home seller assist: Finding Buyers - 09/06/09 01:08 PM
Do not market the house, market your service of being able to get people financing who thought they never could buy a house. The targets would be Rent-To-Own or Lease with an Option To Purchase. Send them to a website via ads. Send them to a website to make the American Dream a reality! Give them something for signing up. Create a bond on you website, maybe a photo or yourself or houses or a video, etc... When you do a deal, get pictures of them standing in front of their new home with a testimonial. Check out the flip camera … (0 comments)

home seller assist: Update - 04/22/09 01:48 AM
We have lowered the funding rate to 2%, plus a $500 fee,
paid back after you sell the property and collect you profits.
Live Webcast Tues and Wed at 8pm Eastern

home seller assist: Recession Even Hit Al Capone.. - 03/30/09 07:50 AM
Recessions hit us all differently. Al Capone once complained that hard times forced him to lay off 4 judges and 2 Congressmen.
Seriously, the results are always uneven in bad times. Most people lose money, but some actually get rich. For instance, if you're in the shoe repair business,you're busier than ever. If you're in the auto industry, you're dead meat. But if you're in the real estate/funding business, then you are sittig on a gold mine.
Feast and famine are available. Which one have you chosen? And yes, you have already chosen... maybe just not consciously. If you are making … (2 comments)

home seller assist: Mental Tools of the Trade - 03/10/09 12:11 PM
Those who tell you...you can't do that.... don't know how to do it themselvesyou shouldn't do that... are afraid to do it themselves
Business is like a game and games are like war.You discover quickly who is on your side (support you and encourage you)You find the enemy quicker... (people who try to slow you down or stop your forward movement)
In business... the worst enemy is the one that makes you think it was your idea to quit. This is usually done by scaring you (fear is the strongest weapon in any war/game/or business). Misinformation from the enemy causes more … (0 comments)

home seller assist: What is the key to winning? - 02/02/09 01:34 AM
First, with the ever increasing demand for funding, HSA hasnow made the 3% funding available in all 50 states.There is no bank qualifying or credit checks.
And because of the demand, they have added a 3rd webcast,each followed by a Q&A session. The time is 8pm Easternon Mon, Tues and Wed.
Register Now at the bottom of the page over at
What is the key to winning?
Are we born with that drive to win?  Or is it something that you just have to learn along the way?  There's no one answer that clearly defines winning. There are many different … (0 comments)

home seller assist: Very Informative Conference Call Coming Tues at 8pm Eastern - 12/22/08 10:47 AM
We now have the 1% funds to purchase REOs and short salesand Tues evening we will be holding a conference call witha special funder who can provide loans to our end buyerswith credit scores down to 560, with no title seasoningissues, so we can flip properties back-to-back. The 1%is also available for commercial property flips too.
CONFERENCE CALL is at 8pm Eastern - Tues - 12/23/08Dial-In #: 1-218-486-7200 Bridge# 702483
Once you are logged into the call, please MUTE your line by hitting (4) then (*) on yourphone. This will eliminate all background noise and remove distractions for other members.When we … (0 comments)

home seller assist: A trend that can kill.... - 12/02/08 07:46 AM

There is a trend that will set you up for ultimate failure without you even knowing it. A trend that is so discreet and subversive that you may not even know it's happening to you.
Many people start out by saying . . . "I don't have a lot of money or time, but I really want to make this business work.
I want you to show me exactly how to do this business without having to spend any money or devote a significant amount of time because I don'thave either."
Well, my team knows I don't mind helping anyone … (3 comments)

home seller assist: This news means BIG BUSINESS for us: - 11/12/08 10:20 AM
The Treasury Depart announced today that they will NOT buy up Foreclosed Loans.  Find out how this critical policy change on the use of the 700 Billion bailout funds just put our members in the drivers seat for the next 3-5 years.  The Fed (Paulson) announced today that they have changed their mind on using the funds to buy bad assets from banks. That means they will NOT buy up the banks and lender's bad loans.  This means that banks will have to continue to SHORT SALE their non-paying home loans to investors like you and me.   Use our investor funds … (0 comments)

home seller assist: The Slump Buster - 10/26/08 04:51 AM
If you feel your energy level sliding, or if you are losing your motivation, here's a simple strategy that will help you get back in the game.
Maintain a list of small, meaningful tasks that need doing - things like replacing a light bulb, writing a letter, or returning a phone call. Take out your list when you feel a slump coming on and take care of one of those tasks. You will be out of your slump by the time you have completed it.
Why? Because you will have "stepped back" to catch your breath. Plus, accomplishing even small tasks … (18 comments)