covid19: How does the IRS Tax Lien Affect You? - 05/31/20 01:15 PM
A Federal Tax Lien is the governments legal claim against your property when you have neglected or failed to pay your taxes. It is also called the "Silent Lien" because it arises automatically after the IRS has assessed the tax, sent  a notice asking the taxpayer to pay and the taxpayer has neglected or refused to may a timely payment.
Here is how a Federal Tax Lien affects you:
A Federal Tax Lien attaches to all the assets owned by the taxpayer including future assets. IRS Lien shows up on your credit report, ruins your credit and often prevents you from getting … (0 comments)

covid19: Five Step plan if you cannot pay your taxes on time - 05/30/20 08:04 PM
Can’t pay your taxes? Don’t panic. You have options!
Step 1- File your tax return by the original due date or request an extension Step 2- Consider getting a loan or paying by credit card. It may be a better and less expensive options than owing the IRS not only taxes but late-payment penalty and interest Step 3- Talk to us. We are in experienced in IRS tax debt resolution. We will help you go over payment options including setting up a payment plan with the IRS Step 4- File your tax return by the extended due date and pay the … (7 comments)

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