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Installing the last solar panel on a roof can be challenging.  If the roof is filled with solar panels there is not much room to work.  Leave it to a professional roof money to get the job done. We love the challenge and find thrill and satisfaction from our livlihood.  When the final solar panel...
The Connecticut Energy Fianance and Investment Authority (CEFIA) announced new rebate levels yesterday May 21, 2012. CEFIA will committ $10 million this year to offset the intallation of solar panels for Connecticut homeowners.  The new rebate is $1.27/watt up to 5,000watts and $1.07/watt from 5-...
  Connecticut utilities opened the Request for Proposals to purchase Renewable Energy Credits (REC'S) from renewable energy projects located in Connecticut.  Residential wind turbines is a source of renewable power.  This small wind turbine can produce up to 20,000 kwh's annual in an optimum loca...
Sunpower E20 series allowed us to install a 7.8 kW solar pv system on a south facing dormer.  A standard efficiency panel would have utilized the same space, but only allowing for a 5 kW.  The Sunpower E20 series gives us the ability to offset 100% of a customer's electric usage rather than 60%. ...
  Sunpower recently chose Waldo Renewable Electric, LLC as their newest Connecticut solar dealer.  Sunpower has the highest efficiencies of any pv panel on the market.  Market reports show Sunpower holds the highest percentage of the solar market above any other solar manufacturer.  Waldo Renewa...
  Solar panel manufacturers and dealers are telling us that the prices of panels will increase in 2012.  Prices are stable for American made solar panel products, but feed in tariffs are in effect for new Chinese panels coming into the United States. We are waiting to find out what price of the ...
The Clean Energy Finace and Investment announced the proposed funding for 2012 residential projects.  Connecticut homeowners will be elgible for up to $3.49/watt.  The rebate will help residential pv projects get five year paybacks.  The first block of funding is slated to open February 1, 2012. ...
  Applicants for the 1603 tax rebate have 90 days after a pv system is commissioned to apply for the rebate check.  The pv system must be placed into service by the end of 2011.  Paperwork to get in order: Engineered stamp drawings Letter from solar contractor invoice from solar contractor breaki...
Funding for commercial and affordable housing solar photovoltaic projects will be closing December 30, 2011.  The Best of Class on site renewable distributed generation program offers up front capitol to offset the installation costs of a solar photvoltaic project.   The Clean Energy Finnace and...
  If you have been wondering if solar is the right clean energy solution for your home or business the first thing to do is consider your site.  First of all do you have a south facing roof or ground space?  Second is the south facing roof or ground space wide open and not shaded by trees, house,...

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