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Inportant information about LeapFish.comAs I was just getting to enjoy my coffee (perfect temperature) my cell phone rings.  It's a sales call from a fast talking telemarketer from LeapFish.com "I found you on ActiveRain," he says "...and I wanted to let you know that you can own keywords for you...
Many of my reders at Go Beyond MLS are aware that I am the autor of Top 100 Real Estate Blogs- a website that uses data from Google, Alexa and Technorati to rank the real estate blogs. The list have recieved equal amouont of support and criticism on my blog when I announced the list. It even caug...
If you have tried to run a Pay Per Click campaign on Google Adwords, chances are you may have been faced with a phenomena of price per click hitting as high as $10 per click. Generally this effect to what Google calls “low quality score”. It has to do with your ad being relevant to the landing pa...
Just the other day I have written a post about importance of implementing ALT tag on your images. Today I would like to show you have you add extra flare to your images with title tags. While the ALT tag can help you greatly in your SEO efforts, the title tag adds some extra elegance to your imag...
Abundance of comments on a blog usually indicates that blog contains outstanding content and has vibrant community of readers. In many ways I am surprised how responsive ActiveRainers are when they find useful information or an intriguing post here on ActiveRain. Even a newbie like myself can rec...
Search Engines can not tell apart one image from another. In fact, as Matt Cutts of Google explains in the video, a search engine can not tell whether or not a picture is of a dog or a cat. Webmasters, however can describe images posted on their websites using "title" and "alt" attributes within ...
The RealBird Blog just announced new feature called RealBird Virtual Tour. RealBirds nifty widget allows real estate agents create a "mini-showcase" of their listings while offering an opportunity for viral marketing, and allowing bloggers or any webmasters to grab the code and feature the listin...
Things to watch for when dealing with your webmaster.Back to the conversation about hidden text.  Recently I have seen 3 sites banned (completely de-indexed) from Google because a web developer thought they could artificially boost the SEO of a site by injecting hidden text into the template.  Th...
I am not sure I will ever write another blog post here again. With several blogs and a new business, I may be short on time to write another post on Active Rain. Yes you can consider me an outsider, although I have a few friends on Active Rain. Not so long ago I even had some hostile attitude tow...

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