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Breathe in breathe out!  That's basically what we need to do right?  Yoga is in Montana and it's here to stay!  I try to make it to Yoga twice a week so I can be stretched and bent in directions that I would normally not try.  I am pretty amazed that since I have become more regular at yoga, my b...
  I just noticed some of these changes, for the better and thought the Billings Montana Real Estate world might benefit from the info.   It has been a little over three years since FHA made changes to their appraisal process. It is hard to believe that it has been that long, but it is even harder...
My pellet gun is loaded, and even though I know I can't win this war with a gun, I will use all means legally necessary to win! 2008 almost made me want to jump into a "Honey I shrunk the kids" machine with a shotgun and cruise down the gopher holes in my yard (a few acres) and go hunting.  In Mo...
Untechy person needs help!  I went to click on my latest blog in Facebook to publish it to my newscast or page and I can't find a button to click or way to select and publish. Will I need to copy and paste or does anyone know what I can do?  Any help would be appreciated.
Really nice home, but the builder made a big mistake by not planning for reasonable risers and treads for the stairs to all of the bedrooms!  One of the showings I had this past week included a wonderful home in an upscale rural subdivision in a beautiful river valley south of Billings Montana.  ...
Roads like the ones we were driving on this morning make me cringe!  Even though most people were driving very slow and with great caution, accidents still happen!  There was some poor person who toppled over a light pole by the Metra (can't say Rimrock Auto Whatever yet).  When we have this type...
I know what you thought, and you are partly correct, but BS stands for Blarney Stone in this case!  I'm not sure if I developed the gift of gab prior to kissing this blessed stone or if kissing the stone some how justifies my going on and on and on!  I'm also really good at recognizing BS!  I can...
And we'll need Gen X and Gen Y to help! We care about our parents, we care about our kids and grandkids.  We thought we would retire, but we like to work anyway, at something.  We know that our kids can't afford to pay for our Social Security and Medicare without an economic engine that has a for...

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