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Like Anthony Robbins says: "Success and failure leave clues. Do what successful people are doing and you will achieve the same -- if not greater success than they did." My Active Rain blog is filled with plenty of pragmatic advice and my no-sugar coating, no-white washing advice on screwing up your real estate marketing. I've documented the mistakes, dragged the marketing bozos out into the harsh light of day, and I'll show you first hand -- how the million dollar producers got themselves to the TOP of the real estate food chain -- and how you can, too. My consulting schedule fills up quickly every January. I only take on a handful of new broker clients and agent teams each year. If you're looking for results... call me, email me or stop by my place in Monument, Colorado.



If you hadn't noticed, the real estate market is picking up. Home sales were up over 4% in March and it looks like April is going to shed some more good news. Many REALTORS are starting to crawl out and sun themselves and are getting their blood pumping again. This month, I received several calls...
I've never wanted to shoot anyone or blow them to smitherines in my life. But as a former member of the Armed Services, having served in Turkey and having seen some combat action in my life, I am sort of longing to put a 47mm grenade into my M-16 just one more time and play the role of Al Pacino ...
On a few other blog posts, I'm seeing some thanks and some confusion on Google Page Rank. If you want to seriously kick Broker Bob's ass on line, and get your site ranking above his... here are some coveted secrets that you should know. This information is pure White Hat SEO and is used for every...
Call me a doom sayer, but the sky is going to be falling. Maybe real soon. So WATCH OUT for Falling Pixels and Google Page Rank. Something is a foot at Google. And it's starting to smell a lot like November 2003 again. Okay, if I just LOST you, let me explain what happened on a Black Friday in No...
Okay the big thing I posted about Kutcher cheating by using Lamar billboards pro-bono to get the word out created a lot of interesting comments. Several agents asked about the value of Twitter. There is a single value word that sums up  micro-blogging Just as many of you have discove...
Ashton Kutcher had a lot of help getting to 1 million Twitter followers thanks to Lamar Outdoor advertising. Active Rain's Jeff Turner demonstrated that cheating is possible on Twitter. It's not hard to set up dummy accounts and his recent blog post shows you how he did it.  I don't think Ashton ...
It used to be that you'd buy any appliance at the store and maybe read the instructions or maybe you don't. I mean... How much brains does it really take to use a toaster? Now there's the USB Toaster. It's not your analog toaster any more. Now it's a Digipliance.  Instead of laboriously having to...
A question to my fellow ActiveRainer's on this question. How many of you PAY for an on-line newspaper subscription? My guess is that many of my colleagues do not hit the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) so this might come as interesting news as many REALTORS still run newspaper ads and real...
Twitter. Tweet. Chirp Chirp. If you've been living under a rock for a while, then you might have no clue what is all about. Twitter is just another form of Social Networking. So is blogging, like Active Rain. But Twitter is a bit different. It's also known as a broadcast form of socia...

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