internet marketing: Websites for $5? Yep. Only on Fiverr. - 11/12/12 03:15 AM
What would you do for $5 bucks?
Build a website? Give a REALTOR some help with a Javascript error, help build a widget, update your Facebook page, do a home video of your $620,000 listing?
YES to all of the above.
I experimented with Fiverr on my own and I've taken my radio voice and my ability to take your "crappy at best," web copy on your website and polish it up so good that even Ben Kinney himeself will want to buy your home.
For six months, I earned around $40 bucks a month in Fiverr gigs. Meaning I'd do … (1 comments)

internet marketing: Google's New Pay to Play. WARNING: This will shock you. - 07/12/12 12:33 AM
If you've been in real estate for a while, you might remember when Google first appeared on the Internet landscape more than 11 years ago.
Google fought the PAY to Play game by publicly telling people that Yahoo's Paid Inclusion program was evil. My, oh my, what a difference a decade makes. Because Google seems to have forgotten about their original promise. 
If you're a newbie REALTOR, let me bring you up to speed here: 
1.) Yahoo's Paid Inclusion was $299 a year and was often thought of as a way to land a page one ranking for your Dallas Website for … (4 comments)

internet marketing: Do Copy + Paste Skills on AR Really Help Sell Homes? - 01/16/11 02:50 PM
How many of you have sold a home to a consumer by copying and pasting the same MLS information from your MLS into ActiveRain?
Enquiring minds want to know -- because I've even caught myself recommending it to a few clients and I'm wondering if I've given some bad advice.
Does copying your listings from your MLS into Active Rain sell your home inventory?  Yes or No?
Think about that for a minute.  If I'm looking for a new home in Santa Fe, I go to Google and I enter in the phrase: "santa fe homes for sale"
I have NEVER … (5 comments)

internet marketing: Another Search Engine Nobody Needs. - 01/16/11 01:51 PM
Amazon is the biggest book seller on line. Most anybody will agree with me on this, yes?
Google is the largest search engine. Nobody will debate me on that one, either. 
In both cases, if you want to compete against them, forget about it. I remember the title of a sermon delivered by a fire and brimstone Baptist preacher from a small church in Miami who resembled James Brown. 
The title of his sermon was:  " Your Arms Are Too Short To Box With God. "
Which is a good way for me to start my colorful story below. 
Like many of … (1 comments)

internet marketing: 278,000 1-Way Incoming Links. SEO WoW By Example. - 01/15/11 12:52 PM

Size does matter. Especially when it comes to getting links done. 
Allow me to introduce you to SEO success story #192. The story of Jamie Mades, REALTOR. 
He's a Keller Williams agent, and he hangs his license with Keller Williams Clients' Choice Realty in Colorado Springs.
Two years ago, Jamie had a Hoop Jumper site. It was an okay, kind of website. But things were painfully wrong.
For starters, his URL (Domain) was just about as long as a New York Skyscraper is tall. It wouldn't even fit on a business card. 
Jamie had zero visibility on … (5 comments)

internet marketing: Why Web Designers Should Stop Pretending They're In the SEO Business - 01/15/11 11:29 AM
I'm having a hard time trying to understand why anyone who calls themselves a Web Designer has to automatically slap the Internet Marketing Label on them. It seems to be standard practice. 
Experience has taught many of you some painful and expensive lessons. Some of you reading this might identify with my blog post below. 
You only need to get burned a few times to realize that Web design + Internet Marketing are two different disciplines. 
Web Designer is defined by WikiPedia as;
A broad term used to encompass the way that content (graphics and text) are put together using … (6 comments)

internet marketing: Social Media Tags. What are they and why you need them. - 11/07/10 08:47 AM
Several of my clients that I do SEO for are asking me the same questions.
What Are Social Media Tags?
Why are they important?
How do I get my score to go from ZERO to Hero?
Below is one of my clients' sites I do SEO for. Dan & Tracy Rochon of Keller Williams. They are page one on Google, Bing and Yahoo.  As you can see, they have 2,871 back links but their Social Media tags are zero.
Is this a problem? Not really -- as the site already ranks page one on Google, Yahoo and … (16 comments)

internet marketing: Social Media Success: In just 6 Days. - 08/08/10 09:35 AM

Did you promise yourself in January to get a new website, a Facebook page or a Word Press blog?
What's keeping you from getting a fun WordPress Blog with lots of YouTube videos like Frank of Frankly Realty?
What's your excuse for not having a knock out Facebook page and 1000 fans and friends right now?
The name for your pain can be summed up in a single word: Education. Or in your case, the lack thereof.  You just don't know how. You have no clue where to start. 
It's a common problem with REALTORS right now and you're probably … (3 comments)

internet marketing: Blekko: A New Search Engine You Might Like - 07/27/10 05:54 PM
Sure... it's a funky name. But so was Google when it launched 11 years ago.
Blekko is in private alpha testing right now. It's code is still "baking in the oven," so to speak but a few of us were invited to "smell the cookies," baking.
It's not going to be easy to topple Google and in fact... this is not what Blekko is going after. Wise investors including smart entrepreneurs all realize one thing. Dominate the category... or DIE.
This is why a lot of ME-Too companies fail. They come in with big promise then die trying to compete.
MySpace … (3 comments)

internet marketing: Foresquare: Proof It's Nothing but a Waste of Time for REALTORS. - 07/26/10 02:48 PM
I was talking to a client today from Keller Williams. Another one that went to Rain Camp and he went to Agent Reboot, too.
He said one of the speakers at Agent Reboot talked a lot about the "other" Social Media Networks like Foresquare.
It's a Check in kind of micro-blogging network. Meaning you and your friends go to the movies or a restaurant, and you use your iPhone, Crackberry or Droid to "check into," the network and tell your friends where you are.  It gets old fast. I tried the account and deleted myself two weeks later since I never … (15 comments)

internet marketing: Facebook Marketing Secret #1. The Big Photo Banner. - 07/25/10 05:06 PM

Did you know that you don't have to put up with a small photo on the top LEFT of your Facebook page?
All the big boys and smart marketing firms know a Facebook secret.
A new book is coming out in January on Facebook How To Marketing. But I'm going to share with you several secrets you can use right now for your own Facebook page.
Below are two ones I just created for two new clients.
Don't these look MUCH better than a itsy, bitsy photo? And this looks professional, too. Problem is, nobody seems to know … (43 comments)

internet marketing: The Secret: Going from 16 to 822 Friends on Facebook in one week. - 07/25/10 01:07 PM
I got a call from a prospect last week after she went to one of the RainCamp seminars. My name was brought up as a recommendation. 
So thanks Bob or whoever else named dropped me.
During the phone conversation, I was explaining what to do on Facebook for some marketing tips. Then out of the blue, she asked me, "How come you're not very BIG on Facebook?"
What do you mean? I asked.
She said, "Well, you don't really have a Facebook presence. You have less than 20 friends."
I explained that when you have a natural, page one presence on … (6 comments)

internet marketing: Marketing the Brand Called YOU. - 07/11/10 05:15 AM

As real estate sales professionals -- I find that too many REALTORS just aren't spending enough time marketing themselves. Many do not know how.
When I consult with new prospects -- I'm told that they're going to fix that next week. Or next month. "I'm gonna bull doze my website and do this." Or do that. 
It's the same statement all the time.  They will make the *big marketing change* AFTER they come back from RainCamp. Or Inman Connect.  
Then when I catch up to them (often a year later) I ask how well they used the information … (5 comments)

internet marketing: Zero Leads from Facebook? Here's why. - 06/27/10 01:29 PM
Tony Robbins said it best.  "Success and Failure leave clues."  
In this case, here's a shiny example of how your Facebook marketing will get you ZERO leads despite the fact you might have done a pretty good job at setting up your fan page / business page.  
I have a client in Miami asking me for some SEO visibility -- so I began my Web CMA. That being, I started to look for other agents and brokers advertising on Google and on Facebook in the South Florida market.
I quickly discovered several REAL examples of what an agent should … (7 comments)

internet marketing: What if a Google Search Took 30 Days? - 04/28/10 02:13 PM
Have you ever been frustrated trying to find something on line? I haven't.
I Google everything I want now and find 99% of what I want on page one. I'm finishing up a brand new website for a Better Homes & Gardens broker in San Jose.  
Here's the old site for BH&G San Jose.  
Here's the new one we're building for them. 
As we finish up the site for our clients, we start to apply our SEO spit + polish. And I was thinking today how much our world has changed. And depends on a steady influx of leads. 

internet marketing: Google Adds Competitors To Organic Search. Ouch! - 04/27/10 11:46 AM
If you've been enjoying a nice LEFT side, Google Natural Search Results page for a while now... then I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted. Because nothing last forever. Except styrofoam. The cup you throw away today will still be here 50,000 years from now. Your natural page one presence on Google -- won't.
Just yesterday, Google started adding some changes that a lot of REALTORS aren't going to like.  
Google is now adding up to 8 links for other related sited. So as you can see below, one of our clients Jamie Mades is currently … (7 comments)

internet marketing: Oh Crap! Paid Links are SPAM. The Death of Link Farms. - 04/10/10 03:17 PM
Yes, really.
Lt. Warf of Star Trek might say "Today is a good day to die."  Klingon's like to battle and they often speak of being victorious and an honorable death.
I hardly doubt this is what a few thousand link farms are going to be saying when they have their weekly staff meetings next Monday. Because with just one algorithm change, Google has made Link Farms as extinct as the dinosaurs that once roamed the earth millions of years ago.  
March might have showed that the market grew with 162,000 new jobs.  But I can pretty much guarantee you … (10 comments)

internet marketing: Getting to the Top of Google. Successful Link Building. - 02/12/10 02:20 AM
The Internet is growing so big, so fast... it's getting harder and harder to measure it's true dimensions. It's also getting harder to be found when next time homebuyers come looking for your website.
2010 is the year a lot of REALTORS are going to be shutting down and tossing in the towel largely due to one reason.
Broker Bob at Amazing Realty across town has a page one #3 presence on Google and you don't. 
Wouldn't you like to change that and put your website on page one of Google so people will find your site above Broker Bob's?
You … (10 comments)

internet marketing: SPAM? Even Kim Kommando does it now. Ouch. - 12/12/09 08:40 AM
Blogging for points with nothing to say.
REALTORS who lie to get leads, and Lead Sharks who sell poor agents bogus leads that are completely worthless.
Wrong is right. Yes means maybe.
My old girlfriend calls me up I haven't heard from in years and tells me yesterday that even SHE slept with Tiger Woods, now. 
What kind of screwed up world are we living in today?
SPAMMING from trusted sources who CLAIM they will never spam.  Jeesh!  Now Kim Kommando, too? 
She says she won't send you spam, but one look at my email says differently.
My email … (3 comments)

internet marketing: Google to Improve Featured Ads for REALTORS - 11/25/09 12:34 AM
Google is always tinkering with new ways to make search more relevant -- and charge you MORE MONEY for making your real estate website stand out.
They won't do anything to make your me-too McWebsite template look more attractive. But at least Google will let your Google Ad stand out more with a GOLD STAR if you are the most relevant search for the next time home buyer looking to buy a new home in Cincinnati. Or San Francisco. Or anywhere else. 
Google is experimenting with a RELEVANT search and a GOLD STAR now. See below for two searches for an … (21 comments)

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