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The easiest path is to just give up, call it quits and back out of this offer, but after some patient "let's just let this situation cook and see if we can find a solution" I think we may get this done!  We have people in Billings Montana who want to sell, and people who want to buy, my job is to...
"Woman Fends off bear attack with a zucchini" is the headline from my online link to the Billings Gazette.  And if you think that's a story, you should read some of the discussion comments, they're hysterical! We've had a few more bear incidents this year, and as I've said before, bears usually g...
I'm really glad people relate to me as a Real Estate Person, at least I've been successful in getting that message out.  The message that's getting a little harder to communicate is the answer to the most frequent question I get asked-How's the Market? I'm always wondering - why do you ask?  Espe...
Cell phone use for either talking or texting in Billings Montana will be banned starting October 31, 2010 if all goes as planned by the Billings City Council.  Drivers will be allowed to use their hands free devises. Yesterday morning when I was at the intersection of Wicks and Main, I looked to ...
The Dillon "Beav's" football team is coming to our neck of the woods tonight to face the Laurel Locomotives tonight in Laurel Montana. On one side of the field will be my brother in law Terry Thomas, head coach for the Dillon Beaver Football team, for years, on the other side will be a friends so...
What can you expect to pay for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with a double garage in Billing Montana?  The average sold price for that home, not more bedrooms, not less, but exactly 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths and a double garage? Right now the price is up to $193,970! The sold price is higher than it's ...
I saw an ad in the newspaper about a book signing in Red Lodge Montana about a week ago and decided to get my husband and head 60 miles to the southeast of Billings and check out these "vintage trailers". I'm so impressed, and so excited to work on my own trailer now.  These gals know how to find...
Having enjoyed Karen Anne's post about "What Do You Do When Someone Get's Your Goat" my ears just perked up when a video appeared on the local news channel KULR 8 in Billings Montana tonight about 2 goats that had stranded themselves on a railroad trestle, high above the highway. North of Billing...

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