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BAD MARKET?  Not mine!  Negative reports on the news... NOT LISTENING! I got into this business exactly two years ago - not exactly the best timing, for the market, I admit.  But I have been full steam ahead, never looking back, since.  I get up every day, and I get dressed in my nice clothes, an...
I received a friendly call from the folks at this week... they say my membership is due to expire on the 3rd of December, and I need to decide whether to renew with them for another full year.  Would be fine, but I feel like they are penalizing me for growing my business this past yea...
I've been bad!  Last blog entry was in July!  Now it is almost December!  I read my last entry and feel that now more than ever, we all need to get with the Dave Ramsey program, or something similar. I've been lucky!  Lucky to be able to keep living off of one income, while I worked too -and pay ...
You answered my question, and then some!  Thank you to the bloggers of the AR community.  I had a gut feeling that this wasn't a good decision for me.  I don't have money to waste, as most of you don't either!I will steer clear of the lead generating sites for now, and concentrate on my sphere of...
Can anyone give me advice on whether I should join  It is a lot of money a month, for me, but does anyone think it is money well spent on your business?  What are the pros and cons?Any insight would be awesome!Thanks!  Vicki 
I got my answer on the property that I think we put a decent bid on.  NO.  Just flat out rejected.Why would anyone just say no, and not come back with what they want?The broker for this company is the one that presented the offer to the buyers.  At this point, I am wondering if the broker is upse...
 LONGTIME BUYER:  What do you do when you have a buyer that just can't seem to get an accepted offer?  I submitted the 6th offer, on the fourth property they liked, and am anxiously awaiting word on whether it will be accepted or not.I am feeling incredibly blessed to be as busy as I am, in the m...
Hello AR community,As a follow up to what I blogged this morning, I am glad to report that all went well on my showing.  I met with this man that I didn't know, his two sons that are in college, and one of the sons girlfriends.  The showings went well, and we even went back to the first one, for ...
I've got a gut feeling.  Ever get those?Someone sent an email to my boss (I am a buyers agent) and asked to see one of her properties.  She forwarded the email to me.  I replied like I always do, and called him to see if there are any other properties he would like to see.  He said there were two...
I said I would blog a recipe a week, and I am trying to keep that promise!This one I learned as a Tupperware consultant.3 lb. ground beef1 package stuffing mix, any flavor, can be generic2 eggskatsup to taste (or BBQ sauce)Mix all together, put in the oven and bake at 350 degrees for an hour, or ...

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