virginia: Crestwood Farms: A Hidden Gem in Richmond, VA - 08/13/18 10:39 AM
As technology and transportation grow, the small town can get left behind. But Bon Air, a community on the outskirts of Chesterfield County, still offers country charm, yet with all the conveniences of city living. Bon Air was originally developed as a resort in the Victorian Era, with the name literally meaning "good air"- it was where the wealthy went to vacation. Now, the area boasts several local shops, ranging from The Butcher at Bon Air, to Buford Road Pharmacy, to Back Room Tailor, all within walking distance. Other attractions include nearby doctors, dentists, banks, grocery stores, locally owned restaurants and … (1 comments)

virginia: Why Should You Invest In Real Estate? - 04/30/18 10:07 AM
With the stock market experiencing increased unpredictability, many investors are turning to alternative ways to balance their portfolios. A survey by Bankrate recently found that 28% of investors prefer real estate, as opposed to only 17% who chose stocks. So, what makes real estate an attractive investment? There are 4 main reasons:
Cash flow- A rental property brings postitive cash flow in the form of monthly income. A rental property can also include vacation homes such as a beach house, or even using Airbnb to rent out extra rooms or separate buildings on the property.  Tax breaks- Deductions and depreciation are … (2 comments)

virginia: Why Rent When You Can Own? - 03/28/18 12:31 PM
The average cost of an apartment in Richmond as of February 2018 was $1171 a month, a 6.5% increase from 2017, according to RentJungle. With the average rent in the Richmond area rising, many renters are looking towards owning their own home instead. It can be a daunting idea at first, but there are many advantages of home ownership.  
The most obvious perks of owning a home are the monetary benefits. Real estate is an investment in yourself. Each time you pay your mortgage payments, you are earning equity in your home. Equity is the difference between the market value of your … (0 comments)

virginia: 2017 Call for Charity - 11/14/16 01:13 AM

As Realtors, it is our job to be out in the community. We are always making connections, traveling to different neighborhoods, and making recommendations on the great places to eat and relax in various parts of town. We are walking travel guides and as Realtors, we gain so much from these community interactions. We get referrals, repeat business, professional connections, lifelong customers, and friends. We also get our choice of weekend entertainment because we know (almost) everything that’s going on! And I believe, as many other Realtors do, that it is part of my job to give back to the community … (0 comments)

virginia: New iPhone Tomorrow, But What About Existing Apps? - 09/08/14 08:09 AM

Wanda Fears (804) 909-2777

A brand new iPhone is rumored to be announced tomorrow which a lot of us find somewhat exciting. It’s insane that just a few years back we didn’t have smart phones but now a lot of us can’t live without them. They really are a marvelous piece of technology that allows us to access an unlimited amount of information with the press of a touch screen. So how can these mini computers that we have help us when it comes to real estate? Actually, in many many ways. Let’s break down my favorite five apps … (2 comments)

virginia: Open House: An Agent's Do's & Don'ts - 07/29/14 06:25 AM

Unless you’re a real estate agent you’re probably not used to hosting an open house. Honestly the whole concept can be a little bit weird, you’re letting a bunch of strangers into your own home or you’re visiting the home of a total stranger. This is a weird necessity, open houses are a part of the selling process and they are essential to both sellers and buyers. Let’s go over some of the do’s and dont’s when having or attending an open house
Warn your neighbors about your open house! And while you’re at it, make … (4 comments)

virginia: 3 Reasons To Buy A Home That Isn't Selling - 07/10/14 05:10 AM

Wanda Fears (804) 909-2777
If you’ve ever been on the market for a new home, you have probably encountered a home that has been on the market for sometime. Most people and even some agents get discouraged from buying into something that has been on the market too long. Instead of thinking of this as an undesirable property, think of all the pros that you can get from a listing like this. 
  Price There is probably a possibility that this home will have a price that is negotiable. If the owners have had little or no offers, they will … (0 comments)

virginia: Three Major Mistakes to Avoid When Making Home Improvements - 07/01/14 04:08 AM
  Wanda Fears (804) 909-2777   We’re all about making some home improvements, some will have better pay offs than others. In our experience, we see people go into a project with a lot of ambition just to see a project fail. These are three things to avoid when working on a home improvement project:   Prioritize   It’s beautiful outside and the first thing on your improvement list is building a deck and second is building an in-ground pool but what you really need is a new furnace. You only have money for one of these projects. Your priority should … (3 comments)

virginia: In the Neighborhood: Bon Air - 06/26/14 04:45 AM

Wanda Fears (804) 909-2777

I’ve often wanted to talk about what each of the different neighborhoods that Richmond has to offer. I thought the best place to start was with my own personal experience, I live in Bon Air. As a Real Estate Agent for Long & Foster, it is my duty to figure out what makes each part of town unique so I can communicate this information with my customers. I really love Bon Air and I would like to tell you why. 
  Bon Air is a great location, it is close enough to downtown, about 15 … (0 comments)

virginia: Virginia has fun for the whole family! - 05/28/14 02:45 AM
(Image Courtesy of Kings Dominion)   Richmond is known for being a great place to raise kids. It almost doesn’t really matter what part of town you are located, when it comes to kids activities there are so many options it might even be hard to decide. For those of you who are new to town or have small children, you might not know of all of these different activities. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a few of them so you don’t have to do too much research.    Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens Water Play This is a water inspired activity for those … (3 comments)

virginia: Virginia is for Lovers... of Festivals! - 05/20/14 02:57 AM
So one thing that I absolutely love about Virginia, besides it’s luscious sceneries and its growing diversity, is its variety of festivals. When someone says to me “Virginia can be a little boring, there’s not much to do than to spend time outdoors”, I tell them that there is so much to do! There are countless numbers of festivals throughout the year but this can be especially true during the spring, summer and fall. There is everything from wine and beer festivals, to food tastings including ethnic foods from all over the world and different fairs, to name a few. I … (0 comments)

virginia: Social Media Savvy Agents: What a Home Seller Should Know - 01/19/14 06:39 AM
Marketing homes sure has changed over the last 10 years.  Way back in the day (I’m aging myself here), agents used to be limited to putting ads in the local paper and erecting a for sale sign with some flyers in front of a house.  Our reach was finite.  Social media has drastically changed that reach and now we have access to a huge network of people from all over the world.  However, many agents have either not grasped the impact of social media or have not put forth the effort to adapt to the changing times.  Listing properties on various … (1 comments)

virginia: Kitchen Space is Important! - 12/19/13 12:51 AM
When clients first come to me to begin their new home search it is rare, if not unheard of, that their “must have” list doesn’t contain one or more qualifications for their future kitchen. This is hardly a surprise since the kitchen is a vital room that has to serve a functional purpose several times a day! Space and how well it is used are the keys to a happy kitchen. First we’ll take a look at things to consider if you are in the market for a new home and then look at how to work with what you’ve got if you’re stuck with a less … (1 comments)

virginia: Securing your house against home intruders - 12/08/13 10:10 AM
December is a month of giving, but if you’re not careful it can be a time for taking as well.  Lured in by the promise of new, expensive gifts, thieves consider the holidays their busy season.  This month historically sees about 400,000 home robberies, which accounts for about one-fifth of the total robberies in a full year.  We are continuing our look at staying safe for the holidays by examining ways you can deter would-be thieves from your home.
Don’t advertise new purchases. Leaving your empty big screen TV box out on the curb may be a beacon to draw thieves … (0 comments)

virginia: RVA for the Holidays - 11/21/13 10:21 PM
Thanksgiving and the first full day of Hanukkah are just 7 days away (coinciding for the first time in 125 years and the last time for over 70,000 years) and Christmas is a mere 34 days away!  Don’t let those numbers scare you—even if you’re shopping list is still a million miles long.  Be sure to take some time out to enjoy all that Richmond has to offer during this beautiful holiday season.  Here are a few not-to-miss area events and attractions:
By land or by sea, you can have a wonderful parade experience!  The 30th Annual Richmond Christmas parade … (0 comments)

virginia: Veteran's Day: A day of gratitude and appreciation - 11/10/13 08:54 PM
Today is Veterans day: one of the few times of the year we take time out as a nation to thank those who put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms. Though I’m sure most of us are personally thankful for this sacrifice every day, we may not often take time out to think about or thank our veterans on a regular basis. Now is great time to reflect on the sacrifice that these honorable men and women and their families have made.  Since Virginia has such a rich military history there are many ways you could choose to … (0 comments)

virginia: 7 Quick Organizational Tips to Make Life Easier - 11/07/13 12:42 AM
A place for everything and everything in its place.  At some point in your childhood you probably heard an authority figure extoll the merits of this old saying.  Sure it’s great to have a clean, organized home but sometimes the mere idea of getting organized can seem overwhelming when you’re not already there.  Today we’re going to look at 7 easy tips that can help you get there without the stress.
Create a “Landing Strip”: On the closest piece of furniture to the door designate a space for important things like your keys, wallet, cellphone and mail.  Hooks on the wall nearby … (4 comments)

virginia: How to Connect and Get Involved When You're New to the Area - 08/31/13 11:47 PM
So you’ve bought a new home, moved in, and are getting accustomed to the surrounding area. What next? Moving to a new residence usually involves getting to know your neighbors, and while this seems easy enough in this day and age, it takes some intentionality. Here are a few resources for how to go about connecting and getting involved.
Introduce yourself. While you may leave it up to chance whether you find the time to introduce yourself to your new neighbors, it might be prudent to go out of your way to intentionally make the introduction yourself. Knowing your neighbors goes … (1 comments)

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