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"Hello, this is Jessica Billings from Apex Realty and I'd like to show your home to my clients later today, would 6pm work for you?"  You respond "yes that will work great, thank you for showing". Tips for a good showing, and you're not even there when it happens! Always leave the home prior to a...
Newsflash:  Drinking coffee, 4 or more cups per day shown to decrease risk of stroke in women who also do not smoke! Quit feeling guilty ladies, and maybe gentlemen.  Medscape and yahoo news broadcast this finding this past week, I am sooooo glad!  Everything in moderation, but doesn't it just ma...
Stop by Rimrock Mall, Billings Montana on Saturday February 28, 2009 from 10am to 2pm for a little fun and health information.  My yoga instructor Aimee from the yoga spot plans to help with a Nia dance event during this health fair.  I haven't tried the Nia yet, but I'm totally into yoga.  I am ...
In a perfect world, if I wanted to move to a new home, I would Find one Make an offer that is accepted Put my home on the market Sell my home in the first week Close on the home I am selling and the home I am buying on the same day Move from my old home to my new home over the long weekend Wa La,...
Just heard another horror story of a refrigerator water connection that sprung a leak and flooded most of a home when the owners were away for a couple of days.  When I hear this I conjure up the image of water leaking from a main level fridge, down through a heat vent and onto a big office compu...
Situation:  Home still on the market 90 days after listed. "Well I guess if my home sold too quickly, I'd know we didn't ask enough" Interesting conclusion!  I must ask you seller, why do you think that way? I think we all try to rationalize our shortfalls, it's only natural.  Realtors are trying...
Yippee! I got to do my favorite thing in Real Estate today!  Take my small SUV up a slippery muddy road in the mountains to find a little piece of Montana Heaven.     Headed up to the Bull Mountains for a showing.  Just off the highway the gravel/dirt road turns a bit muddy, notice the car.  Not ...
Just imagine the WIDE variety of opinions on what a fixer upper home for sale is!  And why would you advertise this way? It's always about $$$  Your ad is telling a buyer right up front that this home's condition is not top notch, so if your a fixer, come on over!  Let's make a deal! How about a ...
I have a little routine, and I like it! #1  Check my schedule for the day, gather my supplies to make the day go better, make sure I have my yoga clothes and then off to my next office. #2  City Brew in the Billings Heights.  Don't laugh, they have wireless and they make my special soy latte with...
Oh That Nose!  We all have one, and most of them work really well. Have you ever noticed that some folks with animals have no clue that their home smells bad?  I think it's just an adjustment we make when we live with animals and other odorous things in our homes. I can remember that when I was y...

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