clients.  Buyers, after all, buy homes in a specific area like Sparta, MO or Grand Rapids, MI, not some undifferentiated place in the U.S.  Even an agent who comments on national real estate issues often does so from the perspective of their locale; … (3 comments)

virtual assistant: Your Freedom from Adminstrative Drudgery is Near! - 07/05/09 09:15 AM
Did you have a fun 4th of July? We sure did. Our tans (err…sunburns?) are a bit darker, our waistlines a bit bigger, and our hearing a bit less…but our love of providing virtual assistance services to real estate agents is still just as strong!
Now that the fireworks have quieted, it is time to focus on real estate again. Do you feel burdened by all those little tasks that are necessary for your marketing efforts but at the same time are taking away from your time actively selling real estate? We at The Prescott Group are skilled in these items … (0 comments)

virtual assistant: Don't Worry, Be Happy - Prosper at What You're Good At - 06/28/09 02:04 PM
What makes you happy?
What makes you successful?
According to the two books featured in our sidebar widgets, the answer to these two questions are related.  If you are doing something that you are good at, you are likely to enjoy yourself and be successful.  If you don't spend your time doing what you are good at, you spend your time fixing your shortcomings.
How do you discover your unique talents?  Is there a more direct way of discovering your top talents and putting them to use other than by trial and error?
StrengthFinders 2.0 offers an assessment of your … (4 comments)

virtual assistant: Time to Run or Time to Fly? The Wisdom of Marketing During a Recession - 05/21/09 02:49 AM
The economy is down, the real estate market is struggling. One day the news says the economy is recovering. The next day its back in the hole. Real estate does seem to be rebounding, but the higher sales are with the bargain properties. All of this may make you feel like hanging up your real estate hat for a while, or at least give you the idea to cut back on your marketing to save a little cash. But is that a good idea?
According to an article in The New Yorker, history shows that the companies that survive and even … (2 comments)

virtual assistant: Prescott Group Passes "Seven Secrets" - 05/08/09 10:32 AM
The other day we were blog-surfing and came across a checklist of seven areas to look into when hiring a virtual assistant. We asked ourselves these questions and were pleased with the answers:

Reviews from previous clients.  "I have been in the business for 7 years and have never sent out a HUD statement to clients because it's just one more thing I have to do. This year I grouped the names of my past year client's, gave a list to The Prescott Group virtual assistant and they provided envelopes, labels and a letter! It was so easy! Everybody … (0 comments)

virtual assistant: Ask The Prescott Group - 04/28/09 03:15 AM
This is a new feature in our weekly newsletter. Send us your questions or leave as a comment on this blog. Then watch for a detailed answer! You can subscribe to our newsletter here.
Ask The Prescott Group
by Chris Prescott & Tricia Allenson  
Hi Chris and Tricia, I have been in real estate long enough to be getting busy, but not enough to have my own in-house assistant. Someone suggested hiring a virtual assistant to help with the stuff that I am not too good at. But it seems pretty pricey per hour and I just don't see … (0 comments)

virtual assistant: Just how affordable IS a virtual assistant? - 04/14/09 01:28 PM
You have heard all the great reasons why you should hire a virtual assistant. But you may be thinking “why would I pay someone twice what I pay an in-house assistant?” Is it really affordable to hire a virtual assistant? The answer to that is almost always a resounding YES!
Let me break it down for you. Let’s say you have an in-house assistant and you pay them just $10 an hour. Seems a lot cheaper than hiring a virtual assistant, doesn’t it? However, and I am sure you are aware of this, you have benefits, taxes, unemployment insurance, etc. Add … (3 comments)

virtual assistant: You Do Not Need a Virtual Assistant...Or Do You? - 03/31/09 08:11 AM

You are a master at multitasking. Nobody would deny that! You juggle client calls, open houses, marketing strategies, listings, showings, closings and more. You probably throw in some personal time, exercise, and maybe even play the soccer mom or dad role on a regular basis. But are you forgetting to do anything? With all you do, aren’t there any little tasks that fall by the wayside?
A virtual assistant can pick up the slack on many of those “little” but no-less important tasks. Here is a quick checklist to see if you need a virtual assistant:
You have so many … (1 comments)

virtual assistant: How to choose a mortgage lender - 03/25/09 02:29 AM
Before you and your real estate agent venture out to look at even one house, you need to speak to a mortgage lender so you’ll have an idea of how much house you can afford and what kind of loan (Conventional? VA? FHA? Other?) you can secure. But how do you choose the best mortgage broker among all those vying for your business?
Your real estate agent will probably recommend someone he or she has worked with and trusts. If you’d like to compare lenders ask your agent another recommendation. There’s no financial advantage for the agent if you choose their … (0 comments)

virtual assistant: Did You See The GoDaddy Commercial That Was 'Too Hot For TV' During The Superbowl? - 02/04/09 01:40 AM
Neither did I. But that is because I didn't watch the Superbowl. In fact, I am not quite sure who played in the Superbowl, even though my 8 year old knows. But I did look up from my laptop during the commercials. This is the one and only time I do not mute my TV while watching advertisements.
One thing that does strike me as outrageous (besides the fact that these players make enough money to bail us ALL out) is how much money advertisers pay to get their commercials on TV during the Superbowl. According to Reuters, the 30 second … (1 comments)

virtual assistant: Do you need some help sending out your 2008 HUDs? - 01/19/09 05:09 AM

Do you feel like these folks in the photo?  So much work and so little time to do it?
We have a special offer that might really save you time!  If you send us your 2008 HUD statements, we will create a customized and personalized thank you letter, we will print out mailing labels, we will stuff them and mail them to ALL of your clients for only $25  That's right - Only $25!
If you're interested, give us a call or an email back today! 
Mail out ALL of your 2008 HUDs for only $25! WOW!
Client Testimonials - Everybody … (0 comments)

virtual assistant: Do You Know How to Get Those Expireds and FSBO's? - 01/08/09 11:10 AM
We do! Our virtual assistant services offer knock 'em dead campaigns that we customize and design to reflect your personal style.
Are you whimsical and like to humor your potential clients? Or are you polished and like your marketing to be more chic? Whatever your tastes, we offer postcards, letters, flyers plus much more. We even add your personal branding.
In fact, we will even make the call to set the appointment for you! The only thing you need to do is show up with your listing presentation. What? You don't have a listing presentation? We … (4 comments)

virtual assistant: It's a New Year and Time to Maximize Your Exposure to Potential Clients! - 12/31/08 12:00 PM
We have previously listed many reasons to hire a Virtual Assistant. Take a leap of faith this new year and purchase our branding package. We will implement and streamline  systems which contribute to branding, by putting your name, face, tag line, website blog and credentials in front of potential new clients in addition to existing and past clients. 
Successful real estate agents know that the key to a successful business lies in being well known.  The Prescott Group has the key to your success. Let us get started today and unlock the power in YOUR business!
The Brand Package Includes:
• Purchase … (2 comments)

virtual assistant: Give Yourself The Gift of a Virtual Assistant this Holiday Season! - 12/22/08 03:53 AM

Now that you know all of the things that we can help with, why don't you give us a try! Or if you  need a reminder of the many reasons, click here.
Call Chris or Tricia for a free consultation where we will put together your very own "Business Daisy"  which is our fancy name for your business plan! Or visit VAPAYMENTS and buy an hour or two. You will not regret it!

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