Practical uses for VR in Real Estate

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Like Anthony Robbins says: "Success and failure leave clues. Do what successful people are doing and you will achieve the same -- if not greater success than they did." My Active Rain blog is filled with plenty of pragmatic advice and my no-sugar coating, no-white washing advice on screwing up your real estate marketing. I've documented the mistakes, dragged the marketing bozos out into the harsh light of day, and I'll show you first hand -- how the million dollar producers got themselves to the TOP of the real estate food chain -- and how you can, too. My consulting schedule fills up quickly every January. I only take on a handful of new broker clients and agent teams each year. If you're looking for results... call me, email me or stop by my place in Monument, Colorado.



Zuckerberg, the CEO and founder of Facebook is like any other college kid. They forget to think sometimes. And when you've already committed countless acts of Privacy violations as Facebook has... what's one more going to hurt, right? Facebook announced that anyone can now have an @Facebook email...
Every once in a while, I get to chat with a really good Web shop that designs good looking websites for brokers and agents. In this case, it was a "cheer up," kind of phone call.  In the story below, we have a (real) real estate agent that fired Real Estate Webmasters for being rude, pushy, expen...
    Several of my clients that I do SEO for are asking me the same questions.   What Are Social Media Tags? Why are they important? How do I get my score to go from ZERO to Hero?   Below is one of my clients' sites I do SEO for. Dan & Tracy Rochon of Keller Williams. They are page one on Google, ...
I've been watching how some Social Media groups are growing by lying about who they really are and what they really look like. Some of them are now lying to get you to get social with them. is one such group that lost all of my respect. I've been getting invites to join the...

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