real estate: Crestwood Farms: A Hidden Gem in Richmond, VA - 08/13/18 10:39 AM
As technology and transportation grow, the small town can get left behind. But Bon Air, a community on the outskirts of Chesterfield County, still offers country charm, yet with all the conveniences of city living. Bon Air was originally developed as a resort in the Victorian Era, with the name literally meaning "good air"- it was where the wealthy went to vacation. Now, the area boasts several local shops, ranging from The Butcher at Bon Air, to Buford Road Pharmacy, to Back Room Tailor, all within walking distance. Other attractions include nearby doctors, dentists, banks, grocery stores, locally owned restaurants and … (1 comments)

real estate: Why Should You Invest In Real Estate? - 04/30/18 10:07 AM
With the stock market experiencing increased unpredictability, many investors are turning to alternative ways to balance their portfolios. A survey by Bankrate recently found that 28% of investors prefer real estate, as opposed to only 17% who chose stocks. So, what makes real estate an attractive investment? There are 4 main reasons:
Cash flow- A rental property brings postitive cash flow in the form of monthly income. A rental property can also include vacation homes such as a beach house, or even using Airbnb to rent out extra rooms or separate buildings on the property.  Tax breaks- Deductions and depreciation are … (2 comments)

real estate: 2016 Sell-a-bration! - 02/08/16 02:11 AM
Only 4% of agents in the country have this designation!  So honored and excited to be in Orlando for the 2016 Sell-a-bration.  Looking forward to having fun and hearing lots of great ideas from other professionals in the industry over the next 2 days!

real estate: Don't Put Your Life on Hold Just Because it's Cold Outside! - 12/01/15 12:28 AM
    People sell their homes all year round.  Sometimes it doesn’t matter what is traditionally considered the “best time,” because life just happens! That being said, a lot of people wait to buy or sell their homes until the Spring, and that might not be the best move— for either party. Why?      Generally speaking, those that are either listing or looking for a home, are serious.  They are eager to get the deal done and “off season” transactions usually go a little faster along the typical home-buying timeline.        A big portion of this mentality is getting ready for the year’s … (1 comments)

real estate: Richmond's Museum District; the home & neighborhood you've dreamed of! - 11/12/15 02:38 AM

     Having worked in Richmond for over 12 years, Wanda Fears and Associates are very familiar with the variety and diversity of neighborhoods the city has to offer. We’ve worked in all the surrounding counties of the Greater Richmond area, the beautiful North Side and The Fan District, both with gorgeous historical homes. Now, Wanda Fears and Associates is proud to welcome a resident Museum District expert, Carmen Noviskey, to our team of Realtors! She is part of the Museum District Women’s Club and loves being involved in the community's activities. The Museum District is particularly active, hosting an array … (1 comments)

real estate: Caleb Foust, Realtor at Wanda Fears and Associates - 11/02/15 10:10 AM

     I care about people. I love working alongside others, getting to know them and hearing their stories. It is what lead me to be in ministry for the last 10 years and why I think I will be a valuable asset to Wanda Fears and Associates. Having an opportunity to work on a team of individuals who care about their clients as equally as their neighbor or best friend, was a major selling point in my career decision. They are passionate about their clients and strive to give them a happy real estate experience that they will share with … (0 comments)

real estate: November in Richmond, VA - 11/02/15 03:12 AM

     November can be a magical time of year. Although the weather is getting chilly, it’s time to grab your fancy shawl and head to the local theatre, art opening or holiday event and start the colder days off right. Add some sparkle to November as theatre season kicks off the holidays!
November 7th
Brunswick Stew & Stout Festival
11 am— 4 pm
Admission: Free
17th street Farmer’s Market
Arts & crafts, music and adult beverages, even take your favorite stew home with you by the quart! Get there early because stews go quickly!  For tickets visit
November 14th
3rd Annual Richmond Cider Celebration
11 am— 4 pm
Admission: $20 … (2 comments)

real estate: Introducing Carmen Noviskey, the newest member of my team! - 10/28/15 02:41 AM

    I'd like to introduce the newest member of the Wanda Fears Real Estate Team, Carmen Noviskey.  I am so excited to be having her on my team and think she has a lot to offer.  Her fresh perspective is invaluable to the Real Estate market and what keeps this industry thriving and innovating!  Her drive is unparalleled and I am eager to see what she's capable of!
     Carmen began her career in real estate investing while residing in her home state, Michigan. After a visit to Richmond, Virginia several years ago, Carmen chose to relocate here for the … (0 comments)

real estate: First-Time Buyers, Richmond is a Great Market! - 10/23/15 12:33 AM

     I’ve been in the Real Estate business for fourteen years.  I’ve been through the boom, the bubble and the burst.  Affordable housing is back on the market with reasonable mortgage terms.  Meaning your rates can still be low even with a minimal downpayment.  This is a great time for renters to jump into homeownership!  With rent being at a national high, it’s hard to save money while repaying college loans and spending an average 30% of your income on housing.     Recently I attended a presentation by Lawrence Yun, chief economist of the National Association of Realtors.  According to his reports, Richmond rent … (0 comments)

real estate: Congrats to My Photographer, Terry Brown! - 10/15/15 03:53 AM

 I am so proud to brag about my favorite photographer Terry Brown!  Image plays a major role in being a Realtor and I’m happy to be working with the best of the best!     Photographer Terry Brown is the 2015 winner of the Pollak Prize in the photography category. (Photo by Chris Smith) The selectors said: “Terry is an amazing and natural collaborator who worked with Gordon Stettinius for eight years on their ‘Mangini Studio’ project. Her other undertakings include photography for the Valentine’s ‘History, Ink: The Tattoo’among numerous documenting efforts with galleries and museums. She is a friend to all artists.” Terry Brown once made a pinhole camera out of a salted fish box, which impressed her waterman father. She earned the money for her first camera, a Canon AT-1, at age 16 by catching eels in pots and selling them. Her daughter, Elizabeth, owns that Canon today. Taking pictures was reflexive for Brown. “Somebody’s got to fry the chicken,somebody’s got to make the doughnuts, somebody’s got to make the picture,” she says, laughing. But photography as a profession seemed like a remote possibility back in the mid-1980s, when she was a new mother attending night school and working as a pipefitter at Newport News Shipbuilding. Brown wouldn’t have thought that she’d one day collaborate with Gordon Stettinius on the “Mangini Studio Series” of mock-portraits, some of which are in the collection of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts; or be a part of Candela Books + Gallery, where she’s met inspiring artists such as Shelby Lee Adams; or travel to a workshop in Arles, France. While studying engineering and business at Thomas Nelson Community College, Brown took a history of photography class that prompted her to pursue making pictures as a career. She was also influenced by an exhibition that featured Sally Mann’s Wet Bed. The picture showed one of Mann’s daughters amid, as the New York Times Magazine described it, “circles of urine that stain the sheet with the permanence of tree rings.” Brown realized that the ordinary can possess a beauty typically expected from more exotic subjects. After a decade at the shipyard, she left for the darkroom. She entered Virginia Commonwealth University via the Art Foundation Program. A stint at Richmond Camera led to overseeing studio photography at Dementi. Brown took most of the images in the catalog for VCU Anderson Gallery’s Myron Helfgott retrospective and is coordinating images for a history of the gallery, which closed this year. She also teaches a documenting class at VCU, and her work is included in the inaugural show at Diversity Thrift’s new Iridian Gallery through Nov. 21.. She says, “I feel like I’m part of the community now. That’s my greatest pride.” Of capturing images she says, “When you’re doing events, it’s 30 percent photography and 70 percent interacting with people. The camera is a small part of it.”  … (0 comments)

real estate: Buying or Selling; It's just a good time to do it! - 10/05/15 12:42 AM
     Real Estate is a competitive market these days.  In both fields of buying or selling a home, there are lots of strategies one can use to gain the edge.  In the recovering market right now, it’s hard to say whether it’s a better time to look or list, which is why I’m going to argue for both.      Selling can be tricky because you want traffic, you want competition so you can get the best price.  Right now as we get closer to the winter season, inventory on homes traditionally goes down.  This can mean more demand for your … (2 comments)

real estate: The Pros of Condo Living - 08/25/15 12:21 AM
    Condos come in all shapes and sizes, the same as the variety of people who chose to live in them.   There are high-rise, low-rise, freestanding, condos above storefronts, townhome style, brand new or converted.  These days there are lots of reasons to opt for condominium living over traditional homes.   Many investors choose condos to hold as rental properties.  Young people who have only ever rented before like the idea of maintenance being taken care of, and similarly, baby boomers who are not only ready to downsize but also like the idea of not having the responsibility for upkeep that a … (9 comments)

real estate: Living in New Kent - 08/21/15 05:45 AM
New Kent is one of the best places in Virginia to live a relaxed, easy lifestyle while still having plenty to do.  Home to horse races, golf courses and many of the best wineries the state has to offer.  It’s located between Richmond and Williamsburg so you can have weekend fun in the city, or a family outing in Colonial Williamsburg or the area's amusement parks.  Build a family getaway for holidays, or just enjoy the nice scenery from this gorgeous New Kent home.

real estate: Why Isn't Your House Selling? - 08/13/15 10:55 PM
Preparing for change is always exciting.  You’re moving, you’ve finally put your house on the market and you've started to imagine all the possibilities to come.  After you’ve hired the realtor, hung the sign and had an open house, you’re exhilarated.  Then the worst happens; nothing.  Then weeks pass and months go by and your house gathers an unwanted aura.  Why has it been on the market so long? What’s wrong with it?  Now is the time to determine what IS taking so long. Everything always comes down to price.  It’s a more delicate matter than most people realize.  There is not … (1 comments)

real estate: 5 Tips to Save Hundreds on Annual Maintenance Costs - 08/11/15 11:25 PM
    There’s one thing that’s 'the worst' no matter what the subject: unforeseen expenses.  That being said, a general rule of thumb for saving for home repairs is about 1% of the purchase price of your home.  If you spent $250,000 on your home, it’s suggested that $2,500 be put aside annually for its upkeep.  That is not to say you should spend that amount on your home every year.  Quite the contrary, in fact, but that is a fair estimate on the average expense of home repair during the time you own it.        So, while you’re saving for a … (2 comments)

real estate: Letter of Recommendation - 08/10/15 03:13 AM
As realtors, we are held to the task of handling one of the biggest investments our clients will make in a lifetime. We constantly strive to give them the best of our services and it brings us a sense of fulfillment when we are able to achieve what we set out to do.  We recently received a letter of recommendation from one of our favorite clients and favorite properties in Richmond!  The gorgeous historic home on Hanover Ave., which was featured in a few notable real estate publications, was a labor of love and a fine example of what our team … (1 comments)

real estate: Richmond's Sought-After Northside - 08/03/15 11:39 PM
     As further proof of what a great neighborhood Richmond’s Northside is, our listing in late July sold in the first weekend of it being listed!  We had so many potential buyers walk through during our open house, we wanted to keep everyone updated on what’s available since it is such a great location to buy.      Currently, there is a delightful, affordable home on Elmsmere Avenue just listed by Henry Briggs.  It boasts 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths.  Originally built in 1938 the interior has modern renovations and features a small front patio, a side patio and a back yard … (0 comments)

real estate: Richmond Northside Listing: 1708 Oakdale Ave - 07/21/15 05:01 AM

    This Sunday, I’m holding an open house for my newest listing at 1708 Oakdale Ave in Hermitage Park, the northside of Richmond. It was built in the 1920s and boasts a large yard with a sizable porch. I’ve written about this neighborhood and it’s charms before and I’m happy to have a listing here again!        This is the quintessential neighborhood of city living convenience with the feel of a quiet neighborhood.  It’s perfect for nearly every kind of buyer on the market right now.  Young buyers who want to stay near the city center.  Older buyers who want quiet … (1 comments)

real estate: From Shed to Guest House: How unattached space ups your home's value - 07/20/15 04:05 AM
Instead of shelling out the big bucks to break down walls expanding your house, why not just build new ones?  Constructing an unattached small structure can add square footage and value to your property in a variety of ways.       Storage Traditionally a storage shed for single family homes is a coveted addition.  It can hold gardening and lawn care equipment, tools and all of those toxic cleaning products you don’t care to store under the sink.  It’s a cheap and basic structure to build and depending on your locale, won’t require a building permit.  No matter what your skill … (3 comments)

real estate: Outdoor Renovation Projects with Highest ROI - 07/13/15 01:49 AM
     With summer in full swing, lots of people want to live outdoors and get home improvement projects done.  I’m a huge fan of infographics and this particular one from Williams Ski & Patio outlines some of the best projects to spend your money on this summer.  So if you know your home could use some outdoor improvements but not sure where to begin, focus first on what will get you the highest return on investment in addition to your use value for family and entertaining!
Outdoor Renovation and Design Ideas As any show on HGTV will attest to, making … (3 comments)

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