millionaire real estate group: Some Good Advice for Young Home Buyers Today - 04/01/09 06:34 AM
When some really smart people agree on something, you can usually count on their advice. And most smart older people agree that you should put off buying your first house if you have just graduated from college. The stereotypical twenty-something has: student loans, car loans, credit card debt, expensive tastes, and an entry-level job. But the beauty of being young is that if you believe you can be different, maybe you can. Look closely at your finances and circumstances. If you meet the criteria, buying a house now might be a smart move. Ask yourself these questions: Will you need to move … (0 comments)

millionaire real estate group: Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Selling Their Home - 03/05/09 05:30 AM
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millionaire real estate group: Sorry to Say Pretty is Faster than Ugly . . . - 11/04/08 02:15 AM
Ideally, your home will be gorgeous before it goes on the market--fresh paint, cleaned windows and drapes, spotless floors and carpets, fresh flowers on the table, every detail attended to. Will you get more money for your home than a similar but less-attractive home down the street? Not much more. A home's value is mostly based on its features--location, size, number of bedrooms and baths, garage, style, age, etc.--and what that combination of features is worth in a particular neighborhood. The reason for making your home cosmetically attractive is not to increase its value, but to sell it quickly. If yours … (0 comments)

millionaire real estate group: Don't but the Right Home in the Wrong Location - 09/07/08 03:21 AM
Location ~ Location ~ Location
I am pretty sure you all have heard this Real Estate quote many times before. You can redecorate, rebuild, relandscape, perhaps even modify certain aspects of a home's location, but you can't change where a home is located.  (unless you move the house!)
At a minimum, make sure to avoid locations that involve high noise levels, unsavory elements, traffic, pollution, crime, poorly kept homes and decreasing property values.
Instead, look in areas where homes are appreciating and close to major employment, great schools, transportation, shopping, entertainment, restaurants and parks and other recreation areas.
Also remember, that … (0 comments)

millionaire real estate group: Welcome News - 07/01/08 02:28 AM
Good Credit Behavior Now Rewarded In New FICO FormulaEven as lenders take a closer look at loan applications, the company that developed the model for credit scoring-Fair Isaac Corporation-has decided to modify its formula in a way that will reward responsible borrowers. The upshot: If you have good credit, you could see your credit score increase up to 25 points. And that could be enough to move you from a "fair" score to a "good" one or from "good" to "excellent"-netting you better loan terms.Fair Isaac said the model would change as follows:
A single "big" credit mistake-such as up to … (0 comments)

millionaire real estate group: Mccain? Obama? - 06/09/08 01:55 AM
Who do you feel would be the better President that will help the Real Estate Industry the most?
Why do you feel this way?
Wallace Hobbs
Real Estate Investor

millionaire real estate group: Mortgage Rate Continue their Rise - 06/08/08 02:42 AM
Mortgage rates are slowly marching upward. Conforming 30-year fixed rates averaged 6.25 percent this week, an increase of 6 basis points from the previous week.  Rates are going up today because of good economic and financial news - "good" being a relative term. Initial jobless claims were less than expected and Wal-Mart and Costco are doing better than forecast too. One thing to keep in mind is that today's job's numbers factor in a four day week so the report is somewhat misleading. When sales are strong at Wal-Mart and Costco, that doesn't necessarily extend to more upscale retailers, or to home-improvement … (0 comments)

millionaire real estate group: What Do you Agree with on this issue? - 04/07/08 10:18 AM
$15B housing fix gets fast-tracked by Senate
Democrats and Republicans agree to compromise on bill aimed at averting foreclosures and helping those hurt in housing crisis.
As reported by CNN Senior Writer, Jeanne Sahadi, leading Senate Democrats and Republicans have negotiated a bipartisan, $15 billion housing relief package that the Senate will start debating Today and will likely vote on by next week. The package contains funding to help borrowers refinance unaffordable loans and help boost activity in neighborhoods with properties in foreclosure. It also includes a big business tax break for homebuilders, as well.
Below are some of the provisions in the … (0 comments)

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