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Why should the government want to save the failing institutions and buy the bad loans, rather than just pump money into the economy Take the same $700 Billion, and make the government an investor. The money can be used for government loans for mortgages or business loans at a set interest rate (w...
According to a First American CoreLogic report released September 23, 2008, home-sale prices dropped 2.21 percent in July of this year from July 2007 in the Denver - Aurora area. Thirty-five states had nominal price declines in July, and those declines were less than the previous month, according...
YES, the slowdown in our market has slowed down, and properties are beginning to move again. The real estate market is affected by supply and demand just like any other market. The supply is the inventory of other homes on the market. When the supply is too high, prices come down. We have been in...
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