seo: Forced to use to use Google+. Here we go again. - 07/21/13 01:46 AM
Did your page one rank on Google drop a little bit over the past few days?  
If your site dropped down one position or five slots or more this week... my bet is you're like a boatload of other brokers and agents simply ignoring Google+ -- Googke's answer to awhat they think a social media platform should be.
On July 18th, Google tweaked the PANDA bear and sent it out crawling the Internet with an improved algorithm and with this update, came more bad news we need to be prepared for.
Matt Cutts at Google said that rolling PANDA updates … (37 comments)

seo: Websites for $5? Yep. Only on Fiverr. - 11/12/12 03:15 AM
What would you do for $5 bucks?
Build a website? Give a REALTOR some help with a Javascript error, help build a widget, update your Facebook page, do a home video of your $620,000 listing?
YES to all of the above.
I experimented with Fiverr on my own and I've taken my radio voice and my ability to take your "crappy at best," web copy on your website and polish it up so good that even Ben Kinney himeself will want to buy your home.
For six months, I earned around $40 bucks a month in Fiverr gigs. Meaning I'd do … (1 comments)

seo: Google's New Pay to Play. WARNING: This will shock you. - 07/12/12 12:33 AM
If you've been in real estate for a while, you might remember when Google first appeared on the Internet landscape more than 11 years ago.
Google fought the PAY to Play game by publicly telling people that Yahoo's Paid Inclusion program was evil. My, oh my, what a difference a decade makes. Because Google seems to have forgotten about their original promise. 
If you're a newbie REALTOR, let me bring you up to speed here: 
1.) Yahoo's Paid Inclusion was $299 a year and was often thought of as a way to land a page one ranking for your Dallas Website for … (4 comments)

seo: 278,000 1-Way Incoming Links. SEO WoW By Example. - 01/15/11 12:52 PM

Size does matter. Especially when it comes to getting links done. 
Allow me to introduce you to SEO success story #192. The story of Jamie Mades, REALTOR. 
He's a Keller Williams agent, and he hangs his license with Keller Williams Clients' Choice Realty in Colorado Springs.
Two years ago, Jamie had a Hoop Jumper site. It was an okay, kind of website. But things were painfully wrong.
For starters, his URL (Domain) was just about as long as a New York Skyscraper is tall. It wouldn't even fit on a business card. 
Jamie had zero visibility on … (5 comments)

seo: Why Web Designers Should Stop Pretending They're In the SEO Business - 01/15/11 11:29 AM
I'm having a hard time trying to understand why anyone who calls themselves a Web Designer has to automatically slap the Internet Marketing Label on them. It seems to be standard practice. 
Experience has taught many of you some painful and expensive lessons. Some of you reading this might identify with my blog post below. 
You only need to get burned a few times to realize that Web design + Internet Marketing are two different disciplines. 
Web Designer is defined by WikiPedia as;
A broad term used to encompass the way that content (graphics and text) are put together using … (6 comments)

seo: Social Media Tags. What are they and why you need them. - 11/07/10 08:47 AM
Several of my clients that I do SEO for are asking me the same questions.
What Are Social Media Tags?
Why are they important?
How do I get my score to go from ZERO to Hero?
Below is one of my clients' sites I do SEO for. Dan & Tracy Rochon of Keller Williams. They are page one on Google, Bing and Yahoo.  As you can see, they have 2,871 back links but their Social Media tags are zero.
Is this a problem? Not really -- as the site already ranks page one on Google, Yahoo and … (16 comments)

seo: Social Media Success: In just 6 Days. - 08/08/10 09:35 AM

Did you promise yourself in January to get a new website, a Facebook page or a Word Press blog?
What's keeping you from getting a fun WordPress Blog with lots of YouTube videos like Frank of Frankly Realty?
What's your excuse for not having a knock out Facebook page and 1000 fans and friends right now?
The name for your pain can be summed up in a single word: Education. Or in your case, the lack thereof.  You just don't know how. You have no clue where to start. 
It's a common problem with REALTORS right now and you're probably … (3 comments)

seo: What if a Google Search Took 30 Days? - 04/28/10 02:13 PM
Have you ever been frustrated trying to find something on line? I haven't.
I Google everything I want now and find 99% of what I want on page one. I'm finishing up a brand new website for a Better Homes & Gardens broker in San Jose.  
Here's the old site for BH&G San Jose.  
Here's the new one we're building for them. 
As we finish up the site for our clients, we start to apply our SEO spit + polish. And I was thinking today how much our world has changed. And depends on a steady influx of leads. 

seo: Google Adds Competitors To Organic Search. Ouch! - 04/27/10 11:46 AM
If you've been enjoying a nice LEFT side, Google Natural Search Results page for a while now... then I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted. Because nothing last forever. Except styrofoam. The cup you throw away today will still be here 50,000 years from now. Your natural page one presence on Google -- won't.
Just yesterday, Google started adding some changes that a lot of REALTORS aren't going to like.  
Google is now adding up to 8 links for other related sited. So as you can see below, one of our clients Jamie Mades is currently … (7 comments)

seo: Is DMoZ Dead now? No More Open Directory Project? - 11/14/09 03:20 AM
Do your hear the TAPS playing for DMOZ now?  I do.
DMOZ is the Open Source Directory Project. Or was. I'm not sure if the service is dead. Dying or on Financial Life Support. All I know is the site is not working and nobody seems to care about fixing it.  I've been trying DMOZ now for months. I get the same screen below every time I try to add a URL to them. 
So Brett, Billie, Jane... I'm working away on your SEO... but I think someone out there just pulled out one of the legs on the chair I … (8 comments)

seo: Coming Soon: Paid Search for Home inventory. Google Crossbow. - 09/15/09 01:43 PM
A few SEO gurus are starting to paint a new suite of Paid Search services that might soon be coming to Google. If they prove successful, you can bet your next commission advance that Microsoft will once again try to copy cat it for Bing.  Have you seen Windows 7?
I have. It's the closest operating system I've seen that looks a lot like a Macintosh. So why not go and buy a Macintosh? Why the cheap carbon-copy knock off?
Anyway, that's another story for another time. 
In my last post, I showed everybody a cool, new SEO research tool. 
Search … (2 comments)

seo: Google Results. Page One in 90 Days. - 09/04/09 11:11 AM
This is part two for my client that grilled me on how to do my job as an SEO Rockstar.
"Where's my Meta Tags for Keywords?" You don't need them. She didn't believe me. 
Lo and behold I do some SEO scouting for my Ohio Client and ta-daaaaaa. This site was designed on purpose to NOT have any traditional metas. Yet it still ranks page one #9 out of 4.5 million.
Proof in the pudding as Barbara Corcoran likes to say. Google it yourself:  cincinnati REOs is page one, #9.
Now sniff the source code and see the NON-EXISTING meta … (10 comments)

seo: SEO Myth #17. META Keywords Don't Work. - 09/04/09 07:45 AM
I didn't get the chance to go to SES in San Jose last month. SES is Search Engine Strategies. But Aaron Wall of SEOBook was there. So was Matt Cuts of Google. one of my staff went to the show and taped a few interesting presentations. 
As Beverly walked around the show, she said she didn't meet or bump into a single REALTOR who attended and she deposited more than 230 business cards from the people that she met. None of them were a real estate agent.
Its no wonder why so many REALTORS and brokers tend to cling onto SEO … (4 comments)

seo: Where to go for Internet Marketing SEO Rockstars. - 07/13/09 06:14 AM
Was your last SEO Rockstar nothing more than an SEO Bozo?
Did you get promised first page ranking on Google, and got nothing but excuses?
Are you a bit upset that after all the months of searching, you learn that you just flushed the money down the toilet?
Well fear not. There is a place you CAN go to get your own part time or full time SEO Rockstar.

Christopher Taylor is a really nice guy and this is the only firm I have yet to meet and work with, that has really good talent for hire. Regardless if you … (1 comments)

seo: Blogging Boo-Boos. Key Word SPAMMING. - 07/13/09 05:52 AM
In a few weeks, I might be posting some bad news here.
I will be reporting the first blogs to be blacklisted because of SPAMdexing. 
Look at the side bar link below. This is an example of what NOT TO DO on your blog.

Blogging is a hot topic and I have certainly ranted and raved about the good, bad and ugly. But when it comes to pure stupidity, this one above is RED ALERT RED ALERT RED ALERT!
Please people, don't pretend you know it all about SEO. There are professionals out there (like me) who can coach … (1 comments)

seo: Blowing Away Your Competitors with Black Hat SEO - 06/19/09 05:05 AM
I am thinking of doing what Aaron Wall is doing with SEO Book and doing a Real Estate SEO Book. What do you guys and gals think?
Here's why.
I printed up 10,000 copies of my SEO Book last year, "The Problems with Real Estate Search... Getting FOUND."
But the problem is, I am about out of inventory and some of my content is dated. There's maybe 320 or so left and now I have to update some new things about Google's major change they made in April. So maybe a Real Estate SEO Book online will be more attractive and … (6 comments)

seo: .com domain or .realtor or how about .agent domain names? Here they come... - 03/10/09 08:17 AM
Right now there are 21 generic, top level domains. These are the .com, .net, .org, blah blah blah. But that's about to change at the end of this year. So get ready for the race to grab your .agent or .realtor domain name. 
There is some discussion underway right now that might open up the domain name game to hundreds or even thousands of possibilities that might not bode well for a lot of agents with great domains and great ranking on Google right now.
It sucks when you finally get a great domain name optimized and enjoy huge streams of … (6 comments)

seo: SEO Tip #17. Getting the Right Domain Name. - 08/01/08 10:18 AM
Regardless if you're a rookie REALTOR or a seasoned pro, the one thing every REALTOR wants today is Location, Location, Location for their website.
Google AdWords can help but studies have shown that many of us are AdWords BLIND. Since Google puts their AdWords PPC text ads on the right, it's not a stretch of the imagination to understand why clicks on real estate related websites are down more than 39% for the first two quarters this year.
People naturally read from LEFT to RIGHT, so the organic placement or natural search is where you want to be seen as the … (9 comments)

seo: SEO + Getting the Buzz for Leads. A Real Life THINK DIFFERENT Example. - 07/13/08 09:47 AM
Every once in a while, I get a chance to think outside the box for a client.
Such is the case for my Keller Williams client in Colorado Springs -- Jamie Mades. His website was hosted with Hoop Jumper which is a good company to host with. The challenge for me is that the site had too many automation pages which contained lots of Google unfriendly code. Plus, his original domain name was just way too long.
We arranged to get a great domain name, -- a good domain indeed as it captures one of the key words used for … (5 comments)

seo: GMAC. Santa Fe Office. Look at them now. - 07/13/08 09:25 AM
The GMAC Website for the Santa Fe, NM office is doing well. We managed to land several page one rankings and a lot of page 2, page 3 rankings. One of the most astonishing page one ranks is for the newly formed commercial division of GMAC. 
Google SEO Exercise. Type in:  commercial business for sale
Note that GMAC shows up page two #4. sometimes they show up page one #7. Depending on where you are in the U.S. it might be higher or lower. But the key important factors are that a single page optimized for the search term can show … (0 comments)

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