cape coral real estate: Cape Coral Foreclosures Affect Construction Market - 09/18/08 09:28 AM
The Cape Coral real estate market which is currently plagued by a record number of foreclosures and short sales now has affected the construction industry which employs so many in this area.  Due to the large number of these distressed properties on the market, many of them available bleow the cost of replacement has meant that it is increasingly difficult for builders to build new homes.
The question I hear all the time is why would someone contract with a builder to build a home when they can buy a new never lived in home for less money than the cost … (2 comments)

cape coral real estate: Cape Coral Foreclosures Drop By 13% for August - 09/04/08 08:07 AM
Cape Coral Foreclosures dropped by 311, almost 13% in the month of August compared to July.  August saw 2,156 Cape Coral foreclosure filings and July saw 2,467 Cape Coral Foreclosures filed.  This is encouraging news as we are starting to head in the right direction.  The real question is will this trend continue.
For buyers in the market for a new home who have been sitting on the fence waiting to time the bottom, this just might be the signal you need.  Once the media puts their belssing on it after another couple of months of declines everyone will be rushing … (7 comments)

cape coral real estate: Cape Coral Foreclosures and Shorts Sales Fox News Interview - 09/03/08 04:02 PM

cape coral real estate: Fox 4 News Interview with Chris Canzano on Cape Coral Foreclosures & Short Sales - 08/26/08 02:53 PM
Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the local Fox News station's anchor Amy Wegman.  Stephanie Whiffen, Sr. loan officer for Fifth Third Bank invited me to meet with her and Amy to discuss the short sale properties in Cape Coral.
The interview will air during Wednesday evening's 10 pm early news.  There appears to be many questions from consumers as to what exactly a short sale is and how it compares to a foreclosure. 
One point that I am constantly reminded of in our industry is that those of us in real estate tend to use "lingo" … (7 comments)

cape coral real estate: Cape Coral Foreclosures, Number One in the U.S. for July 2008 - 08/24/08 01:57 PM
There is an old saying that all news is good news, even the bad news.  "Cape Coral ranks number one in the nation for foreclosures for July", was the recent news headline last week.  Depending on your perspective, or position in the market place this could be viewed as very bad or very good news. 
Obviously if you are a seller NEEDING to sell, right now could be a very difficult time.  On the other hand if you are a buyer, you should be running, no wait, flying down to Cape Coral and making your purchase immediately.  The volume of Cape … (1 comments)

cape coral real estate: Top Nine Predictions For The Cape Coral Real Estate Market - 08/22/08 05:55 AM
What exactly does the future hold for those looking to buy or sell real estate in Cape Coral?
1. Time Heals All.  Right now, many who have the ability to buy a home and should are afraid to because of the horror stories they hear.  The further they get away from those feelings the more likely they will feel better about buying a home.2. The market will turn when the money supply loosens.  Right now it is more challenging than in the past, (noticed I did not say impossible) to obtain money to buy a home.  Once the guidelines and qualifications loosen and … (11 comments)

cape coral real estate: The Cape Coral Real Estate Price Pendellum Has Swung Too Far - 08/22/08 01:08 AM
Cape Coral Real Estate - Tops In Foreclosures
We all know real estate goes in cycles.  When markets heat up, they need a cooling off period.  As prices get out of balance, they should come back to earth and find that middle ground. It is amazing to me that what is occurring in many markets is not only have prices retreated, but they have gone so far that in many cases you can now buy a home for less money than the cost of building a new home, even if the dirt were FREE.  There is probably no better place in … (10 comments)


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