short sales: The Big Disconnect Will Kill You... - 05/14/09 05:44 AM
While each and every analyst on your nightly news tells ushow they are seeing "green shoots" sprouting up all over, when you really dig in,you see nothing but withered weeds. Let's just start off with three quick headlinesthat crossed the wires this morning and you can decide if this sounds like greenshoots, or "something wicked this way comes" and you need to prepare for it.April foreclosures rise. The number of U.S. homes facing foreclosure jumped 32%in April, led by Nevada, Florida and California. One in every 374 U.S. housing unitsreceived a foreclosure filing last month, the highest monthly rate since reportingbegan … (0 comments)

short sales: Our PALMS team needs some good agents in your area... - 03/19/09 02:02 PM
We need a good agent to bring us short sales, that is all you have to do.
 The sale is negotiated by our mitigators and you are guaranteed a 6% commission, no matter what the bank is offering.
 Once you bring us the short sale, we take over everything and you do what you do best, and that is finding an end buyer.
 If interested, please email me and request the PALMS package. Should you not be interested in making a good commission while we do all the work, would you please pass this on to another agent you may know?  Thank you. Larry

short sales: A trend that can kill.... - 12/02/08 07:46 AM

There is a trend that will set you up for ultimate failure without you even knowing it. A trend that is so discreet and subversive that you may not even know it's happening to you.
Many people start out by saying . . . "I don't have a lot of money or time, but I really want to make this business work.
I want you to show me exactly how to do this business without having to spend any money or devote a significant amount of time because I don'thave either."
Well, my team knows I don't mind helping anyone … (3 comments)

short sales: Short Sales from A-Z This Saturday Morning - 11/20/08 11:03 PM
Special Note: This information is coming from an exclusive source and is not generally availableto the rest of the public and will not be presentedagain in order to keep it confined to only a selectgroup.
This Saturday morning (time not yet set) all Platinum level members will receive live training on how to do short salesfrom A-Z and how to incorporate the 1% funds to purchase an unlimited amount of short sales and you will also gain access to members only title company that knows how to close out short sale flips in ALL 50 states.
The live webcast training will … (0 comments)

short sales: This news means BIG BUSINESS for us: - 11/12/08 10:20 AM
The Treasury Depart announced today that they will NOT buy up Foreclosed Loans.  Find out how this critical policy change on the use of the 700 Billion bailout funds just put our members in the drivers seat for the next 3-5 years.  The Fed (Paulson) announced today that they have changed their mind on using the funds to buy bad assets from banks. That means they will NOT buy up the banks and lender's bad loans.  This means that banks will have to continue to SHORT SALE their non-paying home loans to investors like you and me.   Use our investor funds … (0 comments)