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3 Steps to Make Your Referrers Feel Like Gold So many times I have noticed we miss the opportunity to reward the single most important behavior in business… the Referral. When you receive a real estate referral, good or bad, how can you acknowledge and reward that behavior so it will continue in ...
  I was teaching a class last week on the importance of using house listing presentations in today’s market and stumbled on a section I thought needed to be shared this week on Activerain. When you are meeting with sellers and telling them all the things you will do for them to get their home sol...
Present Offers More Effectively… Have More Offers Accepted… Sell More Real Estate. The average seller in our area is paying approximately $13,500.00 to sell their home with a real estate professional. Is faxing, emailing and texting all your buyers and sellers can expect from you as a real estate...
  The National Association of Realtors research shows the average buyer searches for 2 weeks on their own prior to contacting a real estate agent. For this reason agents now need a strategy designed for internet lead conversion that can be completed over a 10 – 14 day time period. Prior to contac...
Home Buyers Are Asking for Better Photos – Are You Listening to Them?     It amazes me how important photography is in real estate and how it is probably one of the most ignored elements of real estate marketing. For many years now consumers have been asking our industry for more and better photo...
Real Estate Marketing Outside the Proverbial Box   A good friend of mine who runs a mortgage broker firm in town shared with me a brilliant marketing idea a local realtor and insurance agent used to add over 900 names to his database over the span of a single week-end. You know me… I like to thin...
  One of my mentors Jared James shared recently about “State” in real estate… Do you as an agent wake up every day in your real estate business ready to go or just “hum-dee-dum-dum”? Jared asks the question “what controls your State?” You do! What questions are you asking yourself each day in rea...
A friend of mine shared with me how he really struggled with social gatherings and events. He just didn’t have the gift of “small talk” and didn’t know how to do it well. The problem was he specialized in luxury real estate and his client base was high net worth individuals who loved to gather i...

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