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I'm driving to my showing with my buyers in their car right behind me.  I turn the corner and a fella on his riding lawn mower looks up in our direction, smiles and waves.  As we pull into the driveway, the neighbors to the west of the listed home come out of their front door on their way out for...
I remember when we used this program years ago, rural properties included.  So far we don't have a large inventory of homes that fit the rehab needs you are seeing in other parts of the country, I hope we don't!203k MADE SIMPLE? Ok, maybe not, but I will attempt to make it as simple as possible f...
Ever heard of the Stillwater Mine?  This is the ONLY producer of Platinum, palladium and rhodium in the Western Hemisphere.  GM contracts for these metals to make catalytic converters which remove pollution from the tailpipe exhaust.  The Stillwater Mine is just up the hill from Billings Montana....
The cheapest price is not necessarily the best deal.  Networking is crucial for everyone in a community.  Healthcare, energy, manufacturing, construction, food industries, etc. all need each other, why not support those industries right in your own town? I know I'm much more likely to do business...
Today I got the usual question about our local Real Estate Market from a group of medical people (friends) and I had some hard truth to tell!  Our 2nd quarter of 2009 is not performing as well as I'd hoped! I'll try to give you a few numbers, just so you can chew on them for awhile. The volume of...
We have a great selection of local lenders who tell the truth and get the job done.  They also let you know if you're not ready yet, and what it takes to get you ready.  If you need some networking for lenders, just give me a call or shoot me an email.  A good friend who has been in the business ...

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