wallace hobbs: What are your Real Estate Goals for 2009? - 01/05/09 05:55 AM
Wallace Hobbs here wanting to see what you want to accomplish in Real Estate and Real Estate Investing over the next year 2009.
Turst me, It's best to have set goals and have them written out so you can revisit them and see how you're progressing.
Maybe you hoping to continue educating yourself or will you take action and start doing deals over the next year?
Maybe you already have multiple properties, but will be adding more?
Are you going to flip some houses next year?
Maybe you plan to sell One House per month?
What steps are you going … (0 comments)

wallace hobbs: Sorry to Say Pretty is Faster than Ugly . . . - 11/04/08 02:15 AM
Ideally, your home will be gorgeous before it goes on the market--fresh paint, cleaned windows and drapes, spotless floors and carpets, fresh flowers on the table, every detail attended to. Will you get more money for your home than a similar but less-attractive home down the street? Not much more. A home's value is mostly based on its features--location, size, number of bedrooms and baths, garage, style, age, etc.--and what that combination of features is worth in a particular neighborhood. The reason for making your home cosmetically attractive is not to increase its value, but to sell it quickly. If yours … (0 comments)

wallace hobbs: Don't but the Right Home in the Wrong Location - 09/07/08 03:21 AM
Location ~ Location ~ Location
I am pretty sure you all have heard this Real Estate quote many times before. You can redecorate, rebuild, relandscape, perhaps even modify certain aspects of a home's location, but you can't change where a home is located.  (unless you move the house!)
At a minimum, make sure to avoid locations that involve high noise levels, unsavory elements, traffic, pollution, crime, poorly kept homes and decreasing property values.
Instead, look in areas where homes are appreciating and close to major employment, great schools, transportation, shopping, entertainment, restaurants and parks and other recreation areas.
Also remember, that … (0 comments)

wallace hobbs: Mccain? Obama? - 06/09/08 01:55 AM
Who do you feel would be the better President that will help the Real Estate Industry the most?
Why do you feel this way?
Wallace Hobbs
Real Estate Investor

wallace hobbs: Fed Funds Rate 2.25 - 03/19/08 12:26 PM
Fed Funds Rate  2.25
What it means:
The interest rate at which banks and other depository institutions lend money to each other, usually on an overnight basis. The law requires banks to keep a certain percentage of their customer's money on reserve, where the banks earn no interest on it. Consequently, banks try to stay as close to the reserve limit as possible without going under it, lending money back and forth to maintain the proper level.
How it's used:
Like the federal discount rate, the federal funds rate is used to control the supply of available funds and hence, inflation and other interest … (2 comments)

wallace hobbs: For Your Clients: 7 Tips to Make Sure the Price is Right - 01/21/08 10:09 AM
RISMEDIA, Jan. 18, 2008-(Bankrate.com)-It's tough being the seller in a buyer's market. But your clients can improve their odds with the right research. And you can be the knight in shining armor who provides it.
In many cases, making a smart deal and getting the best price comes down to studying your market and being an educated seller.
"You've got to know more than you would have if you'd sold a year ago," says William Poorvu, professor emeritus at Harvard Business School and author of the upcoming book "Creating and Growing Real Estate Wealth." "If you want to protect yourself, you have to … (0 comments)

wallace hobbs: How to Add Value to your Home - 11/12/07 04:58 AM
No matter if you're updating your living space, such as remodeling your kitchen or adding an extra bedroom, or renovating your home in hopes to increase its marketability and salability, you may be adding value to your home without knowing it. A study done by the National Association of Realtors® National Center for Real Estate Research calculated the "value added" contributions of dozens of home features and facilities. This sophisticated analysis provided estimates of how much homes with particular characteristics can be expected to sell for. Here's what was found to increase the value of a home: Houses with stucco and … (6 comments)

wallace hobbs: Five Tips to Sell Homes Quickly, for the Highest Valuation - 11/11/07 10:22 AM
Despite grim news in the New York Times noting the pending home sale index has hit a record low, and it "hasn't hit rock bottom yet", savvy home sellers have discovered the secret to selling their homes. (New York Times, October 2, 2007). Here are a few ways strategic thinkers prepare to sell their homes:
- Prelist Home Inspections. These inspections allow sellers to identify and repair problems rather than lose money during the sale. Statistics show that for every $1 of identified repairs, the buyer would ask for double that in a price reduction. Paying $5,000 to repair a roof is … (7 comments)

wallace hobbs: 10 Tips for Getting Your Home Off the Market this Fall - 11/11/07 09:29 AM
Many homeowners and buyers have their eyes peeled on the housing market. While groups like the National Association of Realtors continue to manage consumer expectations and provide reassurance that the housing market will steadily improve by 2008, hopes can fall hard for homeowners who are preparing their home for yet another month on the market. In this buyer's market, the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) reminds homeowners that a pre-listing inspection or a general maintenance inspection can be a great tool for selling and maintaining your home. "Pre-listing inspections (conducted on behalf of the seller) and general maintenance inspections are … (1 comments)

wallace hobbs: Market Liquidity Issues Beginning to Subside - 08/27/07 04:07 AM

wallace hobbs: Ten Best Real Estate Books for 2006 - 12/10/06 08:44 AM
1. "Trump-Style Negotiation," by George Ross
(John Wiley and Sons, Hoboken, NJ), $24.95, 259 pages. This unique book offers insights into Donald J. Trump's big-thinking negotiation style, which leaves the contract details to his trusted adviser, George Ross. Only serious real estate buyers, sellers, real estate agents and investors will study this extremely well-written book that reveals negotiation tactics not found elsewhere, illustrated with many actual examples from Trump acquisitions.
2. "The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner," by David Bach
(Broadway Books, New York), $19.95, 244 pages. If you could read only one real estate book, whether you are a renter considering a home purchase, … (7 comments)

wallace hobbs: How to Surive the so called "Real Estate Bubble" - 10/18/06 07:47 AM
As we have learned from the past Real Estate will go up in value and down at different times. It has boom times and stagnant times, occasionally it suffers a crash but real estate never becomes worthless, therefore if the experts are right and we're about to suffer a slow to stagnant period in the real estate market, all is not lost!There are 5 fundamental secrets that real estate investors like to keep close to their chest and they are the secrets that enable them to survive and even profit during a down market.Here are 5 tips to help you now1) … (1 comments)

wallace hobbs: How to make a Lot of Money with Lease Options! - 10/18/06 07:43 AM
In my Day to Day Real Estate Investing Career I have noticed I get a lot of questions about Lease Options.Folks say, Wallace, give me the detailS Exactly how these Work and How I can make money doing them. Be careful for what you ask for. Here goes.Leases and options are not widely understood. They are just Control without ownership. Each of these are very powerful. When you pair the two together, they will open up a lot of money making possibilities.Leases control use and possession. Option on the other hand control the right to purchase. You buy with lease options … (2 comments)

wallace hobbs: Millionaire Real Estate Investing Teachers Seeks Active Students - 10/12/06 11:51 AM
I Have Become a Millionaire doing Real Estate Deals in a Short Time - Let Me Show you Exactly How I Did It. This a very unique opportunity in Real Estate Investing to earn income while you learn to invest with the help of our coaches and our community support. You must qualify and interview to work with my team.
Go to www.RealEstateWins.com  and review all the information that is on my most imformative site and write down your questions on the best way for you to get started so I can answer them when you contact me at my office number 215-896-0048. Thank you and I … (0 comments)

Unique opportunity in Real Estate Investing to earn income while you learn to invest.



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