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If it's happening in San Diego then I'm probably writing about it. And, if it's happening in real estate you can bet I am. My blog is focused on helping people learn about the process of buying and selling real estate and everything that goes along with it including the emotional up's and down's. Every once in a while I will also spotlight neighborhoods like Clairemont, Bay Park and Point Loma that I love to work in (because I'm lucky enough to live here). I'm a San Diego native, so I love to share this great city with others who appreciate it as much as I do and want own a piece of heaven right here on Earth in San Diego.



If you’re considering a selling your home through a short sale, but are concerned about the affect on your FICO score then the following charts should be extremely helpful.   In the first chart we see the affect several actions have on a FICO score in the 680 range and on a score in the 780 range...
Nestled into a hillside overlooking the San Diego Bay is the community of Bay Ho – a beautiful neighborhood within the community of Clairemont. Situated on a hillside and plateau it is never remiss of gentle ocean breezes and plenty of San Diego sunshine. As a part of Clairemont it is centrally l...
I recently wrote a blog post ripping 100% finanicng loans to pieces. So, I thought it would be appropriate to offer first time home buyers and current renters an alternative mortgage choice - FHA loans. One of the main concerns home buyers have with FHA loans is the with the mortgage insurance. H...
A Realtor stands up during a networking event and introduces herself. Then, just before she sits down she adds, “And, there are still 100% financing loans available out there.” Smiles and sits down. Ugh! (that’s my stomach dropping to my feet). Have we not learned anything from the past several y...
Recently, I met a gentleman in one of the neighborhoods that I work in. As I approach his house to deliver an open house invitation for a home in the neighborhood his body language was noticeably guarded. He more barked his question, rather than asked me how he could help me. Since I’m in this p...
Foreclosures or REO’s, otherwise known as “real estate owned” (fancy term banks use to describe properties they own but don’t want to), are a staple in the market right now. And, if you scratch the surface ever so slightly you’ll find that they are here to stay for some time. As a buyer, you migh...
  Beat the clock – Short sale sellers tick down to December 2012 If you are underwater in your mortgage (you owe more than your home is worth if you were to sell it today), or if you know someone who is, please let them know that they have alternatives to foreclosure. The Mortgage Forgiveness Deb...

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