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Like Anthony Robbins says: "Success and failure leave clues. Do what successful people are doing and you will achieve the same -- if not greater success than they did." My Active Rain blog is filled with plenty of pragmatic advice and my no-sugar coating, no-white washing advice on screwing up your real estate marketing. I've documented the mistakes, dragged the marketing bozos out into the harsh light of day, and I'll show you first hand -- how the million dollar producers got themselves to the TOP of the real estate food chain -- and how you can, too. My consulting schedule fills up quickly every January. I only take on a handful of new broker clients and agent teams each year. If you're looking for results... call me, email me or stop by my place in Monument, Colorado.



  We have a love hate relationship with a firm in Michigan. Maybe you have one of these kind of relationships with another REALTOR or broker in your home town? They love to hate us because we have taken away some of their former employees and some of their photographers to use our services.  I wa...
  In my last big post regarding real estate syndication, we discussed the moo-like herd mentality that many of us are so quick to push their listing inventory out the door to anyone who promises to syndicate your listings.   As I dived deeper into the demographics of next time home buyers, I wasn...
Taking a look back -- it's certainly been a crappy year for a lot of us in 2009. Unless you're one of the smart agents to have made a small fortune in Short Sales or Foreclosures -- you might agree with me that 2009 for sales commissions has been bit distressed, too. No pun intended for you Certi...
  "Well you know man, everyone is smoking marijuana. And you can't put everyone in jail, you know?" That kind of mentality is seen with many brokers and agents who now "syndicate" their listings, online too.   So many of us are doing it. Yet so few of us think of the trouble we can get into by "s...
  Tick tock. Google is changing again. The problem is... are you paying attention to their new search of Twitter and Facebook links now?   Tick tock. It's Ten O' Clock. Do you know where your Google search engine visibility is? When Google's clock strikes 12 midnight and releases their new improv...
Google is making more changes. Oh no, you say.  And I'm really sorry to be the bearer of BAD news -- but thousands of broker and agent websites are about to get pushed off page one in a few more weeks. Maybe it's time for a Scotch now...?     *****************************************************...
Blogging for points with nothing to say. REALTORS who lie to get leads, and Lead Sharks who sell poor agents bogus leads that are completely worthless. Wrong is right. Yes means maybe. My old girlfriend calls me up I haven't heard from in years and tells me yesterday that even SHE slept with Tig...
I had to delete my last post.  Sorry.  It was getting a bit too dramatic.  Here's the Censored "Reader's Digest Condensed Version." A REALTOR sent me an email this morning saying some incredible things that just weren't true. I won't mention her name. But the Email she sent me, claimed I did "su...
    We've recently moved our company to Colorado Springs and I'm moving my family there in January.  So imagine my surprise when a Keller Williams agent sends me an email this morning (from Active Rain) telling me that she noticed I was "seeking her out" on Localism, Facebook and Trulia and adds ...

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