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Like Anthony Robbins says: "Success and failure leave clues. Do what successful people are doing and you will achieve the same -- if not greater success than they did." My Active Rain blog is filled with plenty of pragmatic advice and my no-sugar coating, no-white washing advice on screwing up your real estate marketing. I've documented the mistakes, dragged the marketing bozos out into the harsh light of day, and I'll show you first hand -- how the million dollar producers got themselves to the TOP of the real estate food chain -- and how you can, too. My consulting schedule fills up quickly every January. I only take on a handful of new broker clients and agent teams each year. If you're looking for results... call me, email me or stop by my place in Monument, Colorado.



Just when you thought it was perfectly save to Tweet while still in your pajamas... Just when you thought it was safe to invite another friend to your Facebook Mafia Wars... how you act in Social Media is being watched and measured.  And soon, thanks to a firm called -- how you Tweet ...
A new FSBO For Sale by Owner website is spinning up called  Please bookmark this post and tell as many REALTORS about this one as it's another website NOT to trust. It's another Bartman Marketing Bozo Alert.  Because they are advertising they will POST your listings on websites that ...
I was reading an article in Advertising Age today and I was wondering how many REALTORS and Active Rainers are using AOL today? A question to all of you out there who are Soccer Moms and REALTORS --- Do you use AOL right now for your kids? Do you go there to look at Video clips? My research says...
Google is always tinkering with new ways to make search more relevant -- and charge you MORE MONEY for making your real estate website stand out. They won't do anything to make your me-too McWebsite template look more attractive. But at least Google will let your Google Ad stand out more with a G...
I enjoy getting REALTORS sending me their website to ask a few questions, as Karina Leal did of Florida. She had good visibility once upon a time and used to get 10 leads a day. In her cry for help, I stopped and took a half hour to look at her website. As you follow along with my analysis below,...
When a good company starts going too many directions, when it starts to create too many new products, too many new services... the firm begins to lose it's focus. And so the Bartman predicts this may soon happen to Google sooner or later. Al Ries is one of my favorite authors. He wrote a book tha...
Do your hear the TAPS playing for DMOZ now?  I do. DMOZ is the Open Source Directory Project. Or was. I'm not sure if the service is dead. Dying or on Financial Life Support. All I know is the site is not working and nobody seems to care about fixing it.  I've been trying DMOZ now for months. I g...
For years now, we've been reading and seeing how to get our Websites ranking higher on a natural search results page on Google. Two years ago, Twitter comes along and now the spirit of true, Herd Mentality, thousands of REALTORS have moooooved on over to copying what the other REALTORS are doing ...
I received a call today from that number at 9:07 am. Says UNAVAILABLE but the number is stamped: 775-412-4499. I did some research on the Internet and found out a few thousand other people are getting the same calls. Apparently, to collect old debts from 1999 and back. Maybe you got a call from t...
Realcomp II, a local Detroit MLS just got spanked pretty hard this week by the FTC.  Apparenly, the FTC slapped them around a bit because they got caught restricting listings from local (discount) brokers who had agency exclusive listings. The FTC simply told Realcomp II to Publish the MLS Listin...

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