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What do you know about your water well?  If you wanted to find out about your water well, what type of information would be helpful?  Here is a checklist that may help you gather and organize your Water Well System.   Find your well log and get acquainted with the information about your Water Wel...
A nice reminder for me and probably a new bit of info for some.  If you want to purchase a condo, being a part of an association requires you to investigate what's involved.Buying a Condominium Requires Doing Your Homework   Helping a client with the purchase of a townhouse recently has reminded ...
On Father's Day 2010, Billings Montana suffered a very strange tornado that pointed it's finger at a 12,000 seat Arena and sucked most of the life out of a community center. We lost several businesses besides the Metra Arena (also known as the Rimrock Auto Arena), and numerous homes were flooded ...
Sometimes it's hard for people to comprehend what pricing a home too high for the neighborhood and condition does (and they are frustrated why their home doesn't sell).  But on the flip side, an overpriced home can sell a competitively priced one!  This is a good article about that.There are a co...
  Your sewer system in the country is a finely tuned community of microorganisms, and you don't want to mess them up!  Think before you flush or pour certain things down the drain.  Read up on the structure and care of septic systems in Montana by linking to this MontGuide from Montana State Univ...
My husband just got back from a little dinner outing with a bunch of people from his work (at a hospital) and he remarked on how one of the salesman was from a "preppy" upbringing back east.  He thought it was pretty interesting that this guy was located in the Missoula Montana area now, working ...
The Alkali Creek neighborhood has excellent and easy access to walking paths and hiking trails.        It's easy to forget this little neighborhood exists, unless you live there!  The main street Alkali Creek Road, leads to a few side streets of residential homes, but otherwise there's not that m...
Apples to apples, instead of a mixed up bag of fruit!  I searched my MLS in my local area of Billings Montana, along with it's close bedroom communities of Laurel, Park City, Shepherd, Huntley, Worden and Ballentine to just see what a plain old 3 bedroom house is worth today, compared to the last...
I was surprised by the content of this blog, you will be too, pictures tell the tale of 2 stories!What is it about the appearance of a home that makes a potential buyer say "Honey, Stop the Car... I LOVE that house!" Your Crofton home doesn't get a second chance to make a good first impression, s...

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