facebook marketing: Websites for $5? Yep. Only on Fiverr. - 11/12/12 03:15 AM
What would you do for $5 bucks?
Build a website? Give a REALTOR some help with a Javascript error, help build a widget, update your Facebook page, do a home video of your $620,000 listing?
YES to all of the above.
I experimented with Fiverr on my own and I've taken my radio voice and my ability to take your "crappy at best," web copy on your website and polish it up so good that even Ben Kinney himeself will want to buy your home.
For six months, I earned around $40 bucks a month in Fiverr gigs. Meaning I'd do … (1 comments)

facebook marketing: Facebook Cheat Sheet Guide - FREE - 09/10/12 07:15 AM
Hello fellow agents.
If anyone has given up trying to figure out what size the cover photo and smaller photos are on Facebook -- fear not.  I've put together a quick cheat sheet guide to these for you.
Download this Photoshop JPEG and you'll see the exact size of the Facebook cover photo needs to be 851 pixels WIDE and 315 pixels TALL.
Some helpful DOs and DONT's for your facebook cover. 
DON'TMake it filled with your text and photos. Remember, LESS is MORE.  No clutter.  So a clean photo here is a good idea. If you are not sure what … (17 comments)

facebook marketing: Facebook Marketing Secret #1. The Big Photo Banner. - 07/25/10 05:06 PM

Did you know that you don't have to put up with a small photo on the top LEFT of your Facebook page?
All the big boys and smart marketing firms know a Facebook secret.
A new book is coming out in January on Facebook How To Marketing. But I'm going to share with you several secrets you can use right now for your own Facebook page.
Below are two ones I just created for two new clients.
Don't these look MUCH better than a itsy, bitsy photo? And this looks professional, too. Problem is, nobody seems to know … (43 comments)

facebook marketing: Spotting and Deleting the Bozos on Facebook. - 07/25/10 01:44 PM
Now that I am over 830 friends and climbing, you have to start pruning the friends you collected -- because SOME of them are like weeds or thorns. You have to prune them quickly before they become a problem.
Just like Twitter, you can quickly accumulate some unwanted highway trash on your journey down the Information Super Highway. 
Case in point, the" Too pretty to be true," photos of many people. 
"The work for 10 hours a week filling out forms on Google," scheme. The "Google Money Tree," eBook. Once you sign up for it, CAVEAT EMPTOR! Your PayPal account gets … (12 comments)

facebook marketing: The Secret: Going from 16 to 822 Friends on Facebook in one week. - 07/25/10 01:07 PM
I got a call from a prospect last week after she went to one of the RainCamp seminars. My name was brought up as a recommendation. 
So thanks Bob or whoever else named dropped me.
During the phone conversation, I was explaining what to do on Facebook for some marketing tips. Then out of the blue, she asked me, "How come you're not very BIG on Facebook?"
What do you mean? I asked.
She said, "Well, you don't really have a Facebook presence. You have less than 20 friends."
I explained that when you have a natural, page one presence on … (6 comments)

facebook marketing: Zero Leads from Facebook? Here's why. - 06/27/10 01:29 PM
Tony Robbins said it best.  "Success and Failure leave clues."  
In this case, here's a shiny example of how your Facebook marketing will get you ZERO leads despite the fact you might have done a pretty good job at setting up your fan page / business page.  
I have a client in Miami asking me for some SEO visibility -- so I began my Web CMA. That being, I started to look for other agents and brokers advertising on Google and on Facebook in the South Florida market.
I quickly discovered several REAL examples of what an agent should … (7 comments)

facebook marketing: Facebook adds Location Now. - 05/08/10 11:17 AM
Sometime this month, in addition to responding to the Privacy policy headaches that Sen. Shuman, Sen. Al Franken are demanding answers to, Facebook has side stepped some of these issues by doing the  shell game here.
Look at the monkey. Look at the monkey. Just like any cheap showman's act designed to distract you from the Facebook privacy nightmare they created last week Facebook is now offering "Location" to Facebook.
What does adding Location Mean? Let me give you an example. 
First marketer up to bat with this is McDonalds, the hamburger franchise. 
As if we had no clue where the … (30 comments)

facebook marketing: Facebook Replaces the: Become a Fan Button - 04/27/10 04:33 AM
Wow. This news traveled fast.
Yesterday, Facebook Developers met in San Francisco and they unveiled a replacement for the Facebook Fan Page. It's called: Open Graph API (Application Programming Interface) 
In simpler terms, it will be the:  LIKE button.  
How is it gonna work?
You go to Facebook right now and grab one of the Social Media LIKE buttons.  It's a few lines of HTML code that you copy and paste into your website.  There's just one catch:  You MUST have a Facebook account.
You need to get this now. Why? Because if you … (4 comments)

facebook marketing: New FaceBook App: Do Not Disturb. Donations Needed. - 08/10/09 05:08 AM
I'm getting sick and tired of being attacked with all of these stupid Facedbook applications. 
No matter where you go, or what you read, there is a lot of BUZZ and evidence that suggest that Facebook is a great place to go and get visibility for you.
Just like ActiveRain has already helped many of us to be VISIBLE on Google -- the promise of FaceBook holds just as much promise and potential. Providing that we don't first drown in the gazillions of Facebook Time Waster Applications, first.
I know we all need play time, but every time I open up … (10 comments)

facebook marketing: 7 Steps. How to Be Successful on FaceBook - 07/14/09 03:24 AM
FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many other sites like these are where people are spending their time.
Facebook.com is fast becoming another cult phenomenon as it seems to have a pretty diverse group of young adults, and 40-something folks like me who each day, becomes more convinced and astonished at just how much business a REALTOR or brokerage can enjoy if you set up your FaceBook.com marketing the right way. 
Google has become the place to satisfy a primal need for humans. It's where 84% of people go to shop or find something they want.
Once they find it, they click and … (6 comments)

facebook marketing: Is Twitter Getting on Your Nerves, now? - 06/20/09 02:14 PM
NEW FLASH ---- NEWS FLASH:  Twitter Might Just be Another Time Waster.
10:43 pm. Thrusday night. Bart's house. Eldorado Subdivision, Santa Fe. 
Bringggg  Bringggggg.
My iPhone chimes go off with an Instant Message. It's from Anthony Robbins. Famous motivational guru sending out a Twitter blast. Not one, but three in a row.
I was sort of nodding off on the couch and I just started to reach the land of Nod when I get rudely interrupted by my iPhone vibrating and Bringggggg Bringgggggg chiming off every 90 seconds. Apparently he felt like he had to broadcast three messages in a row, … (2 comments)

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