reva: Why I LOVE Being a Virtual Assistant - 02/13/08 05:02 AM
Being a Virtual Assistant has completely changed my life by empowering me to be the leader of my own business destiny, sharpen and hone my skills until they are finely polished, put to use the 25 years of Executive Assistant experience I have, but most importantly, I give people the gift of free time.Example:  John Doe is an overworked agent or broker who is letting emails and appointments slip by, he just can’t keep up. He almost forgot his wife’s birthday, and neglected to book a hotel room for their 25th anniversary trip. In steps the Virtual Assistant, who takes charge … (2 comments)

reva: Yes, a Virtual Assistant can make your day easier :-) - 10/12/07 04:47 AM
Here is an interesting article from Mr. Internet. The more technological the world becomes, and the more specialized Real Estate technology becomes, the more you need a Professional Real Estate Virtual Assistant (sometimes called REVA or REPA). … (0 comments)

reva: Realtor Magazine Online Article - 10/12/07 04:41 AM
Mike Antoniak writes an interesting article about how Macs and Real Estate are slowly becoming more of "an item"! Check it out. 

reva: Realty Juggler - 09/29/07 12:27 AM
I just read about this software which works on Macs, and is for RE Professional's: 

reva: How to add value to your business by using a Real Estate VA - 09/18/07 02:02 PM
The importance of keeping in touch, reaching out, letting a client know you are thinking of them. How important is that? Major league important!
But you are a busy real estate professional. How do you leave time for all the little nuances of human relationships when you are trying to survive, getting leads, getting listings, closings, etc.
The answer may be to make an investment in a skilled Virtual Assistant. She/he will never let you forget a past/present client birthday, anniversary, promotion, etc. The VA will take care of your holiday cards, drip email campaign, postcards, marketing, leads management. She/he will call on … (5 comments)

reva: New Virtual Assistant Group for Mac Users - 09/18/07 10:23 AM
 If there are any Virtual Assistants who utilize Macs in serving their REP's, please join my new group:  Mac RE Virtual Assistants
 We can share information about the various software we use to serve our RE Professionals. General Mac questions are fine too!

reva: Ways in which a Virtual Real Estate Assistant can help any professional in the Real Estate Industry - 09/13/07 10:41 PM
I know that many Real Estate Professionals know how beneficial using a Virtual Assistant can be to their business. To those of you who don't, utilizing the services of a Real Estate Virtual Assistant can free up your time to get new leads, new listings, new business! My company is one of the few who offers Real Estate Assistant services for Mac users, so we are particularly suited to help Mac using agents. Read below for all the ways in which we can help: 
o    Design of postcards ads and brochureso    Virtual filing for sure! I already do this for existing clients … (12 comments)

reva: For Mac Users... - 09/13/07 04:46 AM
 As one of only a few Mac using RE Virtual Assistants, I am hoping the increase of agents who are using Macs proliferates a growth in suitable Mac software for the RE community.
What are your favorite apps? i.e.: Northstar, Bootcamp, Parallels, etc...
What programs are best just run from a PC?
I also have an interesting link from 
Taryn Merrick, NAR® REPA, CRESSMerrick Management And Media … (6 comments)

reva: Hello Active Rain - 09/10/07 02:07 PM
I am fairly new to to Active Rain, but not new to the business and administrative support community. I am a Professional Virtual Assistant with over 20 years experience. I am also a REPA - Real Estate Professional Assistant. I have certification from the National Association of Realtors.
I have been an Executive Assistant for 24 years and have owned my business administration and management company for the past 3 years. My website is I apply my strong organizational and business experience to the real estate community at large, as well as to the general business community.
Please check out … (10 comments)

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