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First Big Camping Out Weekend Looks To Be On Hold! This past week has been a wet one, so wet in fact that roads are closed all over Montana from swollen creeks, streams and rivers.  Lots of "I've never seen water in "Dry Creek" before, and I've been here 30 years! Flat land that has just a minima...
3 Weeks Ago Flood Insurance Was A Hot Topic On The Project, with snow-pack levels at near record levels the irrigation project community worried that snow-melt would be a huge impact.  Little did anyone know it was going to rain 4 to 9 inches above the tiny creeks that feed this community and flo...
When will I plant my garden?  I usually plant the middle of May, but I'm just a bit behind this year.  After about 15 years of drought/semi-drought, I'm not used to this rain! The forecast for the next few days is for 2 to 4 inches of rain.  We normally only get about 15 to 18 inches all year, so...
I just did a bit of research of our market area, in and around Billings Montana, only to discover that we have only sold 25 properties in the last 90 days between 2 and 20 acres.  I know we're just getting use to having the snow gone, and the grass is getting greener, so what's up? Gas prices are...
Another bit of headline news that I find interesting, in a "duh" sorta way.  A recent survey by Zillow Mortgage Marketplace shows that homebuyers lack knowledge about mortgages.  Specifically, 57% of prospective homebuyers admit they do not understand how adjustable rate mortgages work. Well I do...
We know the winter's been more snowy than the past 10 to 15 years, and the mountains have lots of snow.  All that snow melts, and flows down either to the Pacific Ocean or the Gulf Coast.  We watch the down river states and cringe at the amount of water they're dealing with this year.  Today a le...
What's a Shop Hop?  For Quilt Shops in Montana, it's a 3 week adventure designed to get us out of town to visit other Quilt Shops around our really Big State of Montana. Last week my friend Lori and I took off to the West and one of our favorite stops was the Little Timber Quilts Shop.  I was ama...
If I Live In Montana, Do I Have To Own A Pickup Truck?Great question from one of my phone calls last week.Well, in a short answer NO, but it helps!  If you don’t own a pickup truck, it helps to know someone who does, and everybody knows someone who owns a pickup truck, even if you’re only here fo...

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