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Our first warm sunny weekend is upon us here in the Great Northwest!  As it does every year on the first warm weekend of the year it brings out come the house hunters in force!  If this happens to be you then continue to read on.  I put together a few helpful tips that should help if you find th...
What is back up position?   Back up position is when you put an offer in on a home and there is already an offer accepted.  If the first offer does not go through then you would end up in first position.  The first offer most commonly falls through because the financing did not get approved which...
In today's market, the First Time Homebuyer can find themselves feeling at a disadvantage with the large number of cash buyer's purchasing homes right now. The housing market is regaining at a healthy pace, and competition in what is considered a First Time Home in your market can be fierce.  In ...
About me: Veterans working for Veterans!    I began working with Military Veterans 16 years ago as a VA Loan Specialist in the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR area .  Years ago I combined Real Estate sales with being a VA Loan Specialist.  In 2011 I left the Lending community to work exclusively ...
  Many Veterans believe that if they file for a Bankruptcy they will not be able to utilize their VA Home Loan benefits. Having worked with Military Veterans for the past 15 years I hear this comment quite often.  When I respond to the Veteran and explain what I am about to explain to you I hear ...
As an active qualifying Service Member, Veteran or qualifying Surviving Spouse, a VA Home Loan can be an excellent option.  You have earned this benefit, and it is one of the last loans available that requires sometimes as little as zero down on a qualifying home. Buying a home with your VA Guara...
5 Things You Need To Know About Home Inspections Before Buying A Home   Question: Is an appraisal the same thing as a home inspection? No, an appraisal and a home inspection are two very different yet important functions during the home buying process.  The appraisal is a market analysis of your ...
Many Veterans have past outstanding debt that is unpaid on their credit reports.  It's very common that Veterans will go ahead and pay off the debt on their own before consulting with a VA Loan Officer.  If you are purchasing a home with your VA Loan in Vancouver Washington or Portland Oregon mak...
It is very important to always use a local Lender for VA Loans and FHA Loans in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR.  Every VA and FHA borrower has the right to utilize any VA and FHA Lender that is licensed in that state but there is some risk which I will explain.  Purchasing a home with your VA ben...
How to obtain a copy of your DD214 You must have your DD214 if you want to get a VA Loan.  Many Veterans have lost their DD214 or simply can't remember where they put it.  Here's a tip on a place to look for it, check inside an old Bible you've had for years.  Sounds like an odd place but it seem...

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