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I have had a rash of bad checks from my clients lately. My bank charges $15 for returned checks, and I have to chase down clients to get paid. These people are buying a house? And they can't even pay the home inspector? I am pro active when it comes to getting paid, and I have no problem knocking...
I get asked quite often by home buyers for referrals for contractors such as electricians, roofers, plumbers, etc. I do not give references out, even though I have friends in the trades. I would rather the buyer find their own contractors. The level of trust the buyers have placed in me is enormo...
I was 'tested' today on my knowledge of plumbing. It seems the buyers brother had to be at the home inspection. This is counter-productive for all parties involved. I am not a plumber, nor do I wish to be one. I have plumbed entire bathrooms, and kitchens, and installed complete waste ejector sys...
Or so you thought. Some people who attend home inspections seem to think nothing of little items mentioned by a home inspector because the repair is so easy to do. For example: loose wiring at the circuit breakers. This is an easy fix - all you need is a screwdriver and a little muscle. So it is ...
I saw a truck yesterday with advertizing stating 'Powerwashing of Roofs' and couldn't stop laughing. These guys are incredible. Many people get stains and fungi on roofs, and yes it is unsightly, but a good roofing contractor will never powerwash a roof. Roofing shingles have a granular surface t...
I have not blogged in ages (months). Home inspection is very busy here on Long Island. I enjoyed blogging in the past, but have had very little time to myself. I just came from Jamaica, Queens to do a follow up inspection on a building where I could not access the roof. This building was renovate...

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