Practical uses for VR in Real Estate

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Like Anthony Robbins says: "Success and failure leave clues. Do what successful people are doing and you will achieve the same -- if not greater success than they did." My Active Rain blog is filled with plenty of pragmatic advice and my no-sugar coating, no-white washing advice on screwing up your real estate marketing. I've documented the mistakes, dragged the marketing bozos out into the harsh light of day, and I'll show you first hand -- how the million dollar producers got themselves to the TOP of the real estate food chain -- and how you can, too. My consulting schedule fills up quickly every January. I only take on a handful of new broker clients and agent teams each year. If you're looking for results... call me, email me or stop by my place in Monument, Colorado.



Whenever a child is kidnapped, we have an AMBER Alert.  When a scam is found, I created a similar system called BOZO Alert.  It works like this. Read this and judge for yourself. If you feel as I do, then copy this link and post it to Facebook and Twitter.  Inform as many people as you can.  Mark...
Is it a good idea to use your iPhone as the only marketing tool to capture images of your listing's luxuty home? Probably not. In fact, shooting your luxury listing with just your iPhone is proving to be one of the fastest ways to get agents fired. Granted, technology today makes it easy to snap ...

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